[Forum Event] Weapon Costume Design Contest

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    Howdy Guardians,

    Let's go all out with a boom! The path to glory is only possible with your trusty weapon, however, Twin Saga always does it with style~

    Your task is to draw a unique weapon costume for any currently released class in Twin Saga and create a written description for your weapon costume.


    🐱Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.

    🐱Content must be pg 13.

    🐱Participation is only allowed within the time limit.

    🐱You may not participate on multiple accounts; one entry per physical person only!

    🐱Can only submit one weapon costume drawing only (No multiple weapons within a drawing. For example, a Rogue and Gunslinger weapon costume within a drawing.)

    🐱You can submit up to three images of the same weapon to show its effects, angles ect.

    🐱Draw only the weapon costume itself (No targets nor models using the weapon)

    🐱Must have a written description in English that must be at least two to three sentences long and one of the sentences must include a description that indicates for what class it will be visible on).

    🐱Weapon costume can only be designed for currently released classes (Swordsmaster, Occultist, Berserker, Mage, Cleric, Hunter, Gunslinger, Monk, Cannoneer, Rogue, Paladin, Dragonknight, Samurai).

    🐱 It can be digital or hand drawn as long as it is not plagiarized.

    🐱This event does not mean it will become a real weapon costume design in the game.

    🐱Be creative and must show effort to be considered~


    April 21- March 9th



    1st Place: Epic head or body outfit crafted from Golden Desert Feather*

    2nd Place: Epic weapon costume + 4000 arena coins

    3rd Place: 2000 arena coins

    4th Place: 1000 arena coins

    5th Place: 1000 arena coins

    *1st place can opt for 2nd place prize, if they prefer it over an epic head or body outfit*


    Aeria: kawaii5

    My Description: This weapon is embed with magic essence. Only those who wield swords (Swordmasters), staffs (Mages and Clerics), or spears (Dragonknights). These classes that have mastered these weapon types can unleash this weapon's true form and use it to its full potential to slay their enemies.

    Description (as in game): This weapon costume may be used by characters of all weapon types outside of combat. During combat, this weapon is only available to Swordmasters, Mages, Clerics, and Dragonknights.


  • IGN: Shirune
    Aeria Account: jemness


    Description: This claw is imbued with Aflallo's powers and crafted to resemble him, making enemies an easy feat. The claws change form when used against foes, as well as changing its aura. Visible for characters of all weapon types while outside of combat. Only available to Monks during combat.

  • Aeria Account: elenagiansante

    IGN: Neni


    Alba della Fenice

    (Dawn of the Phoenix)

    Description: forged and reborn from the ancient ashes of the mythical Phoenix this golden weapon's heart burns with the energy of the fiercest fire.

    This weapon costume may be used by characters of all weapon types while outside of combat. During combat, only available to Mages.

    Bonus images of the creation process/discarded concepts:



  • Harness the power of the ocean's weightiest denizen with the weird and wacky Whale Whacker. A massive cudgel, shaped liked a blue whale, with wickedly sharp iron tipped barbs that pop out like fins in attack mode. Guaranteed to knock your enemies out cold and beloved by Berserkers the world over. Order yours today!!

    IGN - jellybelly

    Aeria Account - cleoplays

  • Description: Fresh from the Sanctopolis ovens, this yummy weapon will leave you hungry for more! A baguette sword and sourdough bread shield will aid you in battle and at meals! These delicious morsels are a must have for any adventurer.

    This weapon costume may be used by characters of all weapon types while outside of combat. During combat, weapon is only available to Paladins.BREAD.jpg

    acc: luvlee2660

    IGN: Sapphyra

    *oui oui baguette*

  • Thank you for all the entries and wow many talented artists. It was a pleasure looking at the weapon designs you came up with. The difficult part was deciding on the top winner!

    The winners are as followed:

    1st Neni

    2nd Shirune

    3rd Sapphyra

    4th MICHI

    5th jellybelly

    Rewards have been sent~