Anyone looking for a friend to play this game with?

  • Does anyone want a friend to play this game with? I am new to the game but I have played other mmos before so I'm sure I'll figure it out quick. Let me know later how to contact you and we can make new characters together. I use discord and skype too.

  • Hey and welcome to the Twin Saga. You may want to check our Discord.

    I doubt that there’s any party benefits in the beginning as most of main quests are solo only and you’ll be spending quite time reading the story (or just clicking it). So pretty much you won’t benefit from a party. Just chatting yes, help in leveling… meh…

    What would work more is to find a guild (there’s a #guild-requirement channel on a discord) and get into chatting then after playing for a week or two get into player activities. Otherwise you can also reach me on discord and ask me anything I probably won't know too :)

  • Thanks. I am starting to realize you are right. Most content seems soloable so I've just been exploring mostly. I did join a guild now too but I havent done too many party dungeons yet. I'll probably ask the guild soon about that.