{Rewarded} 🌺[Forum Event] Letter to Mommy

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    It was a regular day at Astral Academy and Sensei Elly gave her students (senshi) a writing assignment. The class groaned; they hated to write. Until she told them, that they were going to write to their mothers for Mother's Day.

    They haven't seen their mothers since they first entered the academy and had lots to write about! She reminded them that they still needed to follow the rules of the assignment for it to count!

    Your task is to write as if you're one of the senshi who is writing to their mother for Elly's assignment.


    •Must follow TOS

    • One entry per account only

    •Include your IGN and list somewhere in your post what senshi you are writing as.

    • Senshi must be currently existing from our official server.

    • No plagiarism, be original

    •Text must be in English

    • Minimum of 50 words in your letter, no more than 250 words.

    ☆ If there are any questions about this event or you want some clarification, feel free to contact me and I will answer them.

    This is the EN version of this event. If you participate in this one, you cannot enter the DE version.


    May 10 - May 24 PT @ Midnight



    1st place: Senshi Contract of Choice x3*

    2nd place: Senshi Contract of Choice x2*

    3rd place: Senshi Contract of Choice x1*

    *with some exceptions such as newly released senshi and founder's

    Participation: Astral Crystal x5 (bound)

  • Ho hi there mom !

    Happy mother's day, from me and my friend Tustaru.

    I'm going to be honest i won't come back home for a long time but you're still at first place in my heart... even if Tusta is having a bigger and bigger place hihi !

    I would have loved to be with you today to show you how much i love you, but since I can't do you wan't to come at Arcadia to see me ? I can have a deal with a pilote to make you come here and have a day of fun together at the parc or searching for cool place to past time !

    Alright, hat's all I have to say, take care of yourself and give me news sometimes !

    Bye, your love, Fina.

    (I don't know if that's the right way of writing a letter or if you wanted a Word file etc)

    Ign: Tustaru

  • Hi Mom!

    Your cutest boy wishes you a Happy Mother's Day ! ! !

    Mom, how are you doing? We haven't seen each other since I started skool and I reaaally miss you a lot, much more than Duo does for sure!

    Duo and I are doing well here so don't worry about us. Yesterday, Rita even ate lunch with me, from across the long table and with all the other kids too =]

    Mom, I wanna go find Rita now, please take good care of yourself while we're having fun. Happy Mother's Day mom! I love ya <333

    Your best kid,


    IGN: Fluker

  • Dear Mother,

    I hope this letter finds you well.

    I am writing to wish you a happy Mother's day. I wish that you are always in good health and that you always find a reason to be happy.

    I know I haven't been able to meet our family's expectations but I can assure you that I am doing my best and I vow to make you and Father proud someday. As for me, I am doing very well in the academy. I have aced all my classes and my teacher Elly and Commander Zaro say that I will grow up to be a promising fleet commander just like Althea.

    I am looking forward to our summer break so I can come home and see you.
    I miss you a lot. Althea sends her regards too.

    I love you.

    Your son,


    IGN: RegulusXIII

  • Dear Mom,

    I want you to know that I'm doing good here. I met a lot of friendly people and I join a club called Tea Party. We basically bake, cook, hangout and study together. Also, my friend Cherry gave me a cute rabbit and I named him Nivens. It's so much fun here even though I still miss you and Cheshire.

    How about you mom? I just hope you're not eating too much sweets there alone without me. I love you and I wish you good health and long life. I'm sorry if I'm far away from you but just a bit more time and you can see your clumsy daughter again.

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

    Your favorite,


    Ign: Ginnie

  • Beloved Mother

    It has been a while since I left home, to venture through Sanctopolis, I have seen many wonderful things in my journey, not only the architecture of the cities is incredible, but also the richness of its landscapes, beautiful cascades, I have to exert myself to the maximum In order to express all that in my work, I feel that the words will not be enough to describe it, but I want all my classmates to read how beautiful the continent is and decide to visit it, I hope you can also read it soon, and be proud of me!

    How have you been? I miss you, I miss the delicious homemade bread a lot, I have tried to do it according to the recipe but I still feel that it lacks your warmth, I hope to return soon and be able to taste it again, I told teacher Elly and all my classmates how delicious it is and they are eager to try it, I would like you to meet them. No matter where I'm, I always carry you in my heart, in the near future, I hope to take you through these landscapes with me, I know you would love them, I have so many things to tell you, but I want tell you in person.

    With love I wish you a happy day! stay safe, I love you mother ♥

    Your dear daughter, Asuna

    IGN: yunoha

  • To my dearest mommy,

    I know I haven't written in a while since I left to the academy.

    I hope you been doing good, and that everything is going well for you.

    You should know that for this Mother day I made you a special bunny, he is red and pink your favorite colors.

    well pink is my favorite but this is how you will know it from me.

    You should know mommy is that whenever something is hard, I think about how proud you will be once I finish the academy.

    There is so many people I would like you to meet mommy, you would love them, they really nice and know I am a bit shy at first.

    You are the best mommy I could have wished for; you have been supporting me, praising me, pushing me to do better.

    Even though I may not be able to write to you a lot I still hope you know I am thinking about you every day.

    I miss you mommy, I miss your hugs in the morning, or how you make me tea when I am half asleep and just woke up, I miss how you kiss my pain away when I stumble because I rush to help out.

    I hope summer come fast and they will let us visit home for more than the weekend.

    Wait for me mommy I am coming home soon.

    Love you lots mommy,

    Your favorite bunny, Bonny!

    ING - Kitsu

  • Hai lil mom,

    Happy mother day here, it's been a while since we met the last time... I just wanted to say how much you count for me. Since i've been released a couple month ago, a lot of things happened... First they were all spending theirs ACs on the puzzle, i was happy ! But then Pika (i know how to be taken seriously with this name) asked a face surgery for me. Waw, how rude. But when i showed my ulti they stopped to bully me lmao. It was cool first cause all people used me a lot. But now omg i'm tired to run after theses crazy people with 300% move speed with my short legs. If you could send me new arrows it could be great cause i almost used all of them. I'm sorry if they're blood on the letter i just stabbed Rin, a new op senshi and i have to prepare my knife for the next one. Well i say you goodbye and i hope to see you soon.

    Your Akane, best twin saga senshi forever XOXO

    By the way Marisa is a lil girl, what? She's so annoying...i think i'm gonna go on the jap version of the game to see if we loose, i hope so i don't want to see her face.

    IGN: Akïsa

    (I have absolutly nothing against Pika, my fake twin without the fact he have akane but not me)

  • IGN: Erephyre

    Writing as Senshi Rin


  • Mother,

    I know that you're still worrying about me, but I just wanna let you know that I'm fine. I don't know how to express how much I miss you, but I have obligations to do for the sake of our people, and for the Dynasty. I have so much to learn and to improve about myself, and I believe joining the academy with a good Sensei will be a big factor. But mother, I wanna dedicate this letter to you - a day that especially dedicated for you and for all the mothers out there. I'm aware that I'm probably not the sweetest child out there, but mother I love you so much. Words can't explain how glad I am for being your son, thank you for everything you've done to me. Until we meet each other again mother, stay safe and I love you so much.

    Your son,

    IGN: Zixie

  • 9j4e.png

    IGN: Nymphalio

    Senshi: Aryn

  • Dear Mama,

    Are you watching me from the sky? Today is Mother's day but this day still makes me sad that I can't see you anymore. I wish I could go back to that time before our Vuple race was almost wiped out. Many of them gave up their lives to protect me, the spoiled princess, and the holy artifact… I'm sorry Mama, I promised to not cry anymore. I won't let your death go in vain.

    I'm attending a school called Astral Academy where we have a scary sensei named Elly but she really cares about us. The other day I got praised about my fire mastery and no one matches me in terms of skill! I also got in trouble the same day when I saw one of my classmates hurt a fox. I tried to burn him but was stopped by Sensei Elly. She was disappointed in me which hurt alot. I try not to make her sad anymore because it reminds me of you.

    School sometimes feels hard but my best friends, Gogo, Shirley and Rita makes me feel better whenever I'm having a bad day. Their sweets and cute kitties fills me up with happiness.

    Mama if you can somehow read this, I love you a lot and I swear that I'll revive our clan. Please don't worry about me. I'm surrounded by good friends now. Once school is out, I'll invite them to visit your grave. I know you'll love them too.

    Love, Koharu

    IGN: Moonhazel