[TS Forum Event] Welcome PM Fenrir/Happy Valentine’s Danmaku and/or US GM team!

  • Welcome PM Fenrir!

    Happy Valentine’s Danmaku and/or US GM team!

    Time limit: Two weeks


    Fenrir is now your PM! In order to welcome Fenrir, you decide to leave an item on his desk with a short letter…


    You know Fenrir is now your PM. However as valentine’s day is coming up, you would rather leave an item for Danmaku and/or the US GM team on their desk...


    = Only one entry per account

    = Pick only one scenario from the above

    To be clear, this means that you can pick the following:

    1. Fenrir

    2: Danmaku and/or US GM team

    = List down your item and leave a short letter/message for the relevant scenario you are picking

    E.G. Item left for Danmaku: Soup

    Dear Danmaku,

    I left some soup on your table because I know you like soup. Please make me soup next time~

    From Arclight

    = Please note that the scenario for US GM team is collective. Which means you can just list down one item for the whole team.

    = Minimum word count: 10

    = Be creative! Do not plagiarize someone else’s entry

    = All content submitted must respect the TOS

    = Any participation with no effort or does not follow the rules will be disqualified

    = Selection criteria based on creativity

    = Please include your IGN and aeria account name in your post (for reward purposes)


    Participation: 5 Friendship gems (bound)

    First place: 20 AC (bound) + 1000 loyalty points

    Second place: 16 AC (bound)

    Third place: 12 AC (bound)

    Good luck!! Looking forward to seeing all of your entries!

    Time limit: 2 weeks


  • Item left for DanMaku: box of carved banana's

    Dear DanMaku,

    I heard you were still looking for a fresh supply of carved banana's for Emilia so here's a box of my most pristine ones, Hope these make Emilia happy and get you many contracts, Happy Valentine's Day :)

    With Love,


    Aeria: levileeper

    IGN: Zenzen

  • Item left for Danmaku: flowers

    Dearest Danmaku,

    Here are some flowers, they are precious like you. (kiss) I hope to see you and the lovely flower bot this Valentine's day. (fight)

    With much lubbles and fishpats,

    <3Sapphy <3

    Aeria: luvlee2660

    IGN: Sapphyra

  • Item left for Fenrir: Lots and lots of ice cream!

    Dear Fenrir,

    I hope you enjoy this lovely day by celebrating it with love and happiness, and congratulations on becoming a PM! I hope you enjoy the ice cream to the fullest. I also left some cookies and milk for you to enjoy on the side! Chocolate milk and regular milk are there, so feel free to drink up both.

    Yours truly,


    Aeria: maxiisthebest

    IGN: Zeratsu

  • AeriaAccount: elenagiansante

    IGN: Neni

    Item left for the US GM team: Chocolates for everyone!

    Dear GMs,

    It's Valentine day romance is in the air!

    They say all you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. (angel)

    Hugs and kisses,


  • Account : Shanoa0106

    IGN : Lylvia

    Item left for US GM team: Presents

    Dear US GM team, Thank you so much for all the hard work that you do, I left left you all a little something: fish for Kuro, a pet hair remover for Leg, stew for Maku, ball of yarn for Furval, instant ramen for Noodles, a baguette for Selaia, a book for Philuffy, shadow puppets for Arclight, and so many more. Its a little something to show my appreciation for all you do. Thank you and happy valentines day.


  • Item left for Danmaku and US GM Team: lotsa cakes~ oAo

    Dear Danmaku and US GM Team,

    Here's a lil treat this Valentine's Day for you hardworking lovelies <3 Homemade cakes, different flavors to suit your taste~~

    Hope you guys will love them and have an amazing day!


    Mayavii (kiss)

    ign: Mayavii

    aeria: mayamayo

  • Dear Maku
    Bananas are lewd, hope you are getting loads of it :eyes:
    Jokes aside, sharing (or not sharing) the bites from a certain white haired, blue-eyed dragon bites are what love is.
    Or I could just hitch you up with a date with her... there's always that option.

    IGN Kohaku
    ID AngelicKohaku

  • Item left for Fenrir: pink mochi with green tea paste inside.

    Hello Fenrir! Congratz! Hope You will like the mochi, they are sweet and cheeewy just purrrfect for Valentines! For the rest US GM Team i got lots of candies, enjoy! Let the love spread around!

    Aeria acc: Wiolcia00

    IGN: MiaKaori