Is Aeria Racist?

  • While creating your character you can customize it to be albino levels of white, but the darknest you can make your skin is slightly tanned, why can't our characters be black? They can't even be light skinned black. Blackness is pretty much erased from any game representation, either in the customization of characters and also in npcs. What's up with that Aeria??

  • Please be aware that it is up to the developer if they wish to have additional choices to this system.
    We will however pass it on as suggestion.

    We ensure there is no racism as we strongly oppose the idea of that. :)

  • EE has the range but the tones are either brown or really dark brown with no in between.

    The devs are from a country that has their own issues with colorism etc. so . . . yeah.

    I've been tan from CBT.

  • t's probably because this game was originally designed for an audience from the Eastern side of Asia in mind = Astral Realm/Astral Tale (TW, HK, TH, JP, KR) As can be seen from its wiki.

    Aeria has had previous games with darker skin tones, so pretty sure that is not the problem here.

    But forget about your Homosapien issues, the real problem at hand is the racism to monsters I see in this game. Monsters are immediately considered the "bad guy" even without them doing anything. I find that disgusting to see.

    Not to mention, the misrepresentation of monsters in the different towns of Aetherion. The elves who look very human, are also portrayed in a good light. There is a clear bias given to human-looking beings, which is just vile. ;(

  • If I remember correctly, Aura Kingdom does have the option to make your character's skin black.

    Which is also developed by Xlegends, and well, published by Aeria as well.

    So, I don't think so?

    Unfortunately yes Yamamoto, they only in words pretend to be soft and fluffy, but in reality they are typical racists. I talked to one here, he told me so - "what I want, then a creature", and you keep quiet until you banned.

    Legretta, are there any specific deeds, actions or facts confirming your words? Oh, No

    ...What? Who is they? The entire staff of Aeria? I don't think you can judge a whole group of publishers and/or developers, even if one or two of them may have actually said something racist. And that just sounds like hearsay anyway. What does "What I want, then a creature" even mean as to being racist? I am so confused. And to be fair, it doesn't seem like you've got any actual evidence to confirm your claim either.

  • Again Twin Saga is a condensed version of their other two games, Eden Eternal and Aura Kingdom. Both of those give the option of brown skin. Twin only has "tan" as the brownest and that's what I've been from the start. I figured that was also condensed down as an option. Same with the hair and eye color options. Much lower amount of options.