Monster Hunt Guide

  • Meow Astral Guardians,

    your friendly neighborhood kitty, Kuroneko, sniffed out all the Astral monsters in the Merdia.

    As stated in the recent patch note, we have a Mystery Monster Mini Feature. It works just like astral adventures and you gain extra stats with filling your monster encyclopedia!


    A map was included with roughly the areas where you may find these monsters. Indicated with red markers in Southern Prairie area and orange in Southern Islands.

    HOWEVER, take note that the monsters have more than one location; they are roughly in the same area but off by some coordinates.

    You can find these adventures by finding floating cube with a PAWPRINT!

    Isn't that pawsome?!


    Southern Prairie

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title
    Woolruft Wolf woolruft1-1.png (x:531, y:323)

    (x:535, y:307)

    (x:556, y:314)
    Near NPC Mirko, Woolruft entrance 1x- Like a Wolf

    5x- Wolfish

    20x- Feral

    50x- Werewolf
    Woolruft Sheep woolruft-sheep-1.png (x:577, y:211)

    (x:583, y:224)

    (x:603, y:196)
    bushes/trees near lv. 1-8 Fishing Spot 1x-Thick Hair


    20x-Black Forest

    50x-Pure Wool Blanket
    Foul Muckling Foul-Muckling-1.png (x:648, y:196)

    (x:660, y:210)

    (x:667, y:187)
    Behind Raywing Harbor 1x- Dirty

    5x- Liquid

    20x- Jelly Glue

    50x- Green Devil
    Feral Bat Feral-Bat-1.png (x:564, y:355)

    (x:572, y:356)

    (x:586, y:340)
    Behind Woolruft entrance 1x-Pink

    5x- Nightwalk

    20x- Night Owl

    50x- Owl
    Gravolem Gravolem-1.png (x:534, y:229)


    (x:557, y:224)
    between Woolruft & Raywing Zone, rock nearby 1x- Rock Solid

    5x- Mine

    20x- Little Giant

    50x- Earth Giant

    Eastern Forest

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title
    Caterpillar catepillar.png (x:829, y:534)

    1x- Hairy

    5x- Not Enough

    20x- Small wings

    50x- fat short leg
    Oasis Geochelone Oasis-Geochelone.png (x:788, y:517)

    1x- slowly

    5x- Dull

    20x- Long neck

    50x- Pedal

    Rainbow Moa Rainbow-Moa.png (x:808, y:449)

    1x- Beautiful

    5x- Relatives

    20x- Giant bird

    50x- Beautiful bird

    Smiley face Plant Smileyface-Plant.png (x:800, y:422)

    1x-a smile

    5x- cold in my heart

    20x- Barbed plant

    50x- Carnivorous plant

    Treefrogs Treefrogs.png (x:879, y:442) 1x- Long tongue

    5x- Noisy

    20x- Mucus

    50x-Poison frog

    Central Desert

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title
    Stealth Hound Stealth-Hound.png (X:478, y:469)

    (X: 479, y:472)
    first astral paw coming from Furval training ground dungeon
    Horned Fleatle Horned-Aracnid.png (x:464,y:547)


    near (behind) Arrakin Desert Map
    Crustdrone Crustdone.png (x: 561, y:579)

    (X:563, y:578)
    Ruby Fleatle ruby-aracnid.png (x:509, y:606)


    Crystal Worm Crystal-Worm.png (x:499, y:472)

    near lv 16-24 minerals spot

    Western Rainforest

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title
    Epidemic Polymer (x:210, y:444)
    Vampire Bat (x:187, y:455)
    Mud Giant (x:195, y:537)
    Evil Eye (x:246, y:491)
    Explosive Muppet (x:247, y:545)

    Southern Islands

    Monster Photo Coordinates Clue Title
    Snow Monster snow-monster-1.png (x:158, y:234)

    (x:159, y:245)

    (x:169, y:239)
    Near boat portal, near trees

    1x- Brothers

    5x- You Again

    20x- Lotte Partner

    50x- Three Pillars

    Ancient God Mantis Ancient-God-Mantis-1.png
    (x:107, y:198)

    (x:116, y:171)

    (x:117, y:197)
    Near Illuminating Shore

    1x- Awesome

    5x- Angry

    20x- Exploded

    50x- Control Freak
    Frostabird Frostbird-1.png

    (x:196, y:80)

    (x:209, y:94)
    Between the zones, hill facing Forbidden Snowfield

    1x- Getting Colder and Colder

    5x- Awkward

    20x- Royal Wind

    50x- Bird Watcher
    Undead Pirate Undead-Pirate-2.png (x:143, y:90)

    (x:148, y:69)

    Between zones (near Error 100 on map)

    1x- Aging

    5x- Sore Body

    20x- White Bones

    50x- Old Shooter
    White Moonlight Fox Moonlight-fox-1.png
    (x:245, y:86)

    (x:274, y:87)

    (x:272, y:90)

    (X:294, y:95)

    1x- In the Snow

    5x- Mourning

    20x- Small Stutter

    50x- Haven

  • Completing the list:

    Central Plain

    No. 021 Furval Trainer X:470, Y:398

    No. 022 Flower Bug X:390, Y:404

    No. 023 Crocodile Soldier X:332, Y:507

    No. 024 Fierce Golden Wolf X:391, Y:468

    No. 025 Nabuller Patrol X:311, Y:410

    Western Rainforest

    No. 026 Epidemic Polymer X:210, Y:444

    No. 027 Vampire Bat X:187, Y:455

    No. 028 Mud Giant X:195, Y:537

    No. 029 Evil Eye X:246, Y:491

    No. 030 Explosive Muppet X:247, Y:545

    Northen Barrens

    No. 041 Coralhorn Deer X:283, Y:780

    No. 042 Astral Crystal Spider X:391, Y:726

    No. 043 Treant X:358, Y:650

    No. 044 Griffin X:335, Y:597

    No. 045 Mimic Chest X:356, Y:761

    Metarealm: Sky

    No. 037 Coral Sharkgator X:366, Y:808

    No. 038 Military Drones X:232, Y:745

    No. 039 Electroshock Koromon X:186, Y:653

    No. 040 Unilon X:210, Y:642

    Western Continent

    No. 031 Jungle Tiger X:898, Y:895

    No. 032 Green Pterosaur X:838, Y:912

    No. 033 Harmful Beetle X:785, Y:801

    No. 034 Alien Goblin X:693, Y:908

    No. 035 Magic Fairy Flower X:708, Y:701

    All the names are the same as the ones in Achievement tab, but the paw cubes may show a different name because of the usual game's translation problem.

    Also I couldn't find No.036 The Curse of the Devil D: