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    Note: While the title of this event is simply Theorizing Thursday, this prompt is more conspiracy theory-style.

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    We all know Arcadia is a major city, being the capital city and a major economic center. It has a bustling urban area with immaculate public spaces and strong transport links to the outside world. Travelers from all around the Meridian continent and beyond arrive by air, land, and sea to explore and conduct business here. But why are there areas of this grand city that we cannot visit? Why do invisible magical barriers prevent even the most elite of mages from accessing these districts? IS QUEEN FIONA RHINE PLOTTING OR HIDING SOMETHING? :O



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  • The reason the negation of the impenetrable forcefield is because of sealing of nun ya followed by a special enchantment of business renders any attempts of destroying it completely impossible leaving any magic users disheartened by the fact that they got stumped by a far superior wizard whose name is undisclosed.

  • Tons of adventurers have experienced this, they mine and mine or gather and gather and they receive usable items from there, but the main object just won't get any smaller? Some even suggests that the longer they mine or gather, the bigger it gets. So are these crystals or trees made with real matter? Or are we under some kind of forcefield and it tricked to keep mining/gather on seemingly never ending things, so "they" can harvest our energy output? OR(e), (a pun yes) to prevent the poor souls of the adventurers from leaving the world of Twin Saga, by making them feel that they are not done yet?

    Is this a real world?

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  • As every royal family who rules would have matters that is hid away from the public eye and operates under top secret, thus these areas are sealed away with an unbreakable superior or a different system of magic that only to be passed down by the royal bloodline to protect the truth.

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    People may give any versions, but my guess is that Arcadia city is build on a basis of a book The City of the Sun written by Tommaso Campanella. Fiona Rhine, attracted by utopia genre, executed her husband, who was against her new interest and started building her own ideal state. We can see many proofs of it, for example people always wear the same clothes. According to Campanella, people should change their clothes 4 times a year. All people, and men and women, should do the same work. Working day only lasts for 4 hours, that's why we always see people just walking and doing nothing. Nobody of the people actually has their own houses or flats - it is because they sleep in shared bedrooms, separately men and women. These and many more other facts lead us to that The Queen of Arcadia tries to build utopia. People from another locations had time to immigrate from Arcadia when the Queen received the power, that's why their lifestyle is different. Now why we cant enter some Arcadia areas. According to Campanella, The City of the Sun includes slaves. But, slavery poisons minds, that's why people shouldn't see the slaves. On this reason, all the slaves work outside the city, especially at these areas. Fiona doesn't want young adventurers to see the slaves and their struggle.

  • That is a region lost in time, stuck in the past in a barrier all on its own. The magic circle we see hovering on top of our heads in the center of the Royal City preserves the current Arcadia from that mysterious barrier magic. And inside the palace, behind Her Majesty's carriage-like throne, an ancient giant gear of a clockwork groans and spins, to keep the dangers of the past in the region's barriers. The tale of it was written in a book by an ancestor from the Rhine royal bloodline. However, the book went missing over the decades and only the elderly with high wisdom and knowledge would know about it. It might be something that is more dangerous than Amaris or Nihilus, thus the reason they have decided to stay quiet until now...

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    Fiona Rhine has two positions, as queen of Arcadia as well as the current head of the Rhine royal family. The appointment of Queen Fiona as the leader of Arcadia has possibility the existence of a tightly guarded royal family secret and strictly forbidden to spread. Moreover, we can see that the two royal princes are in Lost Metropolis and there is the spirit of the ancient king and former head of the royal family of the Rhine who roamed in the area. In the past, there must have been a dark history sheet in the history of the Rhine royal family that now must be closed by Fiona's herself. There may be a tomb of knights and ancient royal troops from the history of the Rhine who were deliberately sealed by a magical barrier so that anyone other than the royal family of Rhine could not access it or even be accessible only by queen herself. This prevented the destruction of the royal family of Rhine as well as The Royal City of Arcadia if the ancient king succeeded in gaining the power of immortality and attempted to rebel in the seizure of the royal family of Rhine and The Royal City of Arcadia. The Royal City of Arcadia, which nowdays has been very peaceful being the center of politics and commerce, will not be allowed to fall into the dark ages once again. Therefore, the queen of Fiona chose the option of insisting on sealing the area with a magical barrier upon her own soul and sending her two princes to guard in the Lost Metropolis area.