Player Suggested Event Ideas

  • Howdy!

    Have an event idea or two that you would like to see hosted by our GMs and/or CMs?

    Then please provide the following information in this format so that we can read your proposals and see if it may be implemented in the future:

    Location of Event: [ingame/discord/ forums]

    Type of event: [video, drawing, writing, pictures ect]

    Event topic: [seasonal, theme]

    Description of event: ( what do players do, the objective of game)

    Provide a link or pictures if needed to better explain your proposal.

    ☆☆☆ Please note that not every proposal is going to be carried out and if it does it may be modified☆☆☆

  • [TL;DR

    There are many event ideas already available. Once you know where to look, it should be easy enough to think of an event such as from other games and past events. Communication and change is key if you’re going along this route and creating events within a guild is a good first step.]

    Because I procrastinated actually posting, Erephyre you took my spot :C

  • I apologize ahead of time if I do not address all your points since it was a lot to read through. But I will try to address each point.

  • I've looked at your idea and it is being discussed about whether or not it can be a possibility.

    Also may you remove the mention of the server since we don't discuss it here due to ToS :)

  • Location of Event: Discord

    Type of event: Quiz

    Event topic: Guess that Character

    Description of event: lightning fast round of silhouettes of ts characters (kinda like facebook but a lot of characters); a picture is posted into a channel and players have to be the first to type who it is

    Location of Event: Ingame/ discord

    Type of event: Quiz

    Event topic: Who Am I?

    Description of event: Written clues either in sentence or one at a time *they get easier as more are released* about In game characters and Senshi guessing who they are, EX: Elf, Blonde, Music... Melody or easier version... EX She Is an elf with flowers in her hair

    Location of Event: Forum

    Type of event: Drawing/Writing

    Event topic: Ship It

    Description of event Draw a picture or write a scene of your favorite Twin Saga Characters together

  • I wasn't actually expecting a reply so soon. I'll try to clear up misunderstandings with each respective point. It's difficult to answer each point without knowing which one you're talking about.

    This was written to give players an idea in planning events. I'm well aware that S4 (is a third person shooter, not FPS), does not equate to Tws and I should have pointed out that I do have experience in planning mmorpg events as I was a GS for DMH. In earlier drafts this was mentioned but I decided to leave it out. I was expecting this.

    I was merely pointing out that because there is no section for player made events, that these are done somewhere else so the "existence" of this thread is a positive for the CM/GM team. For people that are already doing events in a guild then it's good that there are some ideas to propose.

    I'm not sure where this point is referring to.

    It wasn't discussing the same things over. Points were made on the process and how they played out and the premise of when the event became a GM event. Because I do love hosting events I wanted to make sure that this was best for me.

    At the bottom of your post you're complementing me with the comment but here you're saying I'll be 'wasting your time' in discussing it further. Please clarify which you mean.
    Also you meant "get either of us nowhere".

    This is why you have GMs that take care primarily for another language. For example, if Furval is hosting an event, she could ask a DE GM to check the German submissions and the same for the French ones. There's no need to do the whole thing herself.

    (I'll stick these three together since related) Then the answer to that is simple. Ask them to go to a GM that is proficient in the language and ask them to answer for you.

    ...I'll ignore this one as it supports the above relating points.

    Not sure if I should make a comment with this.

    Your reply answers some of the points I've made. it does however, end on a bad note with the PS. I'm not sure what you mean with the placeholder and once again, you're brushing me off again.

  • Event 1 )

    Location of Event: Forum

    Type of event: Picture

    Event topic: Twin Saga's Year Book

    Description of event:
    1) Each player would have to submit a portrait picture of their character with a quote they like.
    2 ) But also, they could submit one/two of their favorite screenshots took during the years.
    At the end of the event, every potrait screenshots would be used to make a Twin Saga Yearbook, and the yearbook will also feature the bests screenshots
    Everyone who submited a portrait screenshot could get some ACs, and the best screenshots from "2)" ( selected by a the GMs/CMs ) would get a better price in addition to the ACs.
    At the end of the event. The Yearbook would be posted on the forum, or maybe it could replace the pantheon we were supposed to have on TWS official website.
    Now why did I come up with this idea ? If we had this kind of event we could scroll down the yearbook and remember players we forgot about, and also for fun obviously. Maybe it isn't too late to start.

    Event 2 )
    Location of Event: Forum

    Type of event: Picture

    Event topic: Twin Saga's Real Estate Agent

    Description of event: We have a lot of maps, and on them a lot of houses. So this event would consist in picking a senshi and finding them a house which would fit them on any map of Twin Saga, People would have to provide a screenshot of the house a picture of the senshi and explain in a few lines why this house would fit the senshi they picked.

    Also when doing cosplay event and such in the future, pls also allow series, movies, comics, video games and stuff, not everyone is watching animes. (chickennom)