[Forum Event] Couple Wars!

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    Do you have a couple? Yes? Great! No?! Snatch one!!! You’ll need a couple for this one~ In this event the theme is Valentine’s Day, and you’re meant to showcase how good of a couple you are. You and your couple need to take a romantic picture together to compete with other couples doing so, the location and what you wear is all up to you! The most touching couples will be rewarded~ Two set of couples will be rewarded top prizes, meaning 4 people total.

            Key points to having a valid entry:

    • Both you and your couple must post the entry/images you took together (Identical).
    • This event is a competition between couples. Read the header to learn more.
    • Include your In-game name, your couple’s In-game name, and your aeriagames account username.
    • Read ALL the rules below.
    • Follow the example given below.

    Example Entry:

    IGN: <GM>Noodle

    Couple’s IGN: <GM>Ramen

    Aeria: McNoodle

    [Images go here]

    My Couple’s Entry:

    IGN: <GM>Ramen

    Couple’s IGN: <GM>Noodle

    Aeria: McRamen

    [Same exact images that Noodle posted go here]


    • Both you & your couple must post your entry [Same Images].
    • Include In-game name and Aeriagames account username.
    • Include couple’s In-game name in post.
    • Have both your names visible in the screenshot(s).
    • Hearts must be visibly seen floating above your heads for entry to count.
    • You may alter the image/edit it to make it look visually better using programs such as Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, etc.. [No Plagiarism]
    • Entries limited to once per person (No 2nd entries from alts, accounts, or different couples)
    • Images must be PG-13 and follow the rules and guidelines.
    • Images must not violate the Twin Saga ToS.
    • Entries valid only within time-limit.
    • You may not post more than 3 screenshots.


    1st Place Couple [2 people]: Mounts - <Blue Crescent Moon> or <Pink Crescent Moon> (Each will each be contacted to pick one) + 15 friendship gems each.

    2nd Place Couple [2 people]: Weapon Costumes - <Purple Angelic Staff> or <Redheart Angelic Staff> (Each will be contacted to pick one) + 35 friendship gems each.

    Participation: 15 friendship gems.



    Happy Valentine's Day!


  • IGN : Nelilla
    Couple's IGN : Aldridge
    Aeria : verysadme

    Me and Aldri are best of friends! We may not be the most conventional of couples, but who said friends can't be a couple? (chickenblush)


    We love hanging out with each other and just doing whatever we feel like! Whether is be grueling away in dungeons, helping each other in our day to day lives or just hanging out for no other reason!


    Can you believe it? It's been one year since we hooked up and became a couple! Happy one year anniversary, Aldridge! (kiss)


  • IGN: Aldridge

    Couple’s IGN: Nelilla

    Aeria: NatsumiNoeli

    You know how in a couple you have the one that does the good talk and the one that just makes the faces? Well, that last one is me.
    Nel already did the good talk about our pics together in the previous post. So it will be better if I just keep quiet.

    Valentines Event II.jpg

    (Syncing is harder than it looks :I but we sure had fun trying! (laugh))

    Valentines Event I.JPG

    And today we had our year anniversary! We celebrate it with tons of fireworks! Happy anniversary, Nel! (kiss)

    Valentines Event III.jpg

  • _________________________________

    Aeria Account: elenagiansante
    IGN: Neni
    Couple IGN: Riccard


    Being a couple is not just playing games togheter.

    Being a couple means living a romantic dream, loving each other like a Prince and a Princess.

    Prince and Princess~

    But it also means overcoming the many hardship you face in life fiercely figthing togherer.

    Fighting toghether!

    Being a couple means sharing the same happiness and having fun.


    Being a couple means love, mutual support and patience,
    growing togheter enjoying every day at its best.

    Happy Valentine's Day to all those who are in love~<3

  • IGN: gamjubean

    Couple’s IGN: sojubean

    Aeria: YukikoValkyrie

    soju and I are not your traditional couple, infact, we are best-best friends !!


    Just like in every other relationship, whether as a couple or friends... we fight and have disagreements but in the end, she has my back just as I have her back. Regardless of where life takes me, I know she will always be by my side as will I.

    Got My Back.jpg

    But most importantly, not only is she my best friend... but she is also like a sister to me. You could even say that we are in so sync that we could be mistaken as fraternal "twins". When we aren't busy laughing and teasing each other for dying in dungeons, we spend our time hanging out and having fun. <3


    I'm so glad to know her in real life and IN game. Can you believe it's been a whole year that we have been coupled in ts? Happy one year anniversary, soju. #2/10/2018

    Love you, ya potato. :$(kiss)

  • IGN: sojubean

    Couple's IGN: gamjubean

    Aeria name: sojubean

    gamju and i have been through so much together, many years of different situations

    no matter what happens, whatever curveball life throws our way, I'll always have her back just as she has always had mine


    no matter what happens, I'll always go to the ends of the world with you


    I'm so happy that you got me into Twin Saga, and I'm so stoked we made it to a year coupled <3 Happy one year anni, gamju. :$ #2/10/2018

    I love you too potato (kiss)<3

  • IGN: Gu
    Cpl IGN: Eggzy
    account: lykerR

    (evil)Light and darkness, sky and inferno, angel and devil. So different rivaling things, but can not exist without each other(angel)


    Cause every time we touch I get this feeling, every time we kiss I swear I could fly <3 (chickenblush)(chickenunsure)


    OMG what a perv! (angry)(angry)(angry)

    trap are not gay

  • IGN : MiaNyan

    Cpl ign : Sarophiin

    Aeria name : kurosakimea22


    The time passed by so fast whenever we re together. Its already been 4 months since we've met and it felt like a miracle. I hope we will get more time to spend in the future on~ (Saro is being a trap and so am i in the last pic)

    We're actualy couple irl ~ <3