Death of the Angel

  • I just want to thank everyone for having a nice time and it was really nice this year for ts, but I have a great piece me off and stuff that you probably have not met before. What happened?

    Someone knows some of it, but it has been dead from a forum and ts manager for a long time. She told me for gift wedding dress and she dont want this time i will quit this game until Christmas day. One of the GMs since I had no access to ftp.I gave her the conclusive and said she would only see plugins etc. etc. And in the end she sent whisper me and then she dont want to give me one of the GMs to give him some other players.

    Thank you again to everyone from my heart. I do not know what God did for a lot of support for ts as a support, but I helped in some way. I say I'm sorry, but so much. Thank you for all the god, and goodbye everyone. Im really sad right now :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

    Your sincerely,