[2019] April Patch Notes

  • Patch Notes - April 2019


    Dear Guardians,

    The long awaited patch notes has arrived! However, it may not reflect last minute changes and/or issues we might have faced while applying the patch. We thank you for your understanding.

    Your Twin Saga Team




    In the mountains of the Tsubame Tribe, the mastery of the Samurai katana skills is the goal they pursue. When the katana is unsheathed, the enemy falls. They have the ability to snipe and hunt, and it is polished to defeat powerful enemies.



    With the new Patch a new island on the bottom left corner of the map will be accessible.

    Containing two new big maps Illuminating Shore and Forbidden Snowfield.


    Illuminating Shore


    The new island can be reached by boat via a new quest in Sanctopolis: Constellacia.

    Forbidden Snowfield


    New world bosses, main, daily & hidden quests, monsters and much more can be found in these new areas.

    As well as a new dungeon named Crystalline Citadel.



    A new story questline is available in Sanctopolis: Constellacia.



    Crystalline Citadel


    City built in the snow. Darkest secret remains in the deepest part of the city.

    The dungeon is available for LV. 78+ characters.

    Orange LV. 80 Starstones and orange LV. 80 materials can be obtained.

    The location of the portal is (537, 647) in Forbidden Snowfield.

    Here is an example:


    (Some new formulas need to be bought from npc Sebastian in Arcadia 483, 400)

    Burning City


    Flames engulf the city and the air is so hot it threatens to boil in their own sweat any that dare to approach it.

    The dungeon is available for LV. 75+ characters.

    Yellow LV. 78 Gear and materials and new ancient Starstone materials can be obtained.

    The location of the portal is (897, 1314) in Sanctopolis: Constellacia.


    Senshi Yamimaru

    Meet the

    Snake Charmer: Yamimaru


    A new Senshi questline is available in the Jungle Mortalis.


    You can complete the questline once to obtain one Yamimaru Senshi contract.

    You need 10 contracts to summon him.

    Senshi Valkyria

    Meet the

    Dragon Flame: Valkyria


    Her new Senshi questline can be found in the Black Hill.


    Her questline can also be completed to receive one Valkyria contract.

    You need 10 contracts to summon her.

    Senshi Isolde

    Meet the

    Ancient Sorceress: Isolde


    A new Senshi questline is available in the Bluemoon Grove.


    Her questline can also be completed to receive one Isolde contract.

    You need 10 contracts to summon her.

    Senshi Hana

    Meet the

    Cherry Blossom Umbra: Hana


    A new Senshi questline is available in the Maplewood Glen.


    Her questline can also be completed to receive one Hana contract.

    You need 10 contracts to summon her.

    Senshi Yui

    Meet the

    Snow Sprite: Yui


    A new Senshi questline is available in the Lost Metropolis.


    Her questline can also be completed to receive one Yui contract.

    You need 10 contracts to summon her.

    Senshi Novija

    Meet the

    Ethereal Vow: Novija


    A new Senshi questline is available in the Waking Wetlands.


    Her questline can also be completed to receive one Novija contract.

    You need 10 contracts to summon her.


    Guild - Territory Battle


    Every Sunday at 9:00 PM an NPC called "Yadius" opens a free PvP area in which guilds can fight for dominance to receive a special reward.



    Dating Quiz

    At specific times the following icon will show up on your screen that looks like this:


    Upon clicking on it, a queue can be entered to test your knowledge in certain areas against others!


    Afterwards flowers [Bloom Coins] are received based on how many questions were answered correctly.

    On top of that every participant can give an additional flower [Bloom Coins] to someone else.

    Senshi Blessing Books


    24 new unique Senshi Books can be obtained through Senshi Gift Bags which can be received from Senshi Shops via Bond currency.


    The books increase the Senshi Blessings which can be compared in detail when hovering over the buff.


    Backpack Extension

    Upon reaching LV. 70 a quest will be unlocked that rewards you with an item that unlocks a second backpack page called "Extra backpack".




    Ancient Starstone Slots


    Four new Starstone slots have been added to the roster.

    The materials to craft them can be received in the new dungeon Burning City.

    The new formulas for the Ancient Starstones can be bought in Arcadia at (485, 399) for Starstone Points from Sebastian.


    New Character Emojis

    With the newly implemented currency "Bloom Coin" you can now buy additional character emojis.


    Here is an example how it looks like:


    The new skills can be found in the "Special Skills" tab.


    Chinese Valentines Day (Tanabata)


    To celebrate the Chinese Valentines Day we need to help Lilith connect different people in order to receive multiple rewards: new friendship and in game stuff such as face costumes.


    Available at LV. 20+

    Moon Festival


    Our little friend Andy tells us that his brother Anthony is hungry and would like to eat some delicious Golden Eggplants but he can't find them and requires help!

    But what happened to Angela?


    Available at LV. 20+

    Pumpkin King


    Help Alfred defeat the evil pumpkins with Blessed Holy Water.

    Every day at 2:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM pumpkins will spawn at random locations in Arcadia that can be fought.


    Available at LV. 20+

    Halloween Event


    In order to bake the best cakes ever Jack needs his precious ingredients back that were stolen!

    He was robbed by monsters in the wild while he was transporting them.


    The Pumpkin Baron Lollipop can be obtained from the Halloween Gift Boxes.

    Available at LV. 20+

    Treasure Map


    The treasure hunter "Lil' Mo" pays Arcadia a visit and requires your help to find treasures encrypted in different treasure maps.

    Here is an example:


    Available at LV. 40+

    Rabbit Team


    Bella really likes to puzzle and what is more fun than to puzzle together?

    Go and collect puzzle pieces from monsters in order to receive the following rewards:


    Available at LV. 73+


    The maximum character level has been increased to 85.


    New Orange LV. 80 Accessories and Materials have been added to the Crafting Table.

    Senshi Cardboards can now be bought via Senshi Shop for Bond.

    Together with some new cardboards:


    Foreign Golden Desert & previous seasonal events in Arcadia have been removed for the new events.


    The berserker class issues have been fixed.

    Some localization issues have been fixed.

    Newly renamed Dungeons

    • Secret Flower lvl 78 dungeon is now Secret Grove lvl 78

    • Blue Crystal Falls lvl 75 dungeon is now Aquamarine Falls lvl 75

    •Crystal Keep lvl 78 is now Crytsalline Citadel lvl 78

    Known issues

    The localization lacks quality in some places which will be fixed as fast as we can.

    We wanted to provide the patch already to shorten the waiting time well aware of the current localization situation.

    We hope you can enjoy exploring anyway.

    If you find one, let us know! :)
    Report a game bug
    Report a Text/Translation issue

    Have fun in Twin Saga!

  • Senshi Levi

    Meet the

    Space Bombardier: Levi


    Collect Starstone Shards and turn them in to Zilda (X: 331, Y: 434) for <Shaman's Blessed Pearls> in Maplewood Glen.

    Talk to Levi to turn <Shaman's Blessed Pearls> into a contract or a box.

    You can exchange Starstone Shards 3 times per day.

    (35 Pearls and 10g will give 1 contract, the other option will give nothing in return)


    You can try your luck or guarantee a contract!

    You need 10 contracts to summon her.

  • June 5, 2019: Maintenance fixes:

    Challenge Letter - One-Man-Army is reverted to unobtainable & boss cannot be summoned anymore.
    Commander's Uniform has been removed, as well as for the costume pieces that you can combine to get the costume. We understand this may cause frustration for the players that have spent effort in attempting to earn the costume thus we will follow up with a compensation for the inconvenience caused.

    • Unlocking the Senshi: Stern.
    You can now exchange x20 Living Nightmare for x1 <Senshi Contract - Stern> with <Dream Hunter> Milt in Waking Wetlands (roughly 609, 506). We are aware of the temporary text Stern has on his info, and we assure you will be corrected soon.

    • 24-Hour & 7 Days EXP stars becoming untradeable are now tradeable again.

    • Samurai skill: Hidden Sword greyed out/unable to perform skill has been fixed (relevant for the affected players).
    • Strange overlay in the Astral Adventure tab has disappeared.
    • Territory Wars is now back to 1 channel and not 7 separate channels.

    • (Not mentioned previously) Issue with Couple-related potions and food items can now be used simultaneously.

    If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!

    Enjoy your stay in Twin Saga~ (kewl)