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  • Previous Feedback:

    stackable weapon/armor crystals - nope

    peer chat - nope

    allow more than 1 couple - defeats purpose, no


    Feedback: too hard to read the number, terrible if you want to buy or sell, most items in this game have a light background which makes the white color a poor choice for the text

    Answer: has been reported, can't say if it will change

    Feedback: more in game event, no bug fix doesn't mean cant add event right. (as compensation ). gold events, exp event, some new npc event or old one* or maybe do more like-a-boss event. i mean like why want make it looks like the game itself doesn't care bout the players? GM event doesn't count

    Answer: good idea, I'll do some since I do care a lot about you guys, it's just more of a time issue for me since I'm currently handling almost everything alone

    Feedback: More "new" events in game. To make the game more interesting.

    Answer: you are free to come up with ideas if you want, I'm always open for such suggestions

    Feedback: How about we actually get things fixed? It's been a month already and not a single patch has been released yet to everything that was broken.

    Answer: I wish I could fasten the process but it is out of my hands, I'm sorry.


    PP Still cant be entered. - reported
    Senshi quests for lowbies still cannot be completed - reported
    Fantasy planet groups still cannot be identified through the Half-Point-Entry system. - reported
    Senshi's still cannot be leveled past 70. - reported - may actually be part of another patch - not confirmed yet
    Professions are still capped at 70. - reported - may actually be part of another patch - not confirmed yet
    Waterpark can still be bugged making people invulnerable to being frozen. - reported
    Star point bundles and star currency from Fantasy Planet still have cooldowns. - need to check
    The Empress of Snow Staff's formula is still broken. - should be fixed next patch-maint, offered manually on the forums
    Dawn Tribe furniture formulas still cant be crafted and are described as "Errors" - reported
    Nalani's ultimate is still described as Er: 53029 and has no description on what her ultimate does. - reported
    Level 75 Accessories are still non-existant. - they are supposed to be dropped from rare chests in haretic research lab

  • Feedback Friday 02/23/2018

    Feedback: Golden Desert - reduce number of people required
    Answer: Sounds reasonable. We'll see with XL what's possible.

    Feedback: Fantasy Planet - more times to enter to help people in EU
    Answer: Check answer for Golden Desert

    Feedback: Lots of lag happen in Golden Desert and Fantasy Planet, restart servers?
    Answer: Please let us know if the lags continue after the next maintenance.

    Feedback: Monster Crusade - numbers are too high
    Answer: The feature is kinda a mess at the moment anyway, but we agree with adjusting some numbers.

    Feedback: Allow players to disable cut scenes. "Skipping" is not good enough
    Answer: Probably won't be implemented, at least not in the near future.

    Feedback: Allow players to skip dialogue with an NPC
    Answer: Check answer regarding disable cut scenes.

    Feedback: Archive for pets and gear
    Answer: Pets, eventually. Gear, probably not.

    Feedback: Couple System added features
    Answer: We have to see what extensions are made to the couple system in the future.

    Feedback: Dye the tail on elegant fox maid
    Answer: Not possible, won't happen. Would require a completely new costume.

    Feedback: Hair is a separate head costume to allow adding hats onto the "wig" costumes
    Answer: Awesome idea, but unfortunately not possible due to the current way costumes are integrated.

    Feedback: Change launcher skin (requested: Phoenix X Amaris)
    Answer: We sure will change the launcher, but no special requests.

  • Feedback Friday 4/6/2018

    Feedback: See number of people in arena queue

    Answer: Brought up a couple times already, but nothing so far.

    Feedback: friend list: delete friend, delete you off other's list as well?

    Answer: See answer for question #1.

    Feedback: larger screen timer (like PVP) for a countdown timer in timed dungeons

    Answer: QoL request. If XL agrees to change it, it will still take a good while.

    Feedback: be able to see all active buffs (Current limit: 20 buffs)

    Answer: Make sense. Will be requested.

    Feedback: When repairing a broken weapon (from 0 durability) the player loses a lot of HP

    Answer: Most likely won't change.

    Feedback: Frozen monsters cannot be tab-targeted

    Answer: We will ask if this is intended or not.

    Feedback Friday 4/13/2018

    Feedback: design terracottage

    Answer: Design in what sense? Different skins for the overworld travelling? If yes, it's a feature we planned to request anyway.

    Feedback: lag is worse

    Answer: Please always provide as much details as possible (time/date, duration, etc.).

    Feedback: Gaia in dungeons (to get contracts)

    Answer: Since she's available in the guild palace, it's unlikely to happen.

    Feedback: increase length of Like A Boss to allow time to kill eggs without senshis at the same time

    Answer: We will take that into consideration.

    Feedback: monsters die too fast in like a boss, increase HP?

    Answer: Unfortunately it's not an easy change. We have to request modified monster IDs from the developers. Simply changing a value ourselves is not possible.

    Feedback: get rid of party exp bonus, give everyone a flat 25% exp gain

    Answer: Will not happen

    Feedback: make exp curve for class leveling more reasonable

    Answer: EXP curve might be changed in the future.

    Feedback: make old costumes come back in the astral puzzle, lots of repeats; would like: hallowed radiant wings hairdo, custom academy sweater; keep seeing: metamorphosis hair and outfit, halo fatigues

    Answer: If you have specific old costumes in mind, please let us know! It could be perceived that certain items might pop up quite often, depending on how many costumes / mounts are featured in a puzzle. But let me get more into one of the examples: The item "Metamorphosis Dance Hairdo (F)" was only available twice in the puzzle since the last 5 months according to our data.

    Feedback: item mall and featured section of the site to have a set amount of AP; getting an epic is too expensive, cheaper the older the item is?

    Answer: We will see what we can do about it.

  • Feedback Friday 4/20/2018

    Feedback: increase the max number of stack for items from 10 to 100

    Answer: We will see what we can do about that.

    Feedback: an option to sell all blue items in bag & have ability to lock items

    Answer: Auto-sell blue quality items? Can be requested. The item lock feature will be available soon.

    Feedback: allow mail multiple items at once

    Answer: That would be fantastic, but it could take a while to be implemented as it is more of a QoL feature.

    Feedback: allow dye mounts/weapons

    Answer: Not possible unfortunately.

    Feedback: allow exp books tradeable

    Answer: We will take it into consideration.

    Feedback: allow a guild name change scroll

    Answer: Can be requested. We can setup a manual paid service if the demand for guild name changes are high.

    Feedback: increase the cost of name change scroll

    Answer: Will be looked into.

    Feedback: more flash puzzles (rotating puzzles in the day)

    Answer: Definitely noted!

    Feedback: farmable +90 mounts

    Answer: There are two +90 mounts in the game, guaranteed and for free.

    1. Arcane Unicorn, gathering up the letters from PVP Arena and fighting the monster in band of brawlers to get pieces:…r-fragment-arcane-unicorn

    2. Mini Terracottage from the special merchants for doing battlefronts in Jungle Mortalis and Lost Metropolis:

    Feedback Friday 4/27/2018

    Feedback: bring Duet back in game to obtain

    Answer: Valid point. Will be looked into.

    Feedback: beginning timer for GD is very long, shorten it

    Answer: We will see what we can do about that.

    Feedback: hug action for characters

    Answer: Checking with XL about new emotes in the future.

    Feedback: be able to check solo runs like how we check party runs in party interface

    Answer: What's the reason behind that idea?

    Feedback: Portal keys cost 300 silver to use

    Answer: Won't be changed for now.

    Feedback: increase 68 labs entry to x10

    Answer: We will see what we can do about that.

    Feedback: give other players a message when player is afk

    Answer: Can be suggested to XL.

    Feedback: more fantasy planet times

    Answer: Already on our list.

    Feedback: slow time it takes for the numbers to switch in tera race

    Answer: Won't be changed for now.

    Feedback: better male costumes

    Answer: Perhaps you like the next ones we are releasing soon!

    Feedback: make community/guild chests stack

    Answer: Not sure if possible, we will see about that.

  • Feedback Friday 5/4/2018

    Feedback: have random quests appear that need to be completed in a certain time limit which rewards loot charms, exp charms, buffs, etc.

    Answer: Awesome idea! We can check with the developers about such feature.

    Feedback: stuck in combat after fighting an elite/boss in some areas (Lost Metropolis, Maplewood Glen (after fighting mawr especially), and other maps)

    Answer: Is it happening all the time? If yes, we can investigate it. If not, we would need more details and reliable ways to reproduce this issue.

    Feedback: the top two tiers in astral puzzle give 2 AC instead of 1 AC

    Answer: An option to consider for very special puzzles.

    Feedback: new guild merchant that allows guild games

    Answer: Such as? Time-limited Hide & Seek in the guild palace? Simon Says? It does sound interesting!

    Feedback: more ways to obtain Duet, Azusa (outside of Astral Puzzle)

    Answer: We will investigate what we can do about it.

    Feedback: additional soil for farming

    Answer: Something similar could be part of a future patch, we do not know for sure yet.

    Feedback: "Feedback: be able to check solo runs like how we check party runs in party interface

    Answer: What's the reason behind that idea?"

    -> don't have to warp to all destinations to check

    Answer: Thank you for the explanation! That would be indeed very convenient.

    Feedback: have a confirm option for Blessing of Hermes in Meridia (the delivery merchant buff)

    Answer: If the demand is high enough, we can see with the developers about such confirmation window.

    Feedback Friday 5/11/2018

    Feedback: more detailed list of bugs that were fixed in each maintenance

    -> the last patch corrected the look of Rainbow Shard Wings (also never stated it was faulty to begin with)

    Answer: More details? Shouldn't be a problem!

    »»» About the Shard Wings: Same here! We didn't even know that the previous visuals were faulty.

    Feedback: Aflallo costume still does not apply the correct "All Primary Stats +1%"

    Answer: Noted and will be reported (once more).

    Feedback: get rid of cut-scenes in party dungeons (since it makes some party members disconnect, lag)

    Answer: We will check with the developers.

    Feedback: more gold +% boost events

    Answer: Alright, we can do that!

    Feedback: What can be redeemed for "Magic Bag Redemtion Voucher" (from the Monster Crusade)

    -> may give more motivation to players if the rewards were listed

    Answer: This mysterious voucher is still under investigation. We apologize for the lack of information about that item.

    Feedback: Make monster crusade more level-oriented (for individual)

    Answer: Unfortunately not possible.

    Feedback: Allow costumes equipped count toward the Archive Points -- don't have to unequip every time to keep at the top of the ranking

    Answer: Unfortunately not possible.

    Feedback: if there is a pressing bug/issue that affects game/players, please send all players in-game mail

    -> example: new StarStones should not be opened, missing archive items

    Answer: There was a news set up on our website about the missing items from the archive. We do not have a mass mail send tool at the moment, so in the meantime we have to rely on news and announcements.

  • Feedback Friday 5/11/2018

    Feedback: Adjust Server Crusade number of kills

    Answer: We are still looking into the Server Crusade kill requirements. This will take a good while, so don't expect any changes soon.

    Feedback: Adjust the rewards for solo and guild for Monster Crusade

    Answer: What exactly should be adjusted? Different rewards? Higher amounts?

    Feedback: Request for Admiral Cap to be obtainable again (item mall or astral puzzle)

    Answer: Noted! The fusion formula and the blue quality costumes for the Admiral Cap should always be available in the Item Mall.

    Feedback: Shorten the interval between patches as there is only one dungeon per patch, or enlarge the patch

    Answer: Unfortunately not as easy as it might sound. Some things are simply out of our hands.

    Feedback: It takes a while to render people in PVP, and there is quite some lag

    Answer: Is this always happening? In all PvP activities or only certain arenas? Are all people experiencing it? Please gather and provide more information to GM and CM.

    Feedback: Fantasy Planet - Empowered Balor Sid - when he dashes, he can dash to a place offset to his target box. This makes it impossible for melee classes to hit

    Answer: Please provide video footage and further information if possible.

    (I will forward the videos I saw in support.)

    Feedback: Fantasy Planet - Empowered Balaor Sid - when he dashes, he can dash to a place that resets himself.

    Answer: Please provide video footage and further information if possible.

    (I will forward the videos I saw in support.)

    Feedback: Want more variety of monsters, not just re-skinned/colored

    Answer: Cannot do anything about that.

    Feedback: Password-lock Fantasy Planet rooms

    Answer: Noted!

    Feedback: Request for WaterPark costumes to be added to Astral Puzzle

    Answer: They will be available from time to time.

    Feedback Friday 5/25/2018

    Feedback: Adjust new dungeons to be consistent with old ones (up to 10 entries), easier to recruit if its more than 1 run

    Answer: We are currently working on adjusting the dungeon entry limits.

    Feedback: Remove level limit to gain exp

    Answer: Will not be removed.

    Feedback: Request for a manually opened Fantasy Planet (like how WaterPark or Golden Desert was opened for the server, out of the normal schedule)

    Answer: Interesting suggestion. We will see if that is possible.

    Feedback: Have more new costumes in the Astral Puzzle

    Answer: New items will usually be released through Web Mall promotions first with very few exceptions.

    Feedback: Allow the last boss in Haven of Oblivion to be vulnerable to attacks the second the two trees are killed

    Answer: Will not be changed any time soon.

    Feedback: Fix the Legendary 75 Cleric Orb. It has primary defense, but the bonus is ATK +%

    Answer: Checking with the developers if that is intended or not.

  • Feedback Friday 6/1/2018

    Feedback: check previous sent mail/cod

    Answer: Would be indeed a nice feature! We will look into it.

    Feedback: reduce the reset time for dungeons

    Answer: Unlikely to happen, but we're currently working on increasing the dungeon entries of various dungeons.

    Feedback: a reminder message from the guild to its members whenever that member logs in

    Answer: Nice to have feature, but even if we request it soon, it would have a very low priority.

    Feedback: increase the LP amount on the puzzle (ex: at stage 1, its 10 lp, maybe increase it to a higher number) - this is not a request to see more LP in puzzle

    Answer: We will take it into consideration.

    Feedback: do not gender-lock items

    Answer: Items will remain gender-locked and cannot be changed.

    Feedback: show the resistances bosses have in HP bar

    Answer: Probably nothing we can do about it.

    Feedback: switch between duo and duet to give for medal of honor quests in Arcadia

    Answer: Might not be possible.

    Feedback: more puzzles where community decides

    Answer: Noted, thanks!

    Feedback: make pets lock-able

    Answer: Cannot be locked due to the fact that pets are not bound. It is unlikely to change.

    Feedback Friday 6/8/2018

    Feedback: be able to see teammates other than party members on minimap for Golden Desert

    Answer: Would be indeed a nice feature! We will look into it.

    Feedback: only have badge/emblem buffs countdowns active when in dungeons

    Answer: Not possible unfortunately.

    Feedback: Guild alliances

    Answer: What purpose should a guild alliance serve? More information please.

    All feedback regarding Fantasy Planet has moved to a different thread: here

  • Feedback Friday 6/15/2018

    Feedback: Add furniture in astral puzzle

    Answer:There will be a furniture puzzle very soon!

    Feedback: Expand guild bank and grant ability to move items within the guild bank

    Answer: Expanded guild bank might be part of a future patch. Moving items within the guild bank can be requested.

    Feedback: Mini quiz during battle field queing in battle interface

    Answer: Not possible.

    Feedback: Add gold badges 25-50% gold in 1 hour

    Answer: Awesome idea! We'll check if such badges can be created.

    Feedback: Senshi gem exchange system (haste and evasion obtained too easily; trade for a different stat)

    Answer: Unlikely to happen.

    Feedback: Add friend list chat option

    Answer: More details, please.

    Feedback: Cash shop item to unbind bound items

    Answer: We will think about it.

    Feedback: More VIP tiered spender options + exclusive items

    Answer: Will be looked into.

    Feedback: Gear slot pages for PvE + PvP starstone pages

    Answer: Perhaps part of a future patch.

    Feedback: Pin best friends to top of friends list

    Answer: Not planned in the near future.

    Feedback Friday 6/22/18

    Feedback: Include an exit at Furval Fantasia & Desert Wasteland; also increase rate Grand treasure spawns

    Answer: Not planned in the near future.

    Feedback: Add blue mounts: some orange have no blues

    Answer: Please us some examples of orange mounts without blue quality versions.

    Feedback: Include search option in Title list

    Answer:Makes sense and can be requested.

    Feedback: Include rates of 4* Senshi Key and other legendary items

    Answer: What exactly do you mean?

  • Feedback Friday 6/29/2018

    Feedback: Remove lp -> go directly into account instead

    Answer: Not possible.

    Feedback: Remove CD on starpoint & Fantasy Planet currency

    Answer: Can be requested.

    Feedback: Make smaller but more frequent patches

    Answer: Not possible.

    Feedback: Auto-sort and sort senshi in archive

    Answer: Please provide more details.

    Feedback: Move the order of the character selection characters around ( main alts or prefer leveling one over the one in the first section)

    Answer: Won't happen due to the way the system currently works.

    Feedback:Make lp more easier to obtain or reduce price of scrolls in LP shop

    Answer: We will think about it.

    Feedback: Ability to move furniture while visitors in terracottage without kicking them out

    Answer: Not possible

    Feedback: Bring back the webmall to buy in-game items off the webmall not only in-game (reasons :promotions or it doesn't register until relogging)

    Answer: Not planned for the near future.

  • Feedback Friday 7/6/2018

    Feedback: More male costumes (too many female being released)

    Answer: relatively easy to fix, so probably on the way.

    Feedback: Add costume formulas in puzzle (Cinderella hair, twilight cat ears, flaming flintback wolf)

    Answer: will have to see if possible but also doable

    Feedback: Create brutal +punk costumes for females

    Answer: sounds dangerous but might be able to find something which fits those needs.

    Feedback: Create matching couple costumes and more couple mounts

    Answer: saw a lot of stuff in the pipe that should satisfy couples costume needs.

    Feedback: Create new pets (fox)

    Answer: not sure will have to check that, maybe not in near future.

    Feedback: Buying epic costumes from item mall directly was bad for those who spent a lot of time and money collecting costumes through mystery boxes and puzzle. It also affected the archive rankings.

    Answer:how much negative feedback did players have regarding this topic? (May conduct a poll to check this)

    Feedback: Include an exclusive couple chat (reason: whispers can by used by multiple people and party chat can have people eavesdrop)

    Answer: not sure about this one

    Feedback: Include more chat tabs (5x max isn't enough)

    Answer: can ask for it but there might be technical regulations

    Feedback: Ability to toggle off announcement chat off (reason: spams away chat)

    Answer: probably will not happen.

    Feedback: Include a 2nd checkpoint in solo dungeons to not run as much if they die

    Answer: also probably will not happen.

    Feedback: Include few second immunity buff after a resurrection so person can heal/ get healed after reviving

    Answer: this can be abused, so not likely

    Feedback: Reduce gear crafting prices

    Answer: some reasonable proposals will be discussed with the team on what could remedy this issue.

    Feedback: Remove snow leopard pet flashing effects (hurts eyesight)

    Answer: will check this.

    Feedback: Bring back Arcadia npc event buffs

    Answer: those buffs are usually linked to seasonal XL events (which start and end within one patch), but we can probably schedule some for special occasions since I can always spawn them if needed.

    Feedback: Random crashes in game (server related)

    Answer: I would need more information to confirm this issue, "like what happens, which error occurs, who is affected, where does it happen, since when does it happen, how often does it happen?"

  • Feedback Friday 7/13/2018

    Feedback: Include hotkey for class switching + ability to bind keys to mouse buttons

    Answer: probably not going to happen

    Feedback: Create mounts designed from ingame mobs +bosses

    Answer: will request that

    Feedback: Remove cutscene in Fantasy Planet

    Answer: most likely will not happen

    Feedback: A way for frame rate during cutscenes to run smoother so people don't lag/disconnect

    Answer: would need more info for this issue

    Feedback: Include founders items in archive

    Answer: will ask since unsure how community will respond if it's included in the archives of things many people will never be able to have

    Feedback: Allow accessibility for select players to test the test server for testing patches

    Answer: For the time being, we are unable to disclose information regarding this, as this is something X-Legend needs to consider before we can take such actions.

    Feedback: Give rewards in rankings for leveling class ranks as incentive to push players to level their classes

    Answer: unlikely, since if someone maxes out every class that person will receive the place #1 reward until the next level cap increase

    Feedback: Create cannoner costumes

    Answer: on the way!

    Feedback: Add more variety of costume colors (red and blue overdone)

    Answer: you can dye most of them, no?

    Feedback: Remove cost of using VIP portal key since it should be free; no charging extra small fees for each use

    Answer: this would require the creation of a new key item that doesn't use gold and this would need to be put in the box instead of the other one, so if we are going to do it (which I'm not sure about) it would take a while

    Feedback: Auto-sort and sort senshi in archive

    Answer: Please provide more details.

    -----> senshi can be at bottom with missing ones at top and have to scroll around, ability to put strongest or even unlocked to the top of then senshi list not in your 3 slots would be appreciated

    Answer: not sure if I get this right, so you want to sort them from strongest in terms of level and star to weaker senshis and the locked grey senshis at the very bottom?

    Feedback: Update on furval hermes blessing poll

    Votes concerning the Hermes buff in Meridia

    Answer: what is this about?

  • July 20, 2018

    1. Archive still appears to be missing items, such as <Holo Fatigues (M) (Bound)>, could this be checked again for correction?
      Please always report such things directly to the GM/CM team. It's easier and gets reported to the developers much faster this way.

    2. Will the Senshi Michelle be released soon?
      Unfortunately we cannot provide any information regarding Senshi releases.

    3. Implement a Pet system - where they act as companions to assist you through dungeons and battles, however they can gain stats and gain exp.
      Most unlikely to happen since we have the Senshi system already.

    4. Request for more dungeons that require a party (such as Octavia's Phantasm & Kevina's Dream.)

    5. We are still awaiting an announcement of the winners regarding the Melody & Cherry event, as well as for the World Cup, at very least let us know the winners if rewards cannot be sent out yet.
      The winners should be announced very soon. Sorry for the wait! (in addition, the winners have been announced already and was made before replies were sent.)

    6. The Server Crusade is near impossible to clear with the player base declining and would be great if the expected number for clearing could be reduced.
      Server Crusade is an on-going topic for us and will be looked into.

    7. When will the Japanese-style Components be added to the Crafting table, as it has been reported way back already?
      When in doubt, please report again. Perhaps it got overlooked due to other issues.

    8. Will we be able to obtain Lucky coins from Community Chests in future?
      It will be reported and the coins will be added hopefully soon.

    9. The Auto-Sell option should have the option to sell all Blue-rarity gear instead?
      We believe it has been requested already, but doesn't have a high priority at the moment since it's a QoL feature.

    10. Regarding the invulnerability buff after a resurrection, could you elaborate on why this could be abused?
      It could potentially be abused to skip fatal damage zones or deadly mechanics in PVE entirely or imagine a PVP team full of clerics who just revive each other during the invincibility phases to drag out the fight for way too long.
      It could be limited to only PVE, but we have our concerns plus we also need to check with developers what they think of it.

    Costumes Requests

    1. Genie-looking costumes.
    2. Senshi Shirley's weapon and the cup she sits on (as a Mount.)

    We are always happy to receive costume requests, but please keep in mind that we are just the publisher of Twin Saga and not the developers. Therefore our influence regarding the creation of costumes is very limited.

  • July 27, 2018

    1. <GM>Furval hosted a poll regarding requests for an extra popup window to appear to confirm the Hermes buff in Meridia. Is there any further progress with this happening?
      No progress. Not a high priority at the moment.

    2. We would like to see more GM events.
      We will see what is possible.

    3. Requesting for change of Senshi Contract regarding the Login Reward for next month.
      Can't be changed on monthly basis. We always need a patch to change it.

    4. Allow the game to have night time, that follows how a real day works (when it's evening/night, it stays dark, when it's morning/day, it stays light.)
      Not possible.

    5. Will there be formulas for <Flying Mouse - Mikka> and <Custom Cinderella Hairdo (F)> anytime soon?
      Formulas for both items are already available in the Item Mall.

    6. Remove limits for Character creations/deletions per day.
      Not happening.

    7. Increase chance of receiving contracts from the bags that Senshis provide in Terracottage.
      We will see what is possible.

    8. Request for Twin Saga Merchandise in real life (such as figures, plushies, pillows, pins, badges.)
      Glad to hear! But unfortunately we won't have nothing like that planned.

    9. Ability to see what Fortunes you have done for achievements from the Fortune Star Guild Merchant, as it’s just grouped as 1, 2, 3.
      Might not be possible. We will have to check.

    10. Make the droppable Star Realm Powers from Fantasy Planet tradeable/sellable. It sucks having to do sooo many raids and opening 9 bags to get only 9 realm powers, then creating a weapon that gives lower fusion than what you already have. It would be easier if it was possible to purchase the ones dropped in raid from other players.
      Most likely not possible.

    11. Change spotlight colors for Archive ranking, 1st: Gold, 2nd: Red, 3rd: Blue, and remove the Green one altogether.
      Most likely not possible.

    12. Will there be an expansion to Terracottage soon? (storage, floors.)
      An additional floor is planned for a future patch, but we can't tell you when it will arrive in our versions.

    Costume requests

    1. Mustache/Beard.
    2. Monobrow/Big eyebrows.
    3. Unisex Body Costumes.
    4. More Armor-looking costumes for females rather than "fluffy/cute" ones.
    5. More casual costumes for Male.
    6. Penguin Mount / Pet
  • August 3, 2018

    1. Furniture Puzzle was a fun idea, however we would like to see more rare furnitures, such as the Marine Loveseat and Marine Armchair.
      Glad to hear! If you want to see more furniture in puzzles, please use the Astral Puzzle forum thread to tell us what items you'd like to see.

    2. How about making a NPC to exchange Gear/Accessory Evolution Scrolls to the Advanced scrolls instead. Like a stack for 1 Advanced Scroll or Loyalty Points. Because once you get your gears or accessories to +20, they become useless.
      Not happening.

    3. Would it be possible to see senshi-related Furnitures soon?
      Perhaps in future patches, but right now we don't have anything like that.

    4. Would it be possible to have Fragments that drops in dungeons to be exchanged to Loyalty Points, or something in similar?
      Unlikely to happen.

    5. Would it be possible to have the 24-Hour EXP Key/Orb purchasable in the Item Mall? It's difficult when you have to constantly wait for a Puzzle that might provide it and even then they're not the easiest to get without spending a fortune of AC's.
      Definitely! But we can't tell you right now when those items will be available in the Item Mall.

    6. Selling Blue/Orange items at 187 silver is too little; and grinding just to earn 1 Gold is getting annoying in higher level areas. Is there a possibility it could sell at higher price?
      Nothing we can do about it. Unfortunately.
  • August 10, 2018

    1. Could the Loot Drop Boost duration be arranged to last similar to the Class Boost? 2 hours duration does not provide a big time frame for most of the players to take advantage to this boost.
      Consider it done! From next time on, the loot boost will last for 24 hours.

    2. Add a prompt asking if you 'definitely want to overwrite XYZ-food' before one food overwrites another, some of them are not clear whether it's drink or food and you end up wasting loads.
      QoL feature which we can add to the list, but don't expect it any time soon.

    3. Request for more CEST friendly entry times for ex. Fantasy Planet, Guild Bosses (the auto spawn ones), Monk / Dragonknight / Cannoneer Class Arena, Arcadia Park and Terracottage Race.
      We will see what we can do about it.

    4. The Guild Merchant Wiltshire has Relics that can be placed in Guild Palace to provide buffs to guild members, however the Advanced Relics seems to be at unreasonable price. Thus, would it be possible to either: reduce the cost of crafting this or increase the stats to be higher to compensate for the price?
      Keep in mind that this is a feature which shouldn't be paid by the guild leadership only.

    5. Having a "Lord system". Where there's voting every 2 weeks for a candidate to become the Lord. Lords have the privilege of activating global buffs (e.g. Exp, drop, etc.)
      Interesting feature, but nothing like that is planned.

    6. Fantasy Planet has received a large amount of feedback and we're wondering if any of the feedback are being considered/if there's any progress to it if that is the case.
      Yes, we are considering your feedback, but we cannot give you any update on it unfortunately.
  • August 17, 2018

    1. Invent Daily Challenges; such as clearing Metarealm: La Cathedral Infernal (Solo) by using Gunslinger only or even clearing a dungeon within 3 minutes.
      Interesting idea, but unfortunately nothing like that is planned for the near future.

    2. Similar to how Loyalty Points have had their cooldowns removed, could we have the Star Points get the same treatment?
      Yep! Already requested, but might take a while.

    3. Make it impossible to randomly leave the Fantasy Planet unless time runs out or the run has failed from the final area.
      Will be looked into.

    4. Could we get an increase in Gold events, or perhaps extend the duration of it?
      Should be doable. We'll see what we can do about it.

    5. Increase in Discord events; such as music, Quiz for items; more Flower events that Danmaku can distribute.
      Will be looked into.

    6. Have a custom message or a symbol that indicated when your character has been idle for a certain amount of time (such as 5-10 minutes) that can also indicate to other players that you are absent for the moment.
      Currently not possible.

    7. Have more regular announcements that would keep us updated with information regarding bugs, bug reports, what has been reported and new reports.

    • Remove the 30 seconds countdown when opening Guild chests.
      Might not be possible

    • Allow Summons and Void Codex to be put in Guild Bank.
      Unlikely to happen

    • Have a Birthday rewarding system where you would receive a special item (food, costume, spotlight.)
      Not possible

    • Enable to expand the Message Board in the Guild Menu to have a reply system to the posts.
      Would require an UI overhaul and currently would have a very low priority due to other projects

    • Have the community suggest ideal times by hosting a voting poll for Fantasy Planet, Golden Desert and Terracottage race.
      We will definitely see about the times for all those activities once the server merge has been completed.
  • August 24, 2018

    Feedback: More items to be stackable to the amount of x1000 similar to Worms/Gathering Tool.
    Response: -to be confirmed/edited-

    Feedback: Implement 50-100 slot backpacks.
    Response: Such high slot numbers are most likely not possible due to the UI limitation. For now we have to stick with 20-Slot-Backpacks.

    Feedback: Make the Bank accessible from each floor in Terracottage.
    Response: Although we see the point of having them in each floor, we probably won't get it.

    Feedback: Unbound Backpacks so they can be used across the account instead of 1 character only.
    Response: Like an item to unbind them? Or are you referring to the backpacks in the Login Rewards? If the latter, then it's not happening.

    Feedback: Change the color text on <Recruit> and <Announcements>.
    Response: Announcement color will not be changed. Not sure if we can adjust the color for the recruit chat.

    Feedback: Remove cooldown on Arcadia Park Vouchers.
    Response: Will be added to CD removal list!

    Feedback: Implement emojis that are used in the official discord into the game.
    Response: Not possible.

    Feedback: If you are about to receive Gold that will exceed your limit, you end up not receiving it at all, please amend this.
    Response: Thanks! We'll pass that to the developers.

    August 31, 2018
    Feedback: Add a Guild Artifact that increase Move Speed.
    Response: Perhaps part of a future update.

    Feedback: Add a DPS chart that provides a total amount of damage/health point healed after a dungeon has been cleared.
    Response: We have no plans do add any DPS/HPS meters to the game.

    Feedback: Each mob after defeat gives 1% increase in EXP.
    Response: Not happening.

    Feedback: Add a gesture that allows yourself to hug the other player.
    Response: As much as we would like to add more emotes, nothing like this is planned for the near future.

    Feedback: Instead of automatic Guild Boss spawns; perhaps make it so the Guild leader have control of this instead?
    Response: Not possible.

    Feedback: Pages of Equipments, similar to Starstones has. It becomes tedious to having to switch from PVE <> PVP gear daily.
    Response: Part of a future patch as far as we know.

    Feedback: Battlefield activities such as Golden Desert and Fantasy Planet still appears to have longer delays and lag.
    Response: Noted. We are still investigating the lag issues. Please keep updating our staff (CM/GM) about it.

    Feedback: Implement 3 or 4 person Mounts. Or add more 2 person mounts.
    Response: Would be awesome to have, but so far we haven't seen any mounts like this in other versions.

    Feedback: The cutscene before Balor Sid never used to be there, however since the last patch it was implemented. Is there a way to revert it back to where the cutscene doesn't appear before the boss?

    Response: We can't say for sure. We will check with the developers.

  • September 7, 2018
    Feedback: Someplace where we can see a list of bugs reported, if they have been fixed, etc. That is updated regularly by staff.

    Response: Not possible right now, but we keep it in mind and see what's possible later on.

    Feedback: Archive repeatedly gets neglected. When will there be an update for this?

    Response: As soon as new content arrives.

    Feedback: Request for increase in Friend List, 100 is way too limited.

    Response: Might not be possible. We will check with the developers.

    Feedback: Possible to make Daily Reset & Login Rewards appear at same time instead?

    Response: Better not due to the possible risk of lag.

    Feedback: Enable items that have already been archived state in the tooltip that they are already archived.

    Response: What would be the purpose of it?

    Feedback: Enable Fantasy Planet occur similarly to All-Day Arena instead of limited entries per day.

    Response: Not going to happen any time soon.

    Feedback: Increase the Auction House's listing limit from 8 to 20+ per character, as well as reduce the costs of listing an item.

    Response: Limit cannot be increased. We already asked for it and it got rejected. We'll look into the price reduction though.

    Feedback: Give us the ability to turn off item pick up. If i'm running low level dungeons, I dont want to have a bag full of junk.

    Response: Not possible unfortunately.

    Feedback: Since the merge that game has been unplayable due to those lag issues and delay. Can't even cast skill properly, get random freeze. And on top of that every single day I get a Capybara crash where before I never got that. This needs to be fixed or looked into.

    Response: We are still gathering information and would like you to report to our GM/CM team as we need specific information.

    Feedback: Option to Auto-Sort Senshis; where all unlocked are shown at the top while the ones that are yet to be unlocked remain at the bottom.

    Response: Might not be possible. We will check with the developers.

    Feedback: Increase the amount of EXP gained from Advanced EXP Books in Web Mall, the difference is becoming smaller the more the EXP is increased within the game.

    Response: Keep in mind these books were never intended to rewards huge chunks of EXP on higher levels. We can look into "new" EXP books, but it's not a priority for us right now.

    Feedback: Enable Solo and Party dungeons to feature same Loot Drops instead.

    Response: Not going to happen.

    Feedback: Is there a chance TS could provide a database like the previous website (that went down) did?

    Response: Unlikely. We know it was very useful, but not much we can do about it right now.

  • September 14, 2018

    Feedback: More detailed maintenance notes, even if it would just be minor tweaks of the game. (for example, the previous maintenance added more Battlefield times and multiple Trade chats.)

    Response: Noted! We will try to include more details, even minor ones.

    Feedback: Is there any chance of Name Change Scroll being reduced back to 3999 LP?

    Response: Yes, but perhaps not to the original price. Back then we received reports of people abusing the scroll to scam people since it was quite easy to change the character name. So we will have a look into it.

    Feedback: The multiple Trade chats appears to have similar colors with other chats, which can cause confusion and typing in the wrong chat. Is it necessary to have this function? It does not seem like the players are using them anyway.

    Response: We will look into it.

    Feedback: More promotions such as discount on Senshi packs or Mystery tier.

    Response: Noted!

    Feedback: Make the Starstone page account wide or easier to transfer them between characters. Currently you have to remove your Starstones from every single page of every class, just to move them back into your inventory and then into your account bank, which is extremely inconvenient.

    Response: Won't be changed anytime soon unfortunately.

    Feedback: Lower or remove the gold requirement to reset your Class specialization stats. A lot players resets their specs a lot for testing purposes and the amount money spent on doing so can get insane.

    Response: Not happening.

    Feedback: No ETA for patches is becoming a hassle for everyone and we are feeling neglected in terms of now knowing what's going on or bugs getting fixed.

    Response: We can't promise you anything, but we will see if we can provide you more frequent updates about the upcoming patches.

    Feedback: In other Aeria-based games, a leveling freeze item would be nice to restrict the huge % drop in Class EXP.

    Response: Such item does not exist in Twin Saga as far as we know. Requesting it would probably take a while until we get it, if ever.

    Feedback: Please let Norn keep her change from the Japanese server, when she does get released over here. Others seems to have translated it to Chronos, which is cringey.

    Response: No worries! Norn will be her name in our version as well.

    Feedback: Make the Astral Crystals from the Astral Puzzle tradeable.

    Response: Not happening.

    Feedback: Is there any way Aeria could implement the ability to play the Astral Puzzle online on the official website and have the items mailed to you?

    Response: Even though it would be awesome, it's not possible unfortunately.