{Rewarded} Maint March 11'2020

  • When I’m Bored During Maint: Dear Diary

    Hello everyone,

    The maintenance has or will start soon so the servers will be unavailable during the duration of the maintenance!

    While waiting for the game to come back online, let’s make use of your creativity to impress Arclight!

    (As Arclight is the only one judging this, it will be best to cater to Arclight’s impression of having a cute diary entry for this theme.)

    Theme: My crush

    What you need to do:

    • You need to write a short diary entry about your crush!
    • Your starting words for your letter needs to be “Dear Diary,”
    • Minimum of three sentences (not including the opening "Dear Diary" and the closing e.g. "Love, Arclight")
    • Maximum of ten sentences (will not be disqualified if more than ten sentences but only the first ten sentences will be read)


    Start: March 11 @1 AM PDT

    End: March 11@11:59 PM PDT



    🐱You must post / edit your entry before the deadline.

    🐱You can not use multiple accounts to participate.

    🐱Cheating is prohibited.

    🐱Enter your character name on your browser bar (if it is a maint game).

    🐱Type your character name in your post.

    🐱Take a full screen of your screen. If it's a puzzle, Number of Puzzle Pieces and Time must be visible in screenshot.

    🐱Entries with a cropped / edited image will not be considered (if it is a maint game).

    🐱Entries must be PG13 and not violate TS ToS

    🐱For your participation to be taken into account, you need to follow all the rules!!!

    Please note that if more then 1 person gets the "highest score", winners will be raffled.

  • Date: March 12, 2020

    Dear diary,

    I saw him again today with his friends. I was too shy to say hello; I don't think he knows I exist. I could only watch him from afar like a stalker. I went by his classroom after lunchtime to get another glimpse of him. He called out to me but I freaked out and ran away. I hope he doesn't think I'm a weirdo. I felt his eyes on me throughout the rest of the day. My chest hurts just thinking about him. Is a crush supposed to feel this way? His smile and laughter is what caught my attention, but now I'm stressing out wondering if he hates me for running away :'(



  • Dear Diary,

    We were hanging out today, and I couldn't stop blushing. My hands were trembling, my heart was racing. Its official, I have a crush on him. My best friend, my partner in crime. How I wish we were more. How I long to hold him like Bonny holds her bunny, like Luna holds Berta, like my heart holds onto hope. I want to tell him how I feel, how can I show him? How do I know if he feels the same? Marisa help me with my heart, help me be strong, and find the words to show him I care.<3