And now... what's next?

  • Dear Guardians,

    as you probably know, Danmaku has left the company last week. I know that it is a lost for the Twin Saga community since he has been taking care of you for so long. I also know how close he was to you, running events, streamings, etc.

    So now, what's the plan on community side?

    We are currently looking for a replacement. In the mean time, you will have to deal with me (muahahaha). For those who do not know me, I have been working on Twin Saga a couple of months, know the volunteer team, the game, the main issues you have (#loca4ever). If you are curious, please find my presentation here.

    I will be taking care of both Twin Saga and Eden Eternal for a while, until we get reinforcement.

    I am not as chatty as Maku in Discord, but the whole staff will do its best to make you comfortable during this transition.

    If you have questions, please shoot! :)

    Pirately yours,