[Forum Event] Seven Sanguine Stockings

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    Santa has lost his nice and naughty lists! He needs your help deciding what to put in each of the CMs' and GMs' stockings this Christmas. Does Furval deserve candy? Maybe some coal for Celestiiella, or a cute and cuddly pet for Deadpool? I would like some AP cards and lots of gold, Santamaku pls. My wishes aside, what goodies do you think we deserve? (We won't be offended if you think we deserve lame gifts!)


    Ordered by the date & time of the response to this forum post:

    Participation rewards and prizes will be sent as soon as possible.

    Time frame

    Begin: Wednesday December 6 at the time that this is posted

    End: Wednesday December 20 at 23:59 PST (server time)



    • In your entry, tell us what you would put in each of our stockings if you were Santa. Side note: none of us will actually receive anything that you mention in your entries. ;-;
    • You must provide the name of your Aeria account. We use that to send all rewards, so make sure you've got it right!


    • This event is for players on the English-language server (Gemini) only.
    • Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.
    • Content must be appropriate for users aged 13.
    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit, and you cannot participate multiple times.
    • Please don't plagiarize or otherwise copy another person's entry.
    • Detail is key if you want the Astral Crystals!


    • Participation: 1 raffle entry + 7x Christmas Party Packs (Twin Saga DB page)
    • 3 favorites chosen by CMs and GMs: 7x Astral Crystals (Bound) each
  • Aeria name is: oceanking25

    Bonny: An existence buff to prove that they exist as I have yet to see them.

    Danmaku: A permanent gender change to prevent fresh players from being caught in his trap.

    Celestiiella: Hand warmers. That's it.

    Deadpool: Just give them complete ownership of the game. (goodjob)(kewl)

    Enigma: For creating this post, an apple for doing a good job.

    Furval: Anything they want.

    Vanilla: hugs and kisses! <3<3<3

  • Aeria Account: Shiron3

    This is my participation, but firts i want say something i'm new player, i must have 2 week playing and i don't know nobody well only Deadpool and Vanilla and enigma apart of them i don't know them, but i'll try to make some gifts that i know to all love it :D

  • Aeria Account: akosijanberg

    IGN: xTet

    Bonny: I'll give every chocolate and pizza costume to Bonny! Cuz She loves it!

    Danmaku: A maid costume! cuz why not?! Go clean em. :P

    Celestiiella: I'll Celestiiella the Sirius Star, cuz they both shine so bright!

    Deadpool: For Deadpool... hmm All he want is ponies and Copycat. :$

    Enigma: a million gold and lots of lots of senshi. :)

    Furval: I want to give Furval a big big big stuff toy! :>

    Vanilla: I'll give Vanilla lots of cookie! :$

  • Aeria Account : rilovin

    Bonny : "you get nothing good day sir!"

    Danmaku : 'Hot Pizza for lifetime' coupon

    Cellestiiela : tackle and hug and cuddle

    Deadpool :

    this link for happy christmas

    Enigma : giving identity to enigma o.o

    Furval : lot of kitties and pengu

    Vanilla : a teaspoon of vodka or bourbon + booze mix. (research by : J. KENJI LÓADVISORPEZ-ALT CHIEF CULINARY )


  • New Piskel (2).png

  • Bonny: Dual gunslinger custom cosplay guns and an eyepatch.(kewl)
    Danmaku: I'd give him Arietty and some good lotion to keep his perfect legs sparkling.(fight)(kiss)
    Celestiiela: I'd give her a vacation ticket to a private Island to enjoy a stress-free and relaxing vacation for a week, and she could take one person with her(laugh).
    Deadpool: A Deadpool cosplay suit,action figures, body pillow and lastly, exclusive ticket to watch the next Deadpool movie before anybody else.:O
    Enigma: 50k AP card and 10x costumes of choice.:$
    Furval: Furval gets a pass to come eat a special meal with me instead of me trying to eat her ( only for a day ) and also in the stocking there would be a cute bunch of mini furval plushies.(angel)

    Vanilla: A LOT OF COAL. But under the coal there's a tiny paper that has the location of the prize, 3 kittens!<3

    aeriagames acc: maxiisthebest

  • Aeria Account: Palimonki

    Bonny: A Baguette as Weapon Skin.

    Danmaku: Nickchange so (s)he can name himself/herself to <CM>Belle.

    Celestiiela: Give her unlimited candy cane.

    Deadpool: Implement Deadpool Costume or riot.

    Enigma: A secret package.

    Furval: Give her a <Fearless Furval> so she has something to play with.

    Vanilla: Unlimited vanilla ice cream.

  • Aeria: kawaii5

    Bonny: A BONNet

    Danmaku: Vanilla Icecream (evil)

    Celestiiella: A painting of the stars

    Deadpool: Some sunglasses (kewl)

    Enigma: Some questionable stockings that may be full of (AC)

    Furval: a cute *furball* plushie (because Furval sounds like furball)

    Vanilla: Chocolate (evil)

  • Aeria Account: Drake.Shimura

    Bonny: A hug, candy, and fancy jewelry

    Danmaku: a toad, and some hot anime girl that looks like Belle

    Celestiiela: I will gather 7 dragonballs, and let her make a wish

    Deadpool: i'll get them a reindeer

    Enigma: funds $$$

    Furval: a house for furvals

    Vanilla: An ice cream factory.

  • These are actual real presents you can buy

    Idk, maybe your boss or Santa will get them for you ;)

  • Aeria Account: Zirnanta

    Bonny: A plaque saying "Good Work".

    Danmaku: A large size pizza.

    Celestiiella: A buildable spaceship decoration with swapable parts.

    Deadpool: A set of decoration katanas.

    Enigma: A box, that contains another box, which contains yet another box, that also reveals another box inside, though inside this box there is a tiny piece of coal covered in wax.

    Furval: A furval plushie with the text "#1 Furval" written on a sign it's holding.

    Vanilla: A "Golden Desert Queue-skip" Card.

  • Account name: Ovtky

    Bonny: A cup (or cups?) of hot chocolate for these cold days. <3

    Danmaku: Legs, what else? :P

    Celestiiella: A kitty pillow. :)

    Deadpool: Deadpool doesn't need gifts. Deadpool takes what he wants.

    Nah I will give him a VIRTUAL PIZZAAAAA!!!!!


    Enigma: A GHOST HUG because "Enigma" sounds lonely...

    Need it or not, it's always there for you!


    Furval: Protection because lots of people want Furval for their dinners! (psst me too) (angel)

    Vanilla: A creepy surprise gift. (evil)

  • Account name: zyc1996

    Bonny: An Easter bunnie so there won't be problem with chocolate eggs next year

    Danmaku: 1 year worth of all you can eat pizza coupon

    Celestiiella: some Japanese garden plant???

    Deadpool: Every single copy of Deadpool game out there with the voice actors's sign on it

    Enigma: A ticket to visit Santa

    Furval: the ownership of every cat cafe in the world

    Vanilla: life supply of vanilla icecream for free

  • Aeria Games Account Name~ Lounarii

  • Account Name: heiwanaaze

    Walking on broken pieces of glass, the pain can never compare to the pain of losing you, my red dahlia...

    IGN: LynnBunny (Gemini)