My main quest has been bugged for over a month

  • My main quest bugged in Elven Valley in the part where I was supposed to interact with this orb of light, it suddenly said my bag was full even though it wasn't and stopped producing any event, it also doesn't show up in the quest tracker. I tried the discord support, they told me to do a bunch of things such as changing instances and returning, file checking in the patcher, changing channels, many stuff in different orders and nothing worked and then they told me to send a ticket, I did and they haven't given me a solution.

    I also hosted the picture in imgur:

    That was over a month ago, in the 7th of May, wasn't that enough time to fix it??? The only answer I've received so far was "we are aware of this issue", if you're aware why does it take so fking long to fix it? How about stop realeasing new content that people don't want and fixing your own game? It's full of bugs, errors and inconsistences. Get your sh**** together ffs.