[2019] Patch Notes 21 - November

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    Dear Guardians,

    The Patch Notes have arrived! However, it may not reflect last-minute changes and/or issues we might have faced while applying the patch. We also want to mention that the translations seen here are not final. We thank you for your understanding.

    Your Twin Saga Team


    Meet the

    Senshi Akane

    A new Senshi Lv70 quest is available at (220,183) in Black Hill.


    You will need 10 Senshi contracts to summon her.


    Magic Academy Lonesome Path (Metarealm)

    New starstones can be found in this new dungeon.

    The dungeon is available on level 85 and is in the Kingdom of Alfheim (214,116)




    Thanksgiving Event

    To celebrate Thanksgiving, a little event is available from level 20.

    Go talk to the NPCs in Arcadia (374,290)




    Guild level cap raised to 10!


    Additional guild warehouse space

    2 new Guild Banks are now available!


    New guild palace NPC

    A new merchant can be hired for 3000 guild resources via the hire interface of the guild menu.


    New guild boss

    A new guild boss is available by hiring the merchant Void Summoner Beedris.


    The boss can drop some Senshi contracts. You will need 10 Senshi contracts to summon Senshi Blaise.



    10 new astral adventures

    Furniture upgrade: feature updated. Additional funiture provides buffs.

    Removal of some previous seasonal events :

    Halloween Event

    Please note that the Senshi Halloween Belle quest is still implemented.

  • Fixes:

    •Senshi Haruka senshi quest is now accessible again.

    -previously: She disappeared after a patch.

    • Missing Elite in Sepulchral Grounds is now spawning on the map.

    Localisation for dialogue's and descriptions seems to be inaccurate.
    • We are aware of these and hope to sort this out when we get the chance to apply changes. For now, if you are unsure of ex. equipment or specific skills, you can ask us to test it out.

    List of reported issues/bugs:
    • Halloween Belle provides no quests in Terracottage.

    • Warm Sakura Branch is not visible on female characters and appears white.

    • Astrology Dust is dropped in dungeons, despite removal of event

    • Newer starstones from Metarealm: Magic Academy have no fortification stats

    • Custom Star Magic (M) & (F) went missing from Archive

    • Senshi quests does not count towards Metarealm: Magic Academy

    • Halloween Belle npc is missing in Arcadia (she is meant to appear after completing Belle's event quest)

    •Senshi Elly still gives no senshi quests in the terracottage.

    •Candy ingredients can still be collected while gathering or fishing despite having its event quest npc removed.

    • Elite from Alfenheim Kingdom is now visible but cannot be activated

    [Last Updated: November 22, 2019]

    The list may update from time to time to reflect changes. If you believe something is incorrect/not stated above, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Happy gaming!

    Your Twin Saga Team

  • List of Reported Fixes

    - Compendium is updated with the newer Starstones
    - Astrology Dust has been replaced with Exquisite Cloth in Dungeons
    - used to be white/missing textures on Female characters has proper textures now
    - Custom Star Magic Wizard/Witch costumes are archiveable and can be taken out
    - Elly's shop button in Terracottage had no action previously upon clicking, but now opens her shop
    - Halloween Belle's quests in Terracottage are available
    - New Starstones from Magic Academy now have stats
    - The 5th option from Bonny in Terracottage that caused Capybara crash when clicked on is now gone
    - Lucky Coin is available again in Community Chests
    - Novija's 4* Ultimate is working properly
    - Portal for Western Continent is visible (near the portal for Illuminating Shore/Forbidden Snowfield)

    Still not working:
    - Halloween Belle's npc in Arcadia is still not here
    - Elly's quests are only visible for some players (seems to be a 50/50 so far)