problems with the game

  • Hi when I connect to the game after I pick which char to use it takes me a few mins to get in the game and sometimes it dc's me from the game and same happens when I enter my house so how can I fix this ?

  • If you are getting any specific error please copy it here.

    If your computer/laptop meets the minimum requirements then make sure Twin Saga is added as an exception in your anti-virus and firewall settings, perform a file check via game’s launcher and try to close any other program running in the background (those you don’t need).

  • this is what happens when I enter my house and my DirectX version is 12 which is the up to date one and my graphics card drivers are up to date and my firewall / router are not blocking it cause it only dc me when I enter my house or switch chars and I also have uninstalled the game and deleted all the folders and redownloaded it and reinstall it and I still get dc when I enter my house