PM Letter - News and... Welcome to PM Fenrir!

  • Dear Guardians,

    I’ve returned to proceed with a new PM letter as the last time a letter was written was back in November. At that time we had concerns for some Localization issues that were still ongoing, but I was happy regardless that we were able to finally release the combined Patch 13~15 before Christmas, despite all the issues that were included with it.

    Today I have to announce that unfortunately there is still ongoing issues with Localization for the next patch, and with each patch brings a huge localization workload. To simply put it: the expected live date will get delayed for a while. We’ll do our best to ensure to keep you updated of our progress.

    Fortunately, I am happy to announce that Twin Saga will have a new Product Manager, who is very well known by the Game Masters… Fenrir! He will be from now onwards, the Product Manager for Twin Saga. He has been the Assistant Product Manager of Twin Saga since nearly the beginning of the game, so his knowledge of the product will be perfectly suited for this position and also for you, the community, and I can’t think of anyone better to deal with the continuous challenges of Twin Saga.

    This means that my time as Product Manager in this game has come to an end. It has been a thrilling journey cleaning the most annoying bugs, “repopulating’ the servers by merging them, and overall, striving to provide you a better game experience. Thank you everyone for a great time!

    There are still many things to do but I know that I will be leaving the game in the best hands!

    Good bye, Guardians! … and best of luck to PM Fenrir!

    PM Bardock

    Product Manager of Twin Saga