[2020] Patch Notes 24 - February

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    Dear Guardians,

    The Patch Notes have arrived! However, it may not reflect last-minute changes and/or issues we might have faced while applying the patch. We also want to mention that the translations seen here are not final. We thank you for your understanding.

    Your Twin Saga Team


    Meet the

    Senshi Rin

    A new Senshi Lv21 quest is available at (139,628) in Vitreus Mines.



    You will need 10 contracts to summon her.


    Secret Manor

    A new dungeon is available in Western Continent (677,917)

    You will first need to complete the quest Lv. 85 Lost Heirloom. Talk to the NPC Urse then, who will open the door.

    This dungeon features two new LV.88 legendary equipment bottom sets, new LV. 90 epic starstones, the general class awakening scroll and much more!





    Chinese New Year Event: Part 2

    Again, go talk to this NPC in Arcadia (352,289) for some daily event quests.


    He offers various rewards after you crafted certain New Years dishes, such as Gear Evolution Scrolls, Gear Evolution Guarantees, Senshi Contracts and if you're lucky even a Senshi Key!


    New EXP quests are available

    A new Lv.64 Quest "The Temptation of Sweets" auto triggers upon reaching Level 64 - it will carry you right to Level 68!

    10 new Senshi Astral Adventures.

    Removal of some previous seasonal events:

    Chinese New Year Event: Part 1

    Blue quality costume added to the archive.

    Will be updated with more items later on.

    New Treasure Hunt for new furniture and a bunch of goodies! Go talk to these NPCs in Arcadia (285,378).


    World boss teaser is here! Spawning at 10AM and 10PM CET In Sanctopolis: Constellacia (563,1269). Could this be a boss in an upcoming patch...?


    New exchange NPC available in Sanctopolis: Constellacia (780,1291)



    - Gold coin buff has been reapplied for dungeons where it was missing

    - Senshi Elly’s stats have been fixed (ATK / Max. HP)

    - Senshi Elly’s stat increasing gems can now be crafted

    - Senshi Evolution Stones (Bound) can now be exchanged for non-tradable Senshi Evolution stones in the Celestial Compendium

    - Defeating guild boss <Void Phantom> Blaise counts now for the weekly achievement Guild Boss Slayer

    - Senshi quests of Halloween Belle and Christmas Yui are now awarding the correct amount of bond points

    - World boss <Azure Manic Lion> Trahofik’s spawn times have been fixed

    - Level 25 skills will no longer be locked after class awakening