Senshi Event - Muse

  • Twin Saga's Got Talent


    Muse is looking for a partner to record her first duet with which is why we are holding Twin Saga's first talent show!
    That means every participant will need to cover a song of their choice and upload it to a dedicated Discord channel named "twin-sagas-got-talent-event". Afterwards Muse will listen to all of the songs that you sent in and choose a winner!

    What do I need to do?

    1. Choose your favorite song. (You are also allowed to sent in your own song if you made one)

    2. Optional: Search for a Karaoke or instrumental version of your song for later as background music (If you want you can also record your own music and use it for the event)

    3. Look for the lyrics of your song and start recording yourself with a program of your choice. (Some systems already do have recording programs pre-installed but here are some free alternatives: Audacity or an online browser recorder: online-voice

    4. As long as you don't want to send in an acapella version of your song you want to merge your recorded singing and the instrumentals together which could also be done with Audacity for example.

    5. Go to Discord and upload your final file in the channel "twin-sagas-got-talent-event". (Please remember that the file size limit for users without Nitro is 8 MB)


    • To be valid all entries must begin with the clearly spoken sentence "Hello my name is >your character name here<" for validation.
    • Account & character name must be mentioned in your Discord post as well as the region you are participating for. (EN, DE or FR)
    • You are allowed to use your own creations such as lyrics and instrumentals.
    • You can choose the language of your cover.
    • All content must be PG-13.
    • Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.
    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit.
    • Only one participation per account that also means you can only send in one song per account.
    • Multiple participation in different languages will result in disqualification.



    First place: Senshi contract Muse x10

    Second place: Senshi contract Muse x4

    Third place: Senshi contract Muse x1

    Participation: 10x Astral Crystal


    We are accepting participations until the 23rd of April 11:59 PM (CEST) which marks the end of the event.

    Winner announcement and reward sendout will follow afterwards!


  • Here are our winners of this Senshi Event:

    First place: Senshi contract Muse x10 - Neni

    Second place: Senshi contract Muse x5 - Ichu

    Third place: Senshi contract Muse x2 - Arietty

    Since it was so hard to decide and your entries were all incredibly good, we decided to give on top of the Astral Crystals one Muse contract for everyone!