A wild Fenrir appeared!

  • Greetings everyone!

    My name is Fenrir and I’m your new Product Manager. First off, please let me apologize to you for my late introduction. A lot of things are currently going on and I’m still getting used to this new position and all the responsibilities.

    I have been basically working for Twin Saga since the very start, as I was a Community Manager (or Game Master how it was called back in the days) before and then became the game’s Assistant Product Manager later on to assist the various PM’s the game had already, like Bardock for example.

    I am aware of many issues the game currently has and I will try my best to sort things out and get stuff done, but I can’t and will not promise you that all the problems will be gone within the next weeks. That’d be just too unrealistic, especially since I’m also responsible for Eden Eternal.

    Keep in mind this is just my introduction thread and I won’t get into details about the upcoming patch here. This and other topics will be addressed in the upcoming PM letter, which should be published around beginning of March. :)

    Best regards

    PM Fenrir