[Maintenance Event] Sudoku April 17

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    Hi everyone~

    Patch maintenance is now or will be starting soon. In the meantime, during the downtime, I present to you a new type of puzzle game... Sudoku! A popular game that deals with numbers but no math is needed to solve this mystery~

    How can you win?

    Take a screenshot of your finished crossword puzzle and upload it on an external page like igmur and send us the link using this form

    ----->Click here<------

    When does it end?


    Event has now ended!


    Question: So what do the numbers mean Mason (And how do I play)?

    Answer: They don't really mean anything and good question! I provided you with a guide in the link down below to assist you with the game :)

    ---> Sudoku Guide for Beginners<---


    ☆You may only participate once per account.

    ☆The screenshot uploaded to the form must be unique. Copied or double entries will be disqualified.

    ☆Only one screenshot may be submitted.

    ☆Only Submissions within the specified period will be considered.

    ☆For your participation to be taken into account, you need to complete the puzzle and must follow all the rules!!!


    3 random winners with everything right

    1x senshi contract of choice (excluding founders and newly released senshi)

    Participation with everything right

    5x Advanced Character xp badges

    Participation with 1 or more errors

    2x Advanced character xp badges