• September 21, 2018

    1. Will there ever be a Mac porting for this game?
      There are no plans for a Mac port of Twin Saga.

    2. Would it be possible in the next patch to get a seasonal event again?
      Absolutely possible!

    3. I would love to see an event like Beseiged from Final Fantasy 11 in Twin Saga. A city that is controlled by monsters that we have to fight to capture, then every so often we have to fight to defend it from NPCs attempting to retake it, or if we fail to defend--retake the city.
      Although it's a very cool idea, it's unlikely that such event will ever happen in Twin Saga.

    4. Less loli-looking Senshis and more male Senshis, please.
      We will see what we can do about that.

    5. Could we get more times for the gathering/fishing Meridia bosses? As far as I know they appear at 2:30pm, and 10:00pm, which for people outside of EU is hard to make it and gather the packs at those times.
      Yes, we will try to add additional times for the profession bosses very soon.

    6. Would it be possible to get some formulas for costumes with LP? Not asking for all of the formulas, but formulas for costumes that are already free, like from Guild Boss, or senshi Daily Quests.
      We will look into it.

    7. Can we get the random dye bag for low LP back again?
      Yep! The dye bag for LP should be available again sometime next week.

    September 28, 2018

    1. Implement the Halloween event similar from last year, maybe earn the souls a different way like Daily Quest cause was annoying to kill Cale 2.0 after dungeons.
      We will see what we can do about that.

    2. Could we get a 2nd Anniversary event?
      Can't promise you anything right now, but we'll look into it and see what's possible as a (late) 2nd Anniversary event.

    3. Any hints to when Samurai will be released?
      All we can tell you at this point is that the Samurai won't be released in the next patch.

    4. A Senshi formation page, similar to Starstone pages since some players have decent amount of Senshi and they lightly keep changing Senshi for tanks or damage and so on.
      Good idea, but don't expect anything like that within the next months.

    5. Will ingame censorship system ever be revised and fixed? Not referring to real insults and swearing, but why should we have "points" censored? I'm not even speaking about "Saturday" and "Spoon" (although I would never notice there were any bad words), but things like "Mongolia", "delivery", "cheap" and others. I realize it was done to prevent rampant gold selling, but now it's in the past, isnt it? Even ingame items are censored sometimes, impossible to link them. The system is not ideal, but definitely should be worked on.
      Will be looked into soon.

    6. Character EXP Boosts are quite rare, would it be possible to implement it once a week similar to Class/Loot boosts? or perhaps have a NPC that can provide buffs for a limited time?
      We will see what we can do about that.

    7. Is there going to be further improvements with the lag issues? I don't know why but it seems like after this recent maintenances that Capybara crashes and longer freezes are happening a lot more often. I know the usual is to check your connection, your game, etc. but I highly doubt that's the case. Is there no way that the server that US used to be in could be resurrected again?
      Please keep reporting your lag issues to the staff (GM/CM). We have received some very detailed reports in the last weeks that are still under investigation to narrow down the cause of the lags. We don't have any plans to split the server into EU and US again.
  • October 5, 2018

    1. When will the GM Wedding event happen?
      More information will be available soon.

    October 12, 2018

    1. When are the puzzles from the "Create your own Astral Puzzle" event scheduled to be released?
      The three winner puzzles have been released a while ago. We hope you enjoyed them!

    October 19, 2018

    1. Kinda dislike how people that have spent money are punished as I spent around $60 and barely got the Senshi Contracts that I was looking for, most of the time just Astral Crystals, nevermind if bought ingame or per Web mall.
      Thank you for your feedback. We will have a look into it.

    2. Kinda dislike on whisper when I chat with someone and then I walk/do something with items how it instantly makes me go /Shout again instead of staying focused on /Whisper with the person.
      Unfortunately nothing we can do about.

    3. Needs a ingame option to make sure to not get spammed by all 3 language announcements of new things, similar to how you do the announcement thing here by selecting the "role" you want language wise.
      We've been looking into it for a while now and might try different things to see how they work out and minimize the spam.

    4. On Hidden (green) Quests, I would like to see an indicator that tells you if you ever finished the quest before or not.
      Noted! Might be available with a future update.

    5. Increase cooldown on Tradechat, because people spam trade chat too much with dumb stuff, or add an option like Mute, where you can't see what they type but you will still able to join their recruitment for party. Because the community is small already and it's so hard to find partys already.
      We have received mixed feedback about the trade chat cooldown over the past weeks, so we are not sure yet what we are going to do about it.

    6. Survival dungeon, a dungeon that has endless waves that keeps spawning until you can't go on, rewards depending how far you survive.
      Might be part of a future update, but right now we have no idea if something like this will be available in the near future.
  • October 26, 2018

    1. I hope that soon in Black Hill enemies won't drop Lv.60 green gear but more fitting lvl gear, is same with some dungeons in Meridia that have Lv.70+ enemies and still drop blue Lv.58 gear rather than 63 or 68 blue gear, whatever there is.
      It is unlikely that the drops will be changed.

    2. Dailies are still missing in Moonshine Valley, can the place not have a dungeon as well, maybe not story related but so you have more of a reason to go there once you did story in that place?
      Noted and will be reported once more. If a future patch doesn’t update the map with a dungeon, we probably won’t get one.

    3. Please allow the ability to Ctrl + Right Click to consume a stack of Loyalty Point Bundles.
      Will be requested.

    4. Remove cooldowns on Star Currency.
      Already requested. We’re still waiting for CD removal.

    5. In Spirit Palace, please look at the spawn rate of "Spirit Orbs". It can be pretty frustrating hoping RNG graces you with a decent spawn rate to receive a high ranking. Some runs you will receive 0 "Spirit Orbs" while other runs you can receive 3-4 just fighting one boss.
      Will be looked into.

    6. An item that can store all the Class EXP we're getting in it so that we can use it to give to another class. After a Class reaches the Lv. cap, it essentially becomes pointless to use, making us having to change to another Class that could get EXP. I'm sure plenty players would pay some Gold or roll Puzzle for such item. It should have a reasonable cap on it and be able to store enough EXP for a couple of days. After it gets emptied on the other class, the item should disappear like a consumable (and unable to be stored in account bank) which would be forcing us to buy another one if we want to use our capped class more. I think that it's ideal for as preparation for new Lv. cap and it could lessen the amount of players remaining inactive.
      Although the idea is pretty interesting, it’s technically not feasible.

    7. I would like to suggest to adjust the EXP for leveling professions, as the cap continues to increase the newer players are able to catch up easier to those that have played longer but it remains as difficult to level our professions.
      Will eventually be adjusted with a future patch.

    8. Gathering/Fishing achievements are ridiculous. An example of catching 100 Legendary fish takes like 100 hours of having to concentrate on your character until when a QTE appears. No offense to X-Legend, but it would be better to remove the QTE altogether, it's a terrible idea to add an AFK-feature to a game that basically tells you "you can earn something from being AFK, but don't really AFK or you'll miss out on better materials, formulas and achievements". It's not enjoyable to having to repeatedly watch the screen and wait 10 minutes per QTE, and usually it's not the one you were targeting for. Or maybe you could make the intervals between each item shorter.
      The removal of the QTE will not happen, but we can see about the interval between each QTE.
  • November 2, 2018

    1. Re-balance the DEF of the Gunslinger, it is ridiculous how same DEF stat on Rogue and Gunslinger make so much of a difference, I can survive with a Lv.49 Rogue more than with a Lv.67 Gunslinger which has also more evasion (over 50%), it simply feels broken.
      Will be looked into.

    2. Dragonknight should be adjusted as well, they just seem to be worse version than a Monk in every way. Even if you were to put all points into DEF, they would still die at a quick rate which makes it pointless.
      Will be looked into.

    November 9, 2018

    1. It would be nice if there was an ability to fuse a certain amount of the lower leveled Weapon/Armor Crystal into a higher leveled Weapon/Armor Crystal. (For example, x10 Lv.60 Crystals can be fused into a Lv.70 Crystal.) Since no one buys the ones below Lv.60 anyways so it would make them useful somewhat and if needed make a scroll to be able to do it, but preferably not behind paywall.
      We will check if such an item exists. If not, we can request it, but we can’t promise you anything.

    2. Please consider adding EXP Crystals for the accessories (Necklace, Ring and Cloak) so those can receive higher in Fusion boost in similar fashion.
      Might be available with a future patch.

    3. Any chance of re-adjusting all of the Mystery boxes in the AP Shop of the Item Mall? Currently they contain a bunch of junk items that make your odds of actually receiving the item you want from the box completely unrealistic. (Regen Potions, Keys, Loot Charms, Astral Fragments and Starstone Crystals) replacing it with LP and/or AC would be more favourable.
      Unfortunately the content of the existing boxes cannot be changed, but we will ask the developers if it’s possible to get completely new ones.
  • November 16, 2018

    1. Any further on regarding the possible 2nd Anniversary event?
      An Anniversary in-game event has been implemented in the latest patch.

    2. Will there be any compensation for the delayed patch?
      We will look into it.
    3. Will the patch contain seasonal events / buffs provided by NPC?
      Yes, the new patch provided you with some seasonal events and an Anniversary event.

    4. Please include the Transmog & Furniture coins for the Christmas event/chests.
      If you refer to the lucky coins, I'm afraid we cannot add them to the current seasonal events. But we can see if it's possible to give them out as rewards for other events.

    5. Would love if GM's could hosts longer events where the winner can receive a 4* Senshi Evolution Key.
      We will see if it's possible.

    6. Add a chance of Advanced Gear/Accessory Scroll being provided in Daily Quests loot. I believe this will make more players do them and it would make it feel more rewarding.
      Will be looked into, but don't expect any changes anytime soon. Modifying quest rewards is usually out of question.

    7. Make it easier to obtain Marine Furniture Formulas.
  • November 23, 2018

    1. Dungeon bug in FG: "There is a bug in FG in the stairs before first boss where u get bug and can't move it feels like root skill"
      Will be investigated.
    2. Create a guild bank where people can deposit gold or donate gold to the guild
      Not planned for the near future.
    3. Update on guild boss auto spawns for NA ppl (Current times only benefits EU and SEA but not for NA community members who work or go to school)
      Good point! Will be investigated and forwarded to the developers.
    4. Allow jump able dodge things / enable double jump on combat mode
      A combat mode is not planned for Twin Saga any time soon.
    5. Fix the Resurrection bug for Clerics. Many times you can be standing right on top of the person you're trying to resurrect and the target is "too far away".
      Thank you for the bug report.

    November 30, 2018

    1. Remove 15 ppl limit for FP?
      Minimum player requirements for Fantasy Planet raid will be adjusted.
    2. EXP buff from last Christmas event was better?
      We do not have any influence when it comes down to the seasonal events but thank you for the feedback.
    3. Will there be any indication of how often each of the new Senshis will be release?
      Unfortunately no.
    4. Daily gift packs from Elisa Rhine, are they account based or should each character be able to obtain them?
    5. Achievements for any of the Japanese-style furniture or fixtures.
      Has been reported. We are waiting for the fix.
    6. Senshi login on the forum is different per language.
      Senshi will rotate, but if you have any concerns please bring them up to our GM staff.
    7. Guild quests don't give nearly enough exp.
      Will be passed on to the developers.
    8. Would it be possible to have a design your own mount contest with the winning mount with most up-votes being implemented.
      We can’t promise you anything, but we can talk to the developers next year to see if such event is possible.
  • December 07, 2018
    1. Can we get more puzzles with Christmas themed costumes and mounts?
      Will be looked into.
    2. Spirit Palace as a Party dungeon
      A party version of this dungeon is not planned.
    3. Auction House feature: a stack has a unit price so we are not forced to buy a stack of something we need and only the number we need
      Not possible with the current auction house system.
    4. Snow furvals and candy canes in astral puzzles or event rewards
      Will be featured in some puzzles and maybe check out our upcoming events to see if those items are available as rewards.
    5. Tornadoes in Desert Canyon ("Dust Devil" debuff).
      Has been reported.
  • December 14, 2018

    1. Will the newer Senshis ever get a voice in Japanese?
      Unfortunately no.
    2. Berserker skills not working properly.
      The issues have been reported to the developers and we are waiting for the fixes.
    3. Will there be more 120% mounts?
    4. Add a more distinctive effect/visual look in the 120% mounts vs the 90% mounts
      We will pass the feedback to the developers.
    5. Cheaper Senshi Mystery Boxes in LP shop (but the chances are lower, addition to the existing boxes, not replacing)
      Will be looked into.
    6. Increase number of, or the number for gold boost (because of the drop in gold with the all the crafting costs) or give an item that gives gold boost (like the items that give loot or exp boost)
      Actually we already thought about gold increasing items and see if it's possible to get it them. More gold boosts will be looked into.
    7. Allow the bags in the login rewards be fuseable (currently its unable to be fused to a 20-slot bag with the scroll)
      Will not be possible.
    8. Increase luv coin amount after milestones in cp length
      Not possible at the moment.
    9. Fusion crystals (like the Lv75 Armor Crystals) for accessories
      Eventually part of a future patch.

    December 21, 2018

    1. Request for pet puzzle
    2. Block list has an error? Users can't see text even though not on block list
      More details please. Maybe add a video.
    3. Have a set list for Like a Boss, maybe communicate what is going to be spawned in each of the channels
      Will be looked into.
    4. Add the new skill books in astral puzzle
      Unlikely, but we will think about it.
  • Sorry for the delay! We have taken notes of the feedback that surrounds the Gold situation and Fantasy Planet thus they will not be included here but will be discussed within the team.

    December 28, 2018

    1. Clearer Maintenance schedules. We understand it was holiday during that time but there was no news that provided when the maintenance would occur.
      We apologize for the lack of communication. The weekly maintenance should always be on Wednesday, 10:00 AM (CET).

    2. Blue Crystal Falls (Solo) feels pointless. There is bare EXP and no desirable loot. Would it be possible to add something more rewarding for it? (such as Ancient Vocational Manual pieces.)
      Will be looked into.

    3. Is there an ETA of the next fixes? Berserker is in need to get fixed, as it is a class played by many.
      Unfortunately no ETA, but we do understand that the fixes are crucial in order to play the class to its full potential.

    4. Would be nice if the translation of the Advanced Specializations / Skills and newer Starstones could be revised, players build classes without proper understanding to it due to misleading and lack of info.
      Feedback will be passed on to the right people.

    5. (Combined multiple feedback.) We have noticed more as of late that boosts appear later than expected. The compensation for it does not always make up for it.
      Will be looked into to make sure the boosts are on time and/or delays are announced.

    January 4, 2019

    1. Have 24-Hour EXP Key and Orb appear more often in the Astral Puzzle, or the possibility to purchase them through Item Mall.
      Shouldn't be a problem to put them more often into the puzzles.

    2. Would it be possible for the Guild statues in Guild Palace to be increased to a higher number than 4?
      Technically not possible in the near future.
  • January 11, 2019

    1. Would it be possible to get the odds of each drop listed when you Ctrl + Click on a box?
      Will be looked into.

    2. Possible to have a "Nightmare" version of Raids where there's increased chance for loots and rewards depending on the completion time?
      Difficult to implement at first. We can propose this to the developers, but don't count on it.

    3. Allow to pass Guild Leadership to an offline player, it requires a lot hassle to catch the person online at same time as you and all you can do for now is wait for the person to be online.
      We will ask the developers if it can be changed, but it's a low priority QoL feature.

    4. Bring back "Masochist" title.
      The title name was changed to Egomaniac. We don't know why it was changed, but we will see if the change can be reverted.

    5. Would it be possible to be able to toggle on/off the Couple effects above your character from public?
      We don't see any reason for that.

    6. The EXP required to level up Fishing and Gathering are slow. Would it be possible to decrease the required EXP for each level up?
      Adjustments to the EXP curve for professions are not planned any time soon.

    7. Was wondering if <Luck Orb, Hertha Gage> will be available to exchange in the compendium soon?
      We don't have any information about it.

    8. The costs of crafting the Advanced Skill books are way too high and has decreased the game's general gold market.
      The whole gold situation is still being looked into (skill book crafting costs included).

    9. Would like reconfirmation if there will be increased spawning times for the Meridian bosses.
      That's the plan, but we don't know when it's happening.

    10. Possibility to extend the <Class EXP Emblem> to 60 minutes instead of the original of 30 mins?
      Wouldn't have any priority in comparison to other requests.

    11. Increase the maximum Character slots capacity to 24 instead.
      Permanent increase to 24 is not possible.

    12. Allow the option to edit the messages from the Guild Message Board as you are unable to change the older messages and you are forced having to create a new one altogether.
      Will be forwarded.

    13. Please allow the player to re-enter Golden Desert arena even after the Portal closes (especially when a player happens to disconnect and ends up unable to return.)
      May not be possible, but we will forward the request.

    14. It's been a long time since newer Senshis were added to the LP Shop. Any chance we'll receive additions in the next patch/es?
      We can't say for sure. The packs for newer Senshi do not exist at the moment and are even missing for some older ones.