[Anniversary Event] Draw your CMs!

  • (angel) Draw Your CMs! (angel)

    Here it is, our first Twin Saga anniversary event!

    To get started, here's a little creativity contest!

    You probably already had the chance to talk with the CMs, and you probably asked yourselves: “How does she look like?” The purpose of this contest will be to design your CMs the way you imagine them. It will be therefore Naomi, Zyra or Shaixe.

    Don't panic, however, if you can't draw, we want this contest to be open to everyone. The goal is to get as close to the reality as possible, so we will distribute points according to that. Whoever got the most features right (hair color, hair style, eye color, etc.) gets the most points! So, everyone has a chance to win!


    • Character name must be mentioned in your post.
    • All content must be PG-13.
    • Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.
    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit.
    • Do not plagiarize or copy another person's entry.
    • You can either participate here, OR on the DE OR on the FR event thread. One entry only!
    • You are not allowed to send in more than one participation, so choose wisely.

    The 3 drawings closest to reality will win 10 Senshis contracts from Yamimaru.

    Among all participants we will also raffle a 4-Star Senshi Evolution Key!

    To your pencils and computer mice, the contest will end September 8th at 11.59 PM (CEST)/2.59 PM (PT)!

    Good luck to all of you!

  • Hi hi (kiss) the person i picked to draw was Zyra!<3

    i imagine her to have long dark brown hair and green eyes and pierced ears. ( i didnt have a skin tone pencil so i didnt color that, i imagine she is a light pale fair skin tone tho)

    IGN : Zenzen <3

  • sketch-1567778090773.png


    CM Zyra

    I don't have paper, pens, or colors with me :(

    I imagine Zyra to have light color hair and wavy hair. Probably put in a ponytail. Maybe some side bangs around her face. I imagine her to have light skin tone and brown eyes.

  • Choosen Cm: Shaixe

    Ign: Ginnie

    I imagine Cm Shaixe with pale skin, slim face, light brown eyes, dark brown, straight and long hair :( (just don't have much time to draw it more) with also light makeup.

    Even tho I don't know if its a "she" (laugh) maybe a girl ver :$


  • zyra done.jpg

    I imagine Zyra with darker blonde hair, that is mostly straight but with a little natural wave to it. I imagine she has green eyes and fair skin. I think she likes to wear dark grey/black pants and darker or red colored shirts. I think Zyra loves cats and has some cat hair on her from petting them too :P

    Chosen CM: Zyra

    IGN: Sapphyra

  • Hello to all of you!

    The whole team has given its vote and it is time for us to announce the three lucky winners who each win 10 Senshis contracts from Yamimaru:

    1. DefNotCamila for the drawing of Naomi!

    2. Ginnie for the drawing of Shaixe!

    3. Moonhazel for the drawing of Zyra!

    Congratulations to all of you!

    And as promised, we also raffled so one of you will win a 4-Star Senshi Evolution Key and it is... MICHI ! Congratulations to you!