Senshi Event - Yuuki

  • Looking for a new home!


    Ever since Yuuki had arrived at Arcadia, a couple of days ago, she has been staying at my place. But apparently, it looks like she wants to move... can't really understand why with such a pretty bedroom:


    Well...her loss, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Either way, she is now in urgent need of a new place to stay!

    But that doesn't mean that she won't be picky...

    What do you need to do?

    Please decorate your Terracottage and make it as pretty as possible for Yuuki.

    Afterwards, send us screenshots or even a small video, if you want, of your creation together with your character AND account name. Yuuki will then choose a new home and live with you!


    • Account & character name must be mentioned in your post.
    • Character name must be visible in at least one of your screenshots.
    • Terracottages of the winners will be reviewed before handing out the reward for verification, so please do not make any changes until the event has been rewarded or we might need to pass on the reward to someone else.
    • Only your own Terracottage is eligible to participate.
    • All content must be PG-13.
    • Your entry must not violate any part of the terms of service.
    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit.
    • Only one participation per account that means you can only send in one version of your Terracottage.
    • Do not plagiarize or copy another person's entry.
    • Multiple participation in different languages will result in disqualification.



    First place: Senshi contract Yuuki x10

    Second place: Senshi contract Yuuki x4

    Third place: Senshi contract Yuuki x1

    Participation: 5x Astral Crystal


    We are accepting participations until the 28th of February 11:59 PM (CEST) which marks the end of the event.

    Winner announcement and reward sendout will follow afterwards!


  • snapshot_20190214_052011.jpgAccount : Shanoa0106

    IGN : Lylvia

    My dearest Yuuki, I am here in my Terraottage and waiting for you <3.

  • Aeria acc: Wiolcia00

    IGN: MiaKaori

    Hello Dear Yuuki! My Home is still empty and i got not many senshis but they can't wait to meet You! Duo and Duet would love to have younger sister so Your small Family is waiting!!!!

  • Hello Yuuki, i heard your looking for a place to call home and i'd love to have you come stay with me and be my roommate! We can have tea and macaroons, talk about our lives and get to know each other. I'm very confident we will be the best of friends! :)<3

    Aeria Account: levileeper

    IGN: Zenzen

  • Welcome!

    I just had to decorate my Terracottage with an underwater background just for you!

    You will be welcomed by the original 3 <3snapshot_20190212_183608.jpg

    Gatherings everywhere, it's always a party here and never a bore.

    You will never feel lonely <3



    Sakura always so fashionable!

    What's that? Looks like there's a contest between Beryl and Nalani!


    An audience to watch Beryl vs Nalani.



    Stern and Levi staying near the whale tub with their pet penguin.

    Who's that? Sleepy Luna always knowing how to relax.


    Nalani always so elegant and courteous. Belle knowing how to throw a tea party!




    Aeria Account: kawaii5

    Welcome to my humble home Yuuki!

  • Welcome to the home of the amazing pug, Yuuki. It may be a bit sparse, but it's very warming -nods- It's furnished with some of the senshis so you're not alone


    Have some privacy with our bath

    And finally rest in our double sized bed, Duet included o3o
    I am a poor pug with mismatching furniture qwq

    IGN Kohaku
    ID AngelicKohaku