Is this game dead?

  • So I joined a few days ago, game was really cute so I wanted to give it a try. Now after leveling up some, I realized maps were empty (yes, checking channels). No one barely recruits for dungeons, except the same couple of people and no one joins below 60dungeon parties unless there's lv70 player(s) carrying the dungeon in a couple of minutes. Hard stuck at lv60-61 because of this. I'm trying really hard to keep interest and not give up so easily, but it's fading so fast. From a new player perspective, the grind wall that suddenly appears at 60 for an empty game makes no sense, it's driving people away. Is this game already dead and Im wasting time here? :'(

  • If you're interested, you can add me and I can help ya out running lower level dungeons o3o. People mainly do meta or the other higher level dungeons and being carried is a big must for me.

    My level is early 60s so with the grind I'm just doing achievements because achievements is something I neeeeeed. Hahaha, but of course, that's not everyone's cup of tea.

    So I can always look at you like a shy girl, I'll fill my white heart with pink love...

  • It certainly isn't dead, yet it may look like it is.

    Twin Saga is one of those games where you need to join an active guild with people you get along for enjoying it. It may be hard at to find that place but you'll end finding it, there're many kind of guilds for many type of players.

  • Whether the game is dead or not is probably up to your opinion on that matter. There are quite a few guilds who gathered some very active players inside them but as long as you did not join one of those it might seem pretty dead.

    You don't see a lot of people shouting because most of the people tend to form parties inside their guilds, I guess.

    Checking Steam-charts shows a trend regarding the development of the number of players. Although there should be many people who are not using the steam client, so they will not be listed there, the numbers should evolve accordingly.

    Twin Saga Steam Charts 29.10.2018.png

    Twin Saga certainly does not have the big player base it used to have two years ago but once you get into it I'm sure you can find a very lovely and helpful community who will fit your play-style.