{Rewarded} [Christmas Event] Holiday Songs

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    Let's go caroling!

    We want to bring more holiday spirit into Aetherion! What better way to do it then to show it with song & dance!


    • Create lyrics & music video (with dancing)
    • Lyrics must be original, the background song does not have to be.
    • Song must be your creation or in the public domain (and citing it somewhere in your post)
    • Music video must contain at least YOUR character (with IGNs visible)
    • The lyrics must be sung in the music video.
    • You must say your name (IGN) in the beginning of the video.
    • Type your IGN in the post (for rewarding purposes).
    • Video minimum: 1 minute 30 seconds
    • Video maximum limit: 3 minutes 30 seconds
    • Video minimum and maximum limit are for the time when the video start & end. It includes the credits (usually at the end) and the title (usually in the beginning).
      • The title and credits should not take the majority of the video, it should only take about 10-15 seconds.
      • There is some wiggle room if the credits are the reason your video is over 3:30
    • You must show effort, or no participation credit will be given

    Please make sure you give credit to the tune you sing along to (if its not original - must be in the public domain).

    Furval wrote:

    IGN: <GM>Furval

    Music used:

    Music video link:

    Lyrics: (please put the lyrics in a spoiler)


    1st place:

    Senshi Evolution Tome of choice (bound) + 3x Christmas Raffle Entry

    2nd place:

    5 senshi contracts of choice + 2x Christmas Raffle Entry

    3rd place:

    3 senshi contracts of choice + 1x Christmas Raffle Entry


    10 astral crystals (bound) + 1x Christmas Raffle Entry


    December 1 - December 31



    Music used: Up on the Housetop

    Music video link:


  • IGN: Sapphyra

    Music used: The First Noel

    Title: The First Furval

    Music Video Link:

  • IGN: Zixie
    Music used: Go Tell It On The Mountain
    Music video link:

  • Winners

    1st Place Senshi Evolution Tome of Choice (bound)


    2nd Place 5x Senshi Contracts of Choice


    3rd Place 3x Senshi Contracts of Choice


    Congrats to all winners! Please be patient with rewards.

    Please let me know what you would like for your Senshi Contract(s) / Senshi Evolution Tome