Farewell and thanks for all the good memories!

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    My last official "Heyo there Guardians",

    After almost 2.5 awesome years at Aeria Games I have learned a lot and earned many experiences.
    I started back then in Echo of Soul in December 2016 and had to learn a lot, but that proved to be not much of an issue since every team I have been in was always giving a helping hand and gladly shared their knowledge. After a couple of months I was then moved to the Twin Saga team where Larek took me under his wing.
    I quickly fell in love with the game and took over many of the tasks and event execution such as the monthly Like A Boss.

    Two years later I also helped out on Aura Kingdom together with Anubis and even got the chance to dive a bit into Eden Eternal for a short amount of time.

    After releasing 12 patches, launching 13 senshi events from baking to carving bananas and singing, creating and throwing away items worth millions and millions of gold my time has come to say goodbye. The 30th of April will be my last official day here at Aeria Games.

    But don't be afraid I'm sure you will receive an awesome and motivated new CM who will take care of you as dedicated as I was. (goodjob)

    I have also met many awesome people within the game and made lots of new friends and I'm thankful for the awesome time we spent together.
    Since I have started working for Twin Saga I felt comfortable to be part of such a nice community so big thankies also go to each and everyone of you! (kiss)

    Speaking of being thankful the biggest of all thanks goes to our awesome GM/Mod team for all your dedication (and the occasional reminders ^^' )
    I love all of you. <3

    If you would like to stay in touch I will keep my current Discord account: Maku#7897

    My future plans?

    I will be moving to Lisbon, Portugal very soon and start a completely new chapter in life.

    I wanted to take a last screenshot with all of you who want to join to keep the memories and share the picture below afterwards.

    Let's meet on Saturday, 27th of April 11:30 pm server time on the channel international in Arcadia on the big stairs:


    To finish off this topic I shared a small gallery with some old pictures I found on my PC: https://imgur.com/a/3FiCAwx

  • Maku,

    I will miss you dearly. You have done so much, without needing any praise.

    This was my first time ever being a "GM" and you have made it worthwhile. I have gone through ups and downs in my life and you always seemed to brighten my days. I really have to thank you for letting me work next to you during your time in Twin Saga. I've never been so close to a "CM" than I have with you, I feel like I have truly met a great friend after taking on this role.

    I wish you the best in your endeavors. I really enjoyed working with you and talking with you in meetings and non-game related topics even. I have learned so much from you. Thank you so much for everything.

    Good luck,

    Furval <3

  • You'll be missed, Maku!
    Thank you for your hard work and efforts to maintain Twin Saga for us.
    I've learned a lot from you and will miss messing around while doing work with you.
    Best of luck for your new adventure and hope you will enjoy it.


  • Maku!!

    I have to really thank you for all you have done.

    I really loved playing this game, and having you as a CM made it just that much better. Thank you for all the rewards that you send out, all of the events that you make and most of all.... thank you so much for being there for all of us. You have such an understanding perspective to anything that gets thrown at you. You know how to laugh at yourself (and at others), and just live life freely. I wish you the best in your new path!

    Thank you for everything,


  • I will miss you a lot! Thank you for caring so much about the community and making the game a wonderful experience.

    It was funny listening to you and Furval in our meetings (will miss that). Sorry I rarely talked D; and many thanks for accepting me as a GM.

    It is a tough yet rewarding experience and couldn't have done it without you. I wish you luck and fun in your future life.

    P.S. I will Marry Legretta without your permission. Cats can marry humans~

  • Bicc Maku,

    I will dearly miss you, I was glad to be able to meet someone who can bully Furval as equally, but in a serious matter, thank you for sticking around and helping the community for such a long period of time. I will miss the meetings we held, things we did, and events we hosted. I'd also like to thank you for doing your best even when things got tough to handle and you had more responsibilities. Best of luck on your journey! Make new friends, eat new food, enjoy life, and don't forget about us!

    [Cries in Noodleanese],

    Bicc Noodle

  • Good luck Maku with your new adventures~

    I call dibs on your waifus.

    Don't worry, I won't miss you because there will be spiders in every country and I will think of you when I see a spider.

    No goodbye because you will still be on discord :$

    Thank you for all the help and fun (laugh)

    See you soon (chickenunsure)

    Much love,