[2020] Patch Notes 23: Crystal Core - January

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    Dear Guardians,

    The Patch Notes have arrived! However, it may not reflect last-minute changes and/or issues we might have faced while applying the patch. We also want to mention that the translations seen here are not final. We thank you for your understanding.

    Your Twin Saga Team


    Meet the

    Senshi Asuna

    A new Senshi Lv68 quest is available at (476,258) in Moonlight Valley.


    You will need 10 contracts to summon her.


    Molten City

    A new dungeon is available in Sanctopolis: Constallacia (893,1310)

    You will first need to complete the quest Lv. 75 Clown's Invitation.

    Then, a Lv. 85 quest "Clown's Challenge" will be available to run the dungeon.

    This dungeon features new LV.88 legendary equipment, new LV. 85 legendary ancient starstones and LV. 80 epic ancient starstones.

    The location of the portal is Sanctopolis: Constallacia (893,1310).





    Chinese New Year Event

    A new seasonal quest is available from level 20!

    Go talk to this NPC in Arcadia (352,289)


    Completing this seasonal quest will provide you with a scroll that will teleport you to a special treasure area.

    Collect its treasures and exchange them for awesome rewards at the Chinese New Year Card Exchanger.




    Crystal Core

    A new feature is available to gear up and improve your stats: The Crystal Core!

    From level 50, you will get a quest: Go talk to the NPC in Vitreus Mines (759,225). He will provide you your own core!


    There's a new slot in your character interface called "Holy Crystal".

    You will find that the Gear Evolution UI now also has a second tab called "Crystal Refinement", this is to fortify your Crystal Core.


    You can refine your crystal up to LV.50. Each star (+10, +20, etc.) provides you with even another stat! For that, the item "Holy Crystal Fragment" and later on "High Order Holy Crystal Shard" is needed. You can reset certain levels completely if you wish to, the item "Holy Energy Crystal" will be needed.

    Certain items give you a better chance at leveling specific stat levels ("Holy Crystal Nuclei Attack" as an example is more likely to improve your ATK than using regular fragments). If you use the ATK Nuclei, your core will change it's Crystal Type from "Average" to "Attack". It's color will also change to red. WOW! (Did we mention this cute little crystal will follow you everywhere you go? :3)

    Many materials can be found dropping in LV. 50 Story Dungeons onwards.

    So, what do you think? Take a chance at making your crystal the most outstanding one!


    Blaise and Belle have been added to the Senshi territory

    The magic vouchers that are obtainable through the Monster Crusade are now exchangeable through the compendium.

    (We heard the enchants are pretty OP)


    Removal of some previous seasonal events:

    Christmas event

    New Year Event

    Fixed the issue that prevented some users to scroll the previously posted messages with the arrow keys