{Rewarded} [Christmas Raffle Event]

  • Dear Guardians,

    It's the most wonderful time of the year and we have several events planned for you guys from singing Christmas carols,baking delicious sweets to creating divine tears. Celebrate with us and take advantage of the opportunity to win additional items by participating in our holiday-themed events for the upcoming weeks!

    That's not all, we have decided, that in addition to these events, to offer you participation gifts that you may be eligible to win if you participate in the events listed below. Please respect the different rules for each event.


    There are different prizes to win for each individual event.

    ☆ Participants will receive one entry by default.

    ☆☆Please note that each win will grant you an additional entry in the raffle for the final raffle event.

    Example: 1st place will gain 3 additional entries, 2nd place will gain 2 additional entries, and 3rd place will gain 1 additional entry.☆☆

    ☆Respect all the other event rules. You can only participate in one community's raffle event.

    ☆ Rules can be subject to change

    Participation in Advent Calendar activities or other events not listed on this post does not apply to this event.


    1st winner: 10x Senshi Contracts for a senshi of choice (excluding founders and recently released senshi)*

    2nd winner: Class Manual of Choice

    3rd winner: Armor Formula of Choice

    4th winner: Epic Costume of choice*

    5th-8th winners: Snow Globe housing decoration

    9th-15th winners: 20-Slot Backpack x1 and 4-Star Gear Evolution Guarantee (Bound) x2

    * Excluding current reward program and novelty shop

    A winner of a higher reward can opt for a lower reward. For example, someone who has won Senshi Contracts can select a Snow Globe instead. The reverse is not possible (a person who has won a snow globe cannot select Senshi contracts).


    Here is the list of December's Qualifying Events:

    [Christmas Event] Christmas Wonderland (December 1 to 14)

    [Christmas Event] Furval on the Shelf (December 1 to 22)

    [Christmas Event] Christmas Senshi (December 1 - December 26)

    [Christmas Event] Holiday Ornament - Divine Tear (December 18 to 25)

    [Christmas Event] Holiday Sweets (December 1 to 31)

    [Christmas Event] Holiday Songs (December 1 to December 31)

    Duration: The whole month of December (please wait patiently for all events to end before the raffle takes place.)

  • The following winners are in order:

    1st Place: Zixie

    2nd Place: Thorbjorn

    3rd Place: Nyth

    4th Place: Sapphyra

    5th-8th Place: Sennpai, Shioni, Lylvia, Kikiu

    9th-15th Place: Neni, yunoha,MICHI, Erephyre, DefNotCamila, Prelude, Aldridge

    People who won 1st- 8th Place, please confirm your reward or opt for the lower place reward if you do not want the reward you won. I'm available in both discord and forums :)

    Also congrats to all the winners of the raffle ~