{Rewarded} Maint Event Apr 1

  • Maint Event: Make me a meme or PSA (public service announcement) for Covid19

    Hello everyone,

    The maintenance has or will start soon so the servers will be unavailable during the duration of the maintenance!

    While waiting for the game to come back online, let’s make use of your creativity to impress Arclight!

    Also, since with the recent Covid19 situation, most of you will hopefully have time to do this event.

    What you need to do:

    • You need to take a screenshot from TWIN SAGA and make edits to it for it to become a meme or a PSA
    • Your meme or PSA can only be made out from Twin Saga screenshots
    • Your meme or PSA needs to follow one of these guidelines: https://www.cdc.gov/coronaviru…sick/steps-when-sick.html
    • Please note that your IGN will need to show in at least one screenshot
    • Maximum of three screenshots
    • Please refer to rules below for further guidelines.


    Start: April 1 @1 AM PDT

    End: April 1@11:59 PM PDT



    🐱You must post / edit your entry before the deadline.

    🐱You can not use multiple accounts to participate.

    🐱Cheating is prohibited.

    🐱Enter your character name on your browser bar (if it is a maint game).

    🐱Type your character name in your post.

    🐱Take a full screen of your screen. If it's a puzzle, Number of Puzzle Pieces and Time must be visible in screenshot.

    🐱Entries with a cropped / edited image will not be considered (if it is a maint game).

    🐱Entries must be PG13 and not violate TS ToS

    🐱For your participation to be taken into account, you need to follow all the rules!!!

    Please note that if more then 1 person gets the "highest score", winners will be raffled.