AMA/FAQ/Monthly Feedback - Answers

  • Greetings, Guardians!

    This is a collection of questions/feedback you have provided us through the AMA, FAQ and general monthly feedback! Keep in mind that this is summary of what has been asked/said in all languages, so not every question has been answered individually as there were (and there still are)many duplicates/identical questions. The german and french translation of the following will come as soon as possible!


    Would it be possible, following the increase in senshis quests that we can make an increase in senshis quests per day that we can also take? The limit of 10 is quite annoying... we often have to come back into the mansion (terracotage?) to return and take quests

    • Considering the fact that the usual quest limit is also 10, most likely not. This could change in the future, but the answer as of right now is no.

    What is the "typical" day of the PM?

    • There's surely no such thing as a typical day as a PM I'd say. But to give you a rough overview: First thing in the morning is always having a look at the numbers and statistics with some analysis on the side. Then perhaps a few meetings here and there, drafting and creating some promotions, check-up with the CM and also about patch QA (if we have any on test at the moment) and so much more.

    What is the most pleasant task in his job?

    • Like with any other job, there's things you like and things you don't like. But honestly I can't decide which one I like the most! Although I must say whenever we get a new patch it's pretty fun to review the new content, especially costumes and mounts.

    If he had to change something in the game, what would it be?

    • There's actually quite a few things I would like to change, but I keep that as a secret for now and hope to show you results rather sooner than later.

    Why are there sometimes some changes from one NPC to another, especially in the language used?

    • I am not sure what you mean, but the overall functionality of every NPC should be the same on each language.

    I have often asked for the "Claire" senshi but being a founding senshi, I was always told that it would never be available again... However, the Occultist and Berserker classes were also in Founder Packs and they became available. Namely that this same senshi exists and can appear in a dungeon on other versions of the game. That's how my question comes up. After 3 years of play, most of the founding players have left, its success still exists (so new players will never be able to have it), can we hope it is available for everyone or simply withdraw its success?

    • Founder items remain exclusive and won't be available again.

    Why are lags still there despite the recent removal of many low-level characters?

    • I received a lot of feedback regarding this topic. Some people say it actually has improved, some said it's the same as always and some say it's worse than before. But we will keep investigating and count your help as well as we might need further information.

    This month, there are 4 Like a Boss event ones, one per week, can we hope that they will become weekly again instead of monthly?

    • Unfortunately no. September was the exception because of the anniversary.

    How did the August patch get out so quickly? Knowing that there was a 3 in 1 patch in July. So we can hope that the patches become more frequent without being very rich in content.

    • That's actually the plan! More frequent, although smaller patches. Just keep in mind these can be really small in terms of new content.

    For puzzles, there are many old costumes that stand out but very few of the recent ones (But in the special puzzles of the 9th knight) will there be a change at this level?

    • Once in a while yes. There has been some items in the past that were released in the astral puzzle first, like the legendary mounts (not exactly new but still) which are still exclusive to the astral puzzle.

    Will quests in English (or those that appear in buggy and empty characters) ever be translated into French? (Just to know if it is useful to wait or if we have to settle for the game in English for new content (which is a shame, because in a game the story is important).

    • Yes, but I cannot tell you when exactly this will be the case.

    When will be the translations done? I’m not good in English...

    • We're constantly updating the localization, as further translation and polishing of old localization is an on-going process.

    I see that the new senshi, do not appear in the cloakroom. Maybe there are some costumes I don't know yet! So, will it be updated soon?

    • We're facing an issue with the implementation of the new Senshi into the dressing room. That's why they're currently missing. And I've heard some reports about a few costumes missing in there, but unreleased costumes won't show up in there until after the release.

    What do you use to create the graphics of the game (characters, map... )

    • We're not developing the game ourselves, therefore I can't tell you. We're just the publisher for Twin Saga.

    Will there be any changes in the Loyalty Point store (price reduction, addition of items such as: Friendship Gem, Astral Crystal, Senshi Gem, Trinket Evolution Scroll, Advanced Trinket Evolution Scroll. . . ) Perhaps in limited quantities? If so, when?

    • Changes to the loyalty shop are in the works. No ETA when those changes arrive.

    When will we be able to see new products in the LP shop and in the library? with senshi evolution stone chests, friendship gems and trinket evo scroll and senshi blessing scroll, it's tiring to have to wait a month to have only 10 scroll 2* that give only max hp...

    • Changes to the loyalty shop are in the works. No ETA when those changes arrive.

    Will there be any additions to the Arcadia Park store? If so, when?

    • No additions are planned as far as I know.

    Is it possible to reduce the number of people needed to open an Arcadia Park?

    • Eventually yes. We will check with the developers.

    Possibility of opening the Golden Desert 404 more frequently? It no longer opens and many people have not been able to finish their successes and it is very hard to get the pen to make the orange outfits.

    • Yes, but we will check with the developers to see if we can permanently decrease the number of people needed to get it started.

    Is it possible to have new features in the astral puzzle rather than in AP?

    • Every once in a while yes, but usually new item releases will be outside of the puzzle first.

    Is it possible to reduce the number of monsters to kill in the Monster Crusade?

    • There are some changes planned in the future to the Monster Crusade. We don't have any details yet.

    Is it possible to change the rewards of the Monster Crusade? (to make people want to do it. . . )

    • There are some changes planned in the future to the Monster Crusade. We don't have any details yet.

    When will the formulas of the 80 equipment be exchangeable from the library? As well as the jewels of the Cascade Cristazur.

    • That is up to the developers to decide. Usually we do not have any information when it comes to updates for the celestial compendium.

    When will the exchangeable Senshi Contracts be available?

    • According to our information the Senshi contracts remain untradable.

    When will Senshi's next levels of blessing be available?

    • If everything goes well in the next quarter!

    Will it be possible to buy more Senshi chests with the links? (3 Senshi quests per day so maximum 5 chests per day for the moment) Is it possible to increase Senshi's link to more than 300?

    • We do not have any information about that.

    Will there be a bag of more than 20 slots?

    • Unfortunately, we do not have any info regarding that currently. Should there be higher slot bags coming we will let you know!

    Is it possible to put VIP contracts 7 days / 15 days / 30 days in the astral puzzles? (or even mobile keys 7/15/30 days)

    • There are no plans to add the VIP contract packs to the astral puzzle. Same goes for the time-limited convenience keys.

    Would it be possible to have the new welcome pack? When we didn't know we had spent APs before the new pack :x

    • If you are referring to the Adventurer's Aid pack, then it depends. If you have spent before, then no, unless you purchase the pack directly. If you've never purchased anything before, you will receive the pack automatically within the next 24 hours.

    It is planned to reduce the cost of expanding the mansion, which is way too much for just 1 more line, and insufficient given the quantity of objects that can be placed.

    • There are no plans in the near future to reduce the warehouse expansion costs.

    Will the appearance enchantments soon be available in the workshop?

    • Costume enchantments are not meant to be crafted through the workshop.

    Could you put some senshi contracts available in the free reward shop? I thought it was really good.

    • You can acquire party packs for specific Senshi for loyalty points and we also host plenty of events where you can win some Senshi contracts.

    When do you plan to put the website's patch notes in their dedicated category? It's been more than a year that I've been asking for it every time and it's never done. The last one is still dated February 2018...

    • You have a good point! In fact, we have just completed that. Thank you for bringing it up again!

    When are the Samurai Starstones Pages going to be available?

    • As far as I know right now, this page doesn't exist in our version at all. However, there is a starstone page that can be used for every class. We hope to make it available soon.

    I have a request for PM, I'm great fan of house furnitures, I wonder if is possible to add furnitures that can be bought using ap in Item Mall. Especially because I was interested in Christmas stuff; I killed a lot of reindeers when there was event and really would like to have a Christmas Tree for my room for upcoming Christmas season. It would be nice to get that using ap, everyone deserves a Christmas tree in their room and a Christmas Snow Globe. I missed the first year when it was released and second year when there was a forum event with Christmas Snow Globe as prize. ty if is possible to add that 2 things in Item Mall with ep and maybe new furnitures too ofc, looking forward for that and new stuff in game

    • I can't promise anything, but it's definitely worth a thought!

    Currently although some events are good, we are getting more and more limitations. Deleted free army costume, with promised but not paid compensation, 1 page box from bcf instead of 2, trinket upgrade scrolls available only for AP (don't say about that single scam puzzle), less benefits can be got from alts (senshi friendship gems), etc. Seems like no point to ask if or when that all gonna be compensated/fixed/provided, so the question is next: Is this tendency gonna continue further?

    • If it can be avoided, then no it's not going to continue further. Unfortunately, we are limited in time, so doing everything on the spot is not always possible, however, the things we promised to do will be done eventually. My apologies for the inconvenience!

    I have a problem with payment system, but support ignores it for over a year. The issue not only breaks Aeria ToS, but also my country law. Is there any higher instance above support or just anyone competent who can deal with this issue?

    • Because of privacy reasons, I will not disclose information about your case publicly. Our CM will get in touch with you and inform us about the information we have received.

    Btw about Aeria ToS. Mass character deletion, that to be honest didn't solve the problem of lag, is directly against ToS paragraph 10.3. GMs and CMs keep saying that its related to the players, although we can delete our chars anytime we want. Related to the players it has no sense. Someone tried to tell me that its the company's intellectual property, but even ToS paragraph 14.3 says: "with the exception of the contents used by the user". So now everything that has been answered is twisting words with total change of the sense. The question: why does Aeria break their own rules even tho they were able to change them?

    • Even after a player decided to delete their characters, they will remain in our backend for a certain amount of time as we have enough cases where players wanted to restore their characters. Once they're flagged for deletion, they will be removed entirely from the DB after a specific amount of time and cannot be restored afterwards. Please note that by our ToS characters are the companys intellectual property, except for user created content (like guild emblems, we do not claim rights on them, as we can't legally). We do not break our own rules.

    Could our PM elaborate on his best milkshake recipe if you are suffering from lactose?

    • I'd always suggest milkshakes with a lot of lactose. They're the best. Some sacrifices have to be made.

    How about talking about the server rollback?

    • It's been quite a while since the rollback happened, so honestly I don't remember too much of it. Basically what happened was impossible to spot on our own and I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

    My question would be if the game itself could be made of luck? The game consists so much of having luck that's really not nice and sometimes very frustrating if you don't get what you want. For example, dropping the formulas for equipment is lucky cutting, the materials you need for alloy equipment, rolling to level equipment is lucky cutting, making hexagons, making equipment and hoping for a good percent worth or getting ANG on a weapon. Or the 78 skills where you first need 3k gold and it's lucky how many you get from the sides out of a box. . . And then the skill is also random you get for 3k and weeks/days farming you get at the end if you have bad luck not the skill you want. My suggestion would be not to make it random but that you can choose the skill. And still to the formulas that you can drop you could maybe build in that after 100x this dungeon run not only a success gets but an item that the bosses can choose to drop dropping it thereby it becomes more rewarding. I could list more examples of what is still luck-based but that would be too much. All in all I just want you to be rewarded for playing a lot and not be stepped into the poo.

    • Keep in mind that we are only the publishers of the game and cannot change anything about the overall game design and mechanics. I know that people are frustrated and it's something I can and will bring up to the developers, but that doesn't necessarily mean that changes will occur any time soon. Rest assured though that I will try my best to see what's possible!

    Will there be Foreign Golden Desert (FGD) again like the version that rises once a day and gives a lot of EXP?

    • There are no plans to bring back Foreign Golden Desert.


    I like the new items added to the puzzles like 1 day loot charm, senshi tome and this new special coin item, would love to see more unique items that make gambling worth it.(edited) Also glad that patch notes actually got released before the new patch came out and that there has been consistent updates (new patch, fixes) with CM's actually communicating with us. I'd prefer smaller patches likes this one by one than waiting half a year for a big one with possibly lots of bugs. GM's and Mods have been on a roll lately and all those new events are great Also want to note that rewards are being sent out way faster compared to before. We've been getting additional buffs recently, would be nice to have them all regularly (gold)

    • Thank you for your kind feedback! Of course there is always still room for improvement, but we're glad some of them get good feedback.

    I know the topic crusade has been brought up alot, but are there any plans on changes regarding rewards or numbers? It's a pity that no one really does them. Not sure if there's any use for those magic vouchers yet? I think we got told few patches ago that something would be added into the compendium.

    • The crusade is an ongoing topic, unfortunately. We will let you know should we make further progress, but hey, at least the magic vouchers have a use now!

    Yea, props to the team on improving things. I know it's not easy to appeal to the demanding player base and there are times when you have your hands tied behind your backs. Definitely think the additional gold boost should be a permant weekly boost (like class exp, item drop rate, etc).

    • Thank you for your feedback! We're constantly monitoring the gold situation and are looking into ways to improve it.

    The boss event on channel 6 today was awesome. I never attended a better boss event. Thank you Zyra for the great job!

    • Zyra: Thank you so much! The whole CM team always tries their best, but should you have points of improvement for us please let us know! :)

    Overall, my opinion about the patch is very divided. On the one hand a new, challenging dungeon, not too many new Senshis and some really well done translations. What bothers me, though, is that the new dungeon acts as an emergency solution. Normally, it's almost always the case (except raid) that there are either new weapons, new armor, or new jewelry in a dungeon, and not everything is available in a dungeon. Accordingly, in my opinion there is still a little lack of racing opportunities in the 80+ range and specifically in the 83+ range, which is why there is no real motivation for me to become 83. I also have to make a positive remark about the new furniture. They are well made and stylish, but it bothers me that they are identical to the traditional ones. I can't say anything about like a Boss because I don't have time on Fridays. Summa Summarum I have to rate as a better patch. Right now a lot is being done to give the players a solid game, which I have to say is really positive. My biggest point of criticism remains the ingame prices for cooking, furniture and Skillbooks etc. , but Gold boosts was counteracted to some extent. Keep it up!

    • Thanks a lot for the feedback! It was mentioned a couple times by now, but in the end we're only the publisher and not the developers of the game. Of course we will forward your feedback and discuss potential changes, but that's pretty much the only thing we can do.

    I think it would be good if a CM or GM/Mod always looks into the Steam Forum for Twin Saga and there is something asked or asked for help.

    • Zyra: Thank you for your input! The team is currently trying to improve on that. It's still not optimal, but we aim to include steam more to our daily routines.


    In what extent does our feedback and suggestions work? We see specific topics (such as events and puzzles) receive quick response but what about the remaining? There were a lot arguments regarding the PvP system where it did not seem like XL was going to take any actions towards our suggestions. It would be ideal to see what feedbacks were actually implemented and to have old feedback kept track on because it feels majority is neglected or not considered despite the responses.

    • Thank you for asking! We and X-Legend, the developers of the game, consider every feedback, however sometimes we need to set different priorities so that it takes a while until we can tackle something. Rest assured we haven't forgotten, though. If something as big as the PvP system is undergoing changes, we will most likely put it in the patch notes. :)

    Recently we just had an event about using costumes to dress up as a Senshi in opposite gender. Is it possible to have this as a drawing event? I understand such events might discourage people from participating that feel they are lacking in skills however it allows one to not be limited by the costumes that are currently available in the game and it would be nice to see what creations people can come up with.

    • Legretta: As the one that's hosting the event, a drawing version of that event was thought about but it does limit the amount of participants and I've understood it as player would be more keen to join if it wasn't based on a person's "skill". However I do understand there may be Senshis that will make you feel limited, which is why I didn't force the rule of having to use same colors/theme. I'm sure it will be limited eventually for any events where the entry is based on the Dressing Room/etc, but that hopefully shouldn't make someone feel discouraged to participate.

    Would be ideal if the Rising Star Gear Set scaled up to Lv.60 or higher.

    • That is not possible unfortunately and there are no plans for new legacy equipment.

    The new setup for Hunger Games with 2 separate games is not as exciting as when it was 1 game. It opens up the opportunity for more people to join but (I'm not sure how to put it) I still enjoy it but it doesn't feel the same. Perhaps remove the bots, switch it to weekly or every 15 days so it can still run on 1 game.

    • Furval: I wanted to allow different people to join in, so that's why I increased the amount. Hunger Games is quite tedious so that's why it's every other week rather than every week. Thank you for this feedback, but let's see how it goes after this current hunger games event. As for the events - I host in game events once in a while when I have free time. Update: hunger games is back to once a month. Will let the community know when I have more available time to increase the amount

    Is it possible to have some in game events suitable for EU (AM) time?

    • Kuroneko: A specific time would be easier to pinpoint your desired time and we would take it into consideration when planning events but still depends on availability and our timezones.

    Is it possible to increase the drop rate for 4* Senshi Evolution Key from the Treasure Lands in Fantasy Planet?

    • No changes are planned for Fantasy Planet.

    If there's going to be a small patch for the Daylight Savings Time, would it be possible to change the Senshi you get from Login rewards while we wait for the patch? It gives people more reason to log in again.

    • While this time has already passed, it is unfortunately impossible to change the login rewards without a patch currently, however, we do try to let it rotate more frequently.

    PvP: - Reduce the CC duration from classes to 1 second. Currently classes that uses CC provides a huge disadvantage to other classes. Reducing the duration will provide more fair duels since removing CC altogether would be unrealistic - Arena that allows 1 vs. 1 duels - Add a match-making system that is based on average stats

    • We are aware that the overall PVP experience leaves much room for improvement and will forward your feedback to the developers!

    Territory Battlefield: - Change the cooldown for respawn time - Lag is too bad - Ability to use Revival Potions should be removed - The respawning point needs to be removed. Player receives no invulnerability when respawned and will be an easy target for "camping"

    • We are aware that the overall PVP experience leaves much room for improvement and will forward your feedback to the developers!

    In the recent patch, appears to have more error codes frequenting common places. Burning City has this issue where sometimes makes it difficult to be aware of which target is distinguished from being a boss or a piece.

    • We are trying our best to reduce the amount of ER codes in our localization with future updates.

    The way Dating Quiz's system works is not ideal for the players as it depends on each specific computer's timezone. It would mean players have to make sure to change it to suit the server time. Changing it to a similar system like Arcadia Park would allow players to focus on a time rather than having to manually change settings.

    • Forwarded to the developers to see if a change in the system can be done.

    Make the Treasure Maps that you receive from Lil Mo stackable higher than just 10. Also similar to Loyalty Points, would it be possible to remove the cooldown of using the item so that when you consume it, it's instantenous?

    • Unfortunately not possible due to technical limitations and how the items are handled by the system.

    What's the point in adding general knowledge questions in the Dating Quiz? I did my first today and it was on about some guy in BC timezone, to cuts of meat, to anime... Can you make questions geared to the audience just like the anime?

    • Thank you for your feedback, we are currently also still looking into that. :)

    The reduction of the cooldown that came with the recent patches contributes to more spam in Trade chat. This makes it more difficult to offer sales, trading and recruitments for dungeons. I would like to suggest to either restore the previous cooldown timing or add another chat tab that acts like a spam channel. With the current situation, it makes Megaphones/World chat pointless.

    • Thank you for your input! We are currently still monitoring that situation but we will let you know about any changes.

    We have noticed that patch notes does not always include smaller or specific changes, an example would be that the Advanced Guild relics got their costs reduced to 400 Gold from the previous 800 Gold. This was not mentioned and it seems it's up to the player to find out when this is information that should have been provided to the players. What was the reason for this?

    • Sometimes changes go even unnoticed for us. We apologize for this inconvenience and try to be more thorough in future Patch Notes.

    I just wanted to say that I liked the variations for events and the different games for the maintenance events. It allows the player a chance to win that isn't purely based on skills.

    • We're very glad to hear that!

    Territory Battlefield: - One joint channel instead of 7 channels - Increase rewards or replace with better items/buffs - Rewards should provide wider range of relics - Allow guild alliance for smaller guilds that lack players - It should run similar to Golden Desert's system, guilds have to queue in, there's ranking and depending on the score, the better rewards you get - Feels very lacking and does not give players/guilds incentive to put effort to it when rewards don't make up for it

    • We are aware that the overall PVP experience leaves much room for improvement and will forward your feedback to the developers!

    If you are unable to revise the amount of kills needed to complete Crusade, I would like to suggest to change the rewards as they are outdated. Better rewards will provide a better incentive for players to complete it.

    • We are aware of future changes to the Monster Crusade system, but do not have any details yet.

    Dating Quiz may become boring after a while and is it possible to change up the questions now and then? Some ideas include: mathematical, chemistry, physics, biology and movie trivias.

    • Thank you for your input! The team will look into it and hopefully make changes soon.

    An option that allows one to "Unequip from all classes" or "Add to all classes" option for Starstones would be nice and not as time consuming compared to having to select each separately.

    • Would be indeed some nice features and can be proposed to the developers, but would be lower priority for them to have a look into as it's more a QoL feature.

    The communication seems strange. First off we see "CM Naomi" appearing for an event but has not made an introduction post. The removal of the costume from the Challenge Letter upset a large amount of players yet no sign of the compensation. Then there was no announcement made for the upcoming changes with the ticket system and the GM's also didn't seem to be aware of it, but other Aeria games were informed. How come TWS was neglected?

    • The One Man Army costume compensation is still in the works. For the ticket systems, there was an announcement, news on our website, to be specific.
    • More info was also to be found in our forum here and here.

    The promotions with purchasing Yui's contracts directly, extra AP upon topping up and redeeming 2x Senshi contracts that were offered to us recently were impressive.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Glad you liked it!

    The way that the community is being taken care of is very worrying. The game is losing population as we speak and it feels like you are trying to milk us as much as you can, but barely any attention is paid towards us. Examples being: tickets seems to be neglected, we leave feedbacks but there has been months gap without responses; communication seems nonexistent. The game seems to have no CM's around to make the community feel like they are being taken care of. There's no events or appearances from the CM. When will the staff be able to take care of the game properly?

    • Actually it is the opposite right now. The game is growing again, we're getting patches out at a consistent pace and the pricing for many items has changed.

      Yes we might be a bit slow on several ends, but we have to work with the resources we have and make the best out of it. We apologize for the delays, especially the things that take month to get taken care of, but we assure you we don't forget about it.

    The Wedding event is disappointing. For the price that you need pay (btw, for an old costume) in order to participate, does not seem equal worth to receiving an artwork when you can go to an artist's Patreon and pay for their drawing services for way cheaper prices. With also no example provided, you leave the players with no clear picture of what they'll receive. The winner may not even like the artwork, and you are not guaranteed to win even if you paid the price for the costumes.

    • Thank you very much for the feedback. The overall execution of the wedding event was rather lacking and will do better in the future if we host such an event again.

    June 29th's Astral Puzzle is identical to March 23rd's Astral Puzzle. There should have been some decency to at least change few of the items on it rather than posting the same identical puzzle.

    • Thank you for your feedback.

    Things might be chaotic and it's obvious that the community isn't happy at the moment, but I think it's great that you guys are progressing with bug fixes and providing variety of deals (AP, Yui, additional Loyalty Programs, ACs, etc.) have all been great. The Astral Puzzles do feel a bit stale - perhaps it's time to do another round of suggestions from the community?

    • Thank you for your kind words! We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, however we also need to make sure to not flood the game with too many costumes at once. You can also leave your suggestions for puzzles on the forum here.

    The Food dishes that provides additional profession EXP are rather low and not really worth it. 5% chance to get 5% EXP is a boost by 0.25%. Is this intentional and could this not be increased?

    • There are currently no plans to review the food dishes for profession experience in the near future.

    My issue is that TWS feels like it's always neglected and items/puzzles seems stale. If we compare to other games like Aura Kingdom, where they get more Loyalty programs and they last longer in comparison to TWS. I feel way more enticed to spend money on that game and I don't even play it. I don't understand why TWS feels so poorly managed compared to other games. I cancelled my recurring AP due to this. I don't know what happens behind the scenes but I feel TWS could do with maybe receiving a helping hand from the team that handles Aura Kingdom to help stabilize TWS.

    • Thanks a lot for the feedback! We will have a look into it.

    The decision to make logins based on account instead of character isn't very ideal. I understand the idea of reducing characters on the server but players won't want to delete characters that they have spent a lot of time and effort on. There isn't much incentive to keep additional characters besides for running dungeons now. Also if something similar happens in the future where it may ruin someone's chance to obtain contracts or something then please announce it in good time. The decision to not announce it properly to warn the players has just caused frustration among the community.

    • We agree that the communication about it was a bit lackluster, but the overall change to account-based rewards was necessary and the amount of items was increased.

    The promotions of the newer items like 1-Day Loot Charm, Senshi Blessing Tome and S Coin was a good idea and makes the gambling more interesting. In addition to the patches, it seems we are getting them more regularly and smaller and in honesty, I would say that I prefer this over than waiting longer periods with large patches comes with more bugs. With them being smaller seems to make it easier to prioritise what needs to be fixed (if there is any.) It's also nice to see the staff hosting more events and communicating more with the players. Rewards are also being sent out way faster compared to before.

    • Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    Are there any plans on adjusting the Crusade? We have suggested various things such as increasing rewards or swapping out items. Are they being considered or what's the actual plan with it?

    • We are aware of future changes to the Monster Crusade system, but do not have any details yet.

    Like a boss events has been going great as of recent. Please keep up the good work!

    • Thank you!

    The Gold coin is among the better additions that you guys have added to the server and everyone is loving it. Could this not be a permanent thing instead?

    • Although the gold coin buff is still active for the most dungeons, we cannot tell you if it will be permanently implemented. Of course we will let you know in case this changes!

    Promotions have been great as of recent; the 99 AP per Senshi Contracts was pretty great. Hope you guys can keep up with more tiers/special offers to keep the players interested.

    • Thank you for your feedback!

    There should be some kind of support available during weekend, especially when there's AP promotions. It seems a lot players are having payment issues which often results in them unable to take advantage of the promotion and it's disappointing. It seems to my understanding that it's not easy to extend the duration of them either, so maybe a better suggestion would be to have support available on weekends for cases like these?

    • We will forward your feedback to the responsible departments.

    I really like the variations of events recently. I was wondering if there could be a separate calendar for GM/Mod events with duration included for all languages, so it's way easier to keep track of each one?

    • Thank you! We will, if its possible, implement another event calendar for GM/Mod events.

    Twin Saga really needs some serious improvement when it comes to neglecting the community's needs. Staff that ignore questions and concerns when things are brought up to them. Support system that takes weeks to receive proper assistance. PM that claims that he will provide answers to our questions but still have yet to say anything. No word of our compensations for the deletion of One-Man Army costume, or why Crusade is constantly faulty.

    • Whenever you feel like a staff member is ignoring your questions, please approach someone else and if that doesn't work, please feel free to submit a ticket to our support and we can have a look into it. We apologize for the (very) late answers to your feedback/questions/concerns and will see how it can be handled in the future.

    We have been teased with PvP related things over the past year/s and there's still no major changes to it. Are we going to receive any higher leveled equipment? Any more arenas?

    • We currently do not have any details about future PVP improvements and updates.


    Any questions left? Don't hesitate to poke the team!