[2020] Patch Notes 25 - April

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    Dear Guardians,
    The Patch Notes have arrived! However, it may not reflect last-minute changes and/or issues we might have faced while applying the patch. We also want to mention that the translations seen here are not final. We thank you for your understanding.

    Your Twin Saga Team


    Meet the

    Sakura Starry Sky: Allexia


    New Senshi quest is available at Lv 20+ in The Royal City of Arcadia (372,352). Complete it to receive Allexia’s New Year Gift Bag. Afterward, you can buy it from Allexia up to 3x per day.

    The New Year Gift Bag may content one random item such as the Gear Evolution Scroll, Character EXP Book, Class EXP Book, Loyalty Points Coupons, and Face Costume. Best of luck for the year!


    You will need 10 contracts to summon Allexia.


    The new Patch Update brings with it two new massive maps - Trade Fjord and Fairy Valley – which available in the Western continent.


    Trade Fjord

    The international Harbor of Elf Alfheim is a commercial city in the Elf Kingdom, but lately, pirates have invaded.


    Elven Valley

    Once the site of the great war between the Great Ancient Gods and the God of Creation, Elven Valley is a place of prophetic stars protected by ancient tribes.


    New world bosses, main, daily & hidden quests, monsters and much more can be found in these new zones.



    The future of Sanctropolis was covered with a shadow… Looks like the Great Ancient Gods are starting to act. A new main story questline starts from meeting Elvin in Alfenheim Kingdom (214,159) and continues with Lv85, the Beginning of Despair quest (612,814). Upon accepting this quest, you will head out to the sea to the Trade Harbor.


    Shadow Cavern

    The eroded cave occupied by pirates is docked with Bernie Reid’s Pirates’ mother ship.

    Only a few pirates know of the secrets held deep within the cave. Enter and defeat the Great Ancient Gods!


    The dungeon is available for LV 88+ characters.

    Complete Lv87 No Light questline and Lv.88. Final Prophecy quest in Elven Valley to enter this dungeon. Afterward, you can accept Lv.88 the Challenge Shadow Crevice daily quest from Nathaniel.

    From this dungeon, you can obtain various items like orange Lv.95 Starstones, Lv.90 Glowing Magic Crystals, Epic Armor Formulas and much more.

    The portal is in Elven Valley (301, 83).


    Easter Event

    Isther, the Easter Egg director is in trouble. Help him find Berthold Bunny and obtain Colorful Stones to receive multiple rewards. Go check it out!


    Upon completing the quests, you will get rewarded with an Easter Egg Gift Pack. Each Pack may contain one Headgear, Gear Evolution Scroll, Character EXP Book, Class EXP Book or Loyalty Points Coupon.


    The event will last for 4 weeks and is available at Lv 20+ in The Royal City of Arcadia (415,285).

    Start of Spring

    Spring is a wonderful time of year when the first flowers start to appear, and you can see first nesting birds. Let's celebrate the rebirth and awakening of nature! And the best place to do it is in the greenhouse of Terracottage that provides a perfect place for adventures so kick back, grow various plants and interact with the Senshi.


    During the event, you will get double Bound points for completing Senshi Missions in the Greenhouse.

    Additionally, you will get more entry times to access the Senshi Territory dungeon in the Royal City of Arcadia (556, 337). Loot drop amount in this dungeon is tripled, use this opportunity to collect all Senshi Contract Pages.



    10 new daily side quests known as Astral Adventures are available in the Western Continent (868, 543). Walk towards the paw cube and start the adventure. When you complete an Astral Adventure for the first time, you will be rewarded with an achievement title and bonus stat points.


    Level Cap has been increased from Lv90 to Lv95.

    Profession Level Cap has been increased to Lv90. By leveling those professions, you will boost the stats of a character!

    Fortification cap increased from +50 to +60. Fortify your gear to be even more powerful and receive enhanced stats. *

    Senshi Star Blessing has been increased from 4 to 5. Your loyal companions on your epic journey are now even more powerful.



    *Current scrolls will not work for the fortification from +51 to +60. New scrolls will get released in the future updates.

    If you find one, let us know!

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