[Forum Event] Easter Egg Hunt

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    It is almost Easter and to celebrate this holiday, I hid Easter eggs all over the forums. It is up to you to find literally ALL of them. Best of luck~

    You must use >> Google Form << to give your answers.

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    ☆Beware, the Easter Eggs are not limited to the EN forum, they are also present on the DE and FR forums!

    ☆Be careful, you can not send multiple answers so be sure before sending your answer for participation!

    ☆Participation is allowed only once.

    ☆Only one participation per account is allowed .If several people find ALL the Easter eggs, then the first to find them will win.


    April 18- May 4


    Event has now ended!


    1st place: 2,000 gold coins + x5 Loot charm V

    2nd place: 1,500 gold coins + x5 Loot charm IV

    3rd place: 1,000 gold coins + x5 Loot charm III

    Participation : Astral Crystals 10x (bound)*

    *Number must be reasonable (You cannot list a number so low just for participation)

  • I hope it wasn't too tricky XD and thanks for finding most of the eggs. The number of eggs that I've hid were 95 eggs!

    However... no one has found all of them so I will reward the top three AND in the order that their responses were sent in~

    1st Place: kawaii5- 93 eggs on 4/21/2019

    2nd Place: eiiydragonica- 93 eggs on 4/22/2019

    3rd Place: llNaNo- 93 eggs on 4/23/2019

    Thank you to all participants and any answer that was lower than 30 eggs is disqualified. This was stated in red under prizes :)


    *Number must be reasonable (You cannot list a number so low just for participation)

    Rewards have been sent to all participants and winners