Returning Player stuck/Progression. Lv75/Cleric Lv68.

  • Hello

    I decided to come back to the game after taking a break. Spent come $$$ to give my character some new costumes. Currently at level 75 and feel like I am stuck.

    I am at the Boreas Tower quest.

    Lv73. Tower Protector – Defeat the Ancient Idol Hertha Cage guarding the Boreas Tower. Defeat Hertha Cage 0/1.

    According to the game there is a upper limit to the reduction on defense. I think I reached it. I could be wrong. It seems capped out on me no matter how much more def I add to my character through Starstones or other means.

    I even have trouble doing La Catedral Infernal Metarealm solo. Just die to bosses in that dungeon. I wanted to farm for some Level 70 recipes/mats.

    My main question here is what am I missing for character stats or what am I missing in general that is preventing me from progressing in this mmorpg. Hertha Cage seems to two/three shot me quickly. I even tried running around avoiding the attacks. Still die rather quickly.

    I spent some time reviewing my stats trying different Starstones and Armor/Weapons. Still at a lost of what to do.

    I get the feeling my stats are not enough or something.

    Here is my current character stats:

    Character: 75

    Class Cleric: 68

    Primary Stats:

    HP: 65974/65974

    Attack: 38847

    Deals around 32787 damage to Lv73 enemies.

    Deals around 32154 damage to Lv77 enemies.

    Defense: 11039

    Receives around 846 damage from Lv73 Enemies.

    Receives around 959 damage from Lv77 Enemies.

    Evasion: 1180 – 11.8%

    Haste: 1694 – 36.0%

    CRIT: 7027 0 61.3%

    Secondary Stats:

    ACC: 6.5%

    CRIT DMG: 153.0%

    Move SPD: 112.0%


    +20 Decisive Astral Force


    +20 Helm

    +20 Breastplate


    +20 Belt

    +20 Bracers

    +20 Boots

    +20 Ardent Newborn’s Cloak

    +10 Ardent Newborn’s Ring

    Hertha Gage’s Steel Core

    Dark Dragon Claws


    Mostly Attack and HP.

    Upgraded to at least 2 stars max fusion boost.

    I choose the Ascetic path for Specializations which is Atk/Haste.

    I even tried the Spirit armor/weapon from the Boreas Tower. +20ed all of that which felt like a waste. Still kept the +20 armor and weapon in case it turns out to be needed. Still die rather quickly.

    Any advice on how to progress would be great. Thanks.

  • Would you consider trying to +30-40 your sav/dom gear?

    I'm sure someone would be willing to drop you a necklace to +20, or even some blues from boreas tower to +20 to use

    In terms of trinket maybe try using demir and olaf?

  • I would suggest to try get Fantasy Planet armor (Lv73 gold) if you can, or at least try to get the lv75 gold weapon (Star Annihilation - atk weapon).
    Join a guild they will probably help you farm some acce to help with fusion and gives a little boost.

    You can try blue weapon from BT but as I never try that i cannot say how effective it will be.

  • Yes there is a defence cap, but for bosses the cap is much higher than what the game tells you.

    I would say the info provided in the defence tab is quite misleading.

    My advice to new or returning players is to stack defence as much as possible until you feel tanky enough,

    then focus on attack and other stats. (you don't do damage if you die in few hits, you know)

    I don't have the exact number here but I would recommend at least stacking 17k defence on your cleric and try BT again.

    You should notice a sizeable amount of damage reduction from the boss as you get more and more defence.

    Here are some things you can do to get more defence:

    1. Get defence starstones, with secondary stat def + X% if you can.

    red ones don't have defence stat and green ones don't have secondary stat def% stat so keep that in mind.

    You can farm orbs in lv58 dungeons (meta Bluemoon, La Catedral, etc) and lv63 diamonds in Sapphire Keep.

    There are two elites in Black Hill that drop lv72 red diamond and blue diamond too.

    2. Reset specialization. (cost some gold)

    The left side gives you more healing (in addition def and damage reduction) even though the right side gives you attack.

    I would recommend two options: 41+ points in left / 36~39 points in left and 36~39 points in right.

    The first option gives you access to the specialization at the top (more HP, healing).

    The second option gives you access to the DMG dealt/Haste buff, but you don't get benefit from one of two specializations at the top.

    Again, put points in def, damage reduction, healing, etc.

    3. Swap into lv73 gold set, as mentioned above, though I think using +20 lv73 blue set should give you enough defence if you do 1 and 2.

    Also as a note, only breastplate enhancements gives you defence.

    Hope this helps.