[Maintenance Event] Crossword Puzzle March 20

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    Dear Guardians!

    We have put together a little crossword puzzle for you, can you solve it?

    How long?

    Until March 21 @6 am PST


    Event has ended

    (Time adjusted for the missing clues)

    How can you win?

    Take a screenshot of your finished crossword puzzle, and upload it on an external page like igmur and send us the link using this form.


    4 Must be level 10 to join.
    6 Form of score that allows player to purchase class-specific starstones in Arcadia
    8 Senshi in Senshi Territory lacking a 4 star evolution form
    9 Item that is farm-able in Golden Desert
    12 Name of the harbor in which your adventure begins
    13 This skill gives DMG taken -100% and immunity to DoT when using it.
    15 Type of Boost given on Mondays

    16 Location where players craft gear and brew potions
    17 Name of Red Ruby Star Goddess
    18 Completing 5 of these grants you a 10% xp boost for the day
    19 Number of kills required to gain "Slayer" achievement

    1 Alfred is a ______?
    2 Senshi who has a black cat companion
    3 Type of quest that is indicated with a green exclamation point
    5 Icon you click on to search and create parties
    7 Name of the Class that can be obtained in Dragon's Abeyance
    10 Senshi that spawns in Guild Palace Automatically
    11 A world boss who has six arms and wields swords. (Hint: Same Letters but order of letters changed to make a pun on my name)
    12 Skill used to turn your couple into a Furval
    14 Calendar Login resets at what hour? (type out just the number)
    15 Must kill a set number of mobs or bosses for each milestone to obtain a reward

    Small hint to the puzzle: The answers do not contain spaces, hyphens or umlauts.

    As with a real crossword puzzle, you may have to solve certain unique words first to decipher other words.


    ►You may only participate once per account.

    ►The screenshot uploaded to the form must be unique. Copied or double entries will be disqualified.

    ►Only one screenshot may be submitted.

    ►Only Submissions within the specified period will be considered.

    ►Must have all the boxes filled out

    ►Follow all the Rules


    (3 random winners with everything right)

    8x astral crystals

    Participation with everything right

    5x astral crystals

    Participation with 1 and more errors

    2x astral crystals