Illuminating Shore and Forbidden Snowfield Conversations & Hidden Quests

  • Hidden Quests

    Illuminating Shore

    George Brian


    Keep "George Brian" dialogue open.

    Use the <Snow Ball> on John Gina and keep clicking "And the referee said that you won"

    After about 8 times and you don't win, click "And the referee said you lost." and repeat above.

    Thank you to dokidoki


    See the buff bar and look for "Hit" to see if you have hit him 5 times. Make sure you hit him 5 times first before you get hit 5 times!

    Baby Fox

    unknown.png   unknown.png

    Talk to each mother fox until you find its mother.

    Brother Jay


    Kill the bug that appears. Give the <Aromatic Bug> to Bro Jay



    Kill the bandits that appear.



    Kill him. Right click the <Pirate King Treasure Map> he drops.

    Open the treasure chest.

    Kill the bandit inside.

  • Hidden Quests

    Forbidden Snowfield



    Kill Scorching Snow Monster nearby and obtain <Scorch Kindling>

    Talk to Kiruru again and choose "Give the hot fire to Kiruru"

    Use the <Scorch Kindling> that Kiruru provides.



    Obtain a <Duel Coin> from Mark.
    Bet on one of them. Its a toss up!



    Obtain a <Secret Statue Key> from Elon.

    Talk to the Mystery Ruins next to him.(edited)

    Obtain a <Mysterious Emerald> and hand it over to Elon.

    Kill the Raged Creature.

    Treasure Chest


    Talk to the Treasure Chest and read both letters.

    Kill the Big Bellied Beetle nearby.

    Right click the <Letter Fragment> dropped by the Beetle.

    The letter is undamaged.

    Talk to the Treasure Chest and click "Put the unbroken letters back into the treasure chest"



    Talk to Baldo.

    Kill Furry Frosted Lion nearby.

    Talk to Baldo and click "Boil the mane of the ice lion into water and give it to Baldo"

  • I just tried the George Brian quest in Illuminating Shore.

    You need to hit him with the ball 5x after talking to John Gina (to target him) and press "And the referee said that you won."

    But if you get hit 5x first, you have to click "And the referee said that you lost." and start over again.


    But theres no way for us to know which direction he is aiming :( but thanks!