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    Greetings, Guardians!

    First of all we want to say thanks! Thank you for your continuous support, feedback and for playing the game we all love so much!

    Now, we're sure you got a lot in your mind: "When is the next patch coming? What about bug fixes?" and of course many more questions.

    We want to be as open to you as possible. In order to do that, our PM Fenrir will answer some of your questions on our upcoming live stream on the 16th of September!

    However, this should happen as organized as possible, so we kindly ask you to post all of your questions/feedback/doubts in this thread so we can address them accordingly.

    Please refrain from double posting questions - simply up-vote the questions you are most curious about!

    Now let's get started, shall we? <3

  • Hi all :) i have a request for PM, im a great fan of house furnitures, i wonder if is possible to add furnitures that can be bought using ep in Item Mall, especially i was interested in Christmas stuff, i killed a lot of reindeers when there was event and really would like to have a Christmas Tree for my room for upcoming Christmas and would be nice to get that using ep, everyone deserve a Christmas tree in room :) that and Christmas Snow Globe, i missed first year when released and second year when have been that event in forum with Christmas Snow Globe as prize; ty if is possible to add that 2 things in Item Mall with ep and maybe new furnitures too ofc, looking forward for that and new stuff in game :)

  • Hello Fenrir. Got several questions, hope you can give an answer.
    1) Currently although some events are good, we are getting more and more limitations. Deleted free army costume, with promised but not paid compensation, 1 page box from bcf instead of 2, trinket upgrade scrolls available only for AP (don't say about that single scam puzzle), less benefits can be got from alts (senshi friendship gems), etc. Seems like no point to ask if or when that all gonna be compensated/fixed/provided, so the question is next: Is this tendency gonna continue further?

    2) I have a problem with payment system, but support ignores it for over a year. The issue not only breaks Aeria ToS, but also my country law. Is there any higher instance above support or just anyone competent who can deal with this issue?

    3) Btw about Aeria ToS. Mass character deletion, that to be honest didn't solve the problem of lag, is directly against ToS paragraph 10.3. GMs and CMs keep saying that its related to the players, although we can delete our chars anytime we want. Related to the players it has no sense. Someone tried to tell me that its the company's intellectual property, but even ToS paragraph 14.3 says: "with the exception of the contents used by the user". So now everything that has been answered is twisting words with total change of the sense. The question: why does Aeria break their own rules even tho they were able to change them?

    4) Maybe I'm a bit slow, but what happened with Star Annihilation? Is the bonus gonna be fixed soon?

    Thank you.

  • 1. I understand the localisation in the recent patches has been rather lacking and poor text, but it seems that we always get awkward stats/buffs that does not make sense or does what we (think) it should be doing. Example would be Holy Cabinet or new equipment/star stones that players continuously will receive to achieve better stats. Is there a way that the localisation/testing could be done properly on these items before each patch is released? Some players got the new Lv. 85 weapon (I think it's called Beguiling Force now?) and the text was misleading and they ended up regretting getting the weapon due to the text not providing exact details.

    2. Are there plans for more raid dungeons like Fantasy Planet coming soon? When Fantasy Planet got released, it seemed to bring the players together and make them actively play the game more.

    3. Are there any plans for Guild alliance? or alternatively an option that allows it temporarily for PvP-related activities.

    4. In a previous PM letter a while back, we were told about Lv. 75 PvP equipment. Are we receiving any new content/equipment for those anytime soon?

  • ^ Summer Lenna (or all the other seasonal versions of Senshis, please)

    - Any idea on when the costume archive will be updated? I think it's been a few patches since the last update.

    - I've noticed there have been far less mystery tiers or tiers in general in addition to the monthly loyalty tier. We used to get them every month in the past for a while, do you guys have any plans on bringing that back?

    - Also, sales. I remember alot more senshi contract sales, scroll bundles sales, etc. Like actual bundle sales where we could buy a bunch of contracts, would be nice if we could get them more frequent :c

    - It would be nice if the community could have some sort of impact or say on the puzzles and loyalty tiers. Maybe in form of a poll or survey? I feel like the only time people actually roll the puzzle is maybe on Monday for Starstone Scrolls or on the weekend when theres a new item in the puzzle. Everything inbetween that is rather a letdown.

    Regarding the monthly loyalty tier, maybe at the end of the month we could vote for what costumes we'd like to have in the tier? That's what I personally would like and if the vote is at the very end of the month, it wouldn't spoil the suprise either. I feel like the current tier is a little bit outdated or could be alot better with a few changes? Like replace some advanced scrolls with maybe trinket scrolls or senshi blessing scrolls, replace some of the older senshis like Nalani and Belle with Kittana or newer Senshis on Tier 9.

    - I feel like the current price of Senshi contracts are too expensive. 749-799 AP for one contract with the release of Senshi Blessing Reshuffle Scrolls doesn't really feel reasonable anymore. Since those scrolls make other Senshis kind of useless, they should be cheaper in my opinion.. maybe 500 AP each? Senshis are just collectibles at this point.

    - I know I've brought this up alot: Monster Crusade. (laugh) Any plans on changing the rewards or numbers for the crusade? We're not a big population and no one does it.. with better rewards I'm sure people would actually grind.

    - What do we do with the Magic Bag Redemption Vouchers? They've been in the game for quite a while and there's no use for them.