[Forum Event] Senshi Love Letter

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    It is almost Valentine's Day, a special day of the year dedicated to expressing your love to your beloved. All should be fine on this lovely holiday where angels play their harps,roses are red and violets are actually violet, and you spend the whole day with your lover.

    Yet, you are in a dilemma!

    You still haven't confessed to your crush who happens to be a senshi and even made a new year's resolution that this time you'll confess to them!

    However, every time you try you get tongue-tied. So, you try doing the old fashioned thing in the book: you'll write a love letter/poem expressing your feelings for that senshi.

    After many trials and errors, and crumbled up papers, you finally create the purr-fect letter that contains all these feelings and take it to Kitta, the Merdian Postal Service Worker, to deliver it for you. You quickly remember to include a photograph of the senshi so Kitta knows who to send it to.

    At last, you finally smile after getting your words off your chest as you wait for their reply. You did all you could, the rest is up to the other party c:


    February 1st- February 14th PDT 11:59 pm



    ♡ This event must have submissions done in English.

    ♡Your entry cannot violate any parts of the Terms and Service.

    ♡Entries must be PG 13.

    ♡No plagiarism of any sort

    ♡Must write either a love letter OR poem to a senshi that is currently available in the game.

    ♡Include a picture of the senshi you are trying to woo within your entry.

    ♡Only one entry per person

    ♡Entries must have 100 words minimum and 550 words maximum.

    ♡♡(In any case you go over/below the word requirements, you will be sent a reminder **ONCE** to edit it otherwise your entry will be ignored.)♡♡

    ♡Entries submitted after the deadline will not be counted

    ♡Make sure to include your Aeria Account Name and IGN in your entry.

    ♡Entries that do not follow the rules nor show effort will not be considered.


    1st Place Senshi contracts x3 of the senshi you wrote about (excluding founders and newly released senshi)


    Senshi contracts of choice x2 if the senshi you wrote to isn't the one you want (excluding founders and newly released senshi)

    2nd Place Costume of Choice (excluding newly released costumes)


    20 Astral Crystals (bound)

    3rd Place 15 Astral Crystals (bound)

    Participation: 10x friendship gems (bound)

  • To the one that light up my dark world,

    You appeared right when I needed you, lost from a dream and possessed by a goddess named Marisa.
    When I am the most vulnerable, not sure of how to fight or protect myself, you helped me without knowing.
    You appeared as the mayor's daughter of Raywing Harbor, the wonderful and peaceful place.
    I fell in love with you at first sight, and when you regained your memories as a celestial being, your light brings me hope.

    I cannot describe how happy I was when you made up your mind to tag along with me in my adventures.
    (I know you're probably only doing it for goddess Marisa)
    Whenever I get hurt, you're always the one that I trust to have my back.
    So much that sometimes, I would intentionally not buy potions just to get healing from your warm, holy light.

    You remain humble, and simple - nothing complicated about you, you're there without asking for anything back.
    In a way, you not only are my trusted healer, you also made me save so much gold from buying potions.
    Even if the world doesn't understand you, even if you're only doing it for goddess Marisa, I want to tell you this:

    "Oh dear Fina, I will always go back to you - no matter how strong I will become.
    Because without you, I would have been nothing."

    With love,

    Aeria: sorq
    IGN: Takihara


  • Dear Love,

    Time passes by so fast, leaving us behind dwelling in the past. Not a day goes by that I wake up without the thought of you. My world and my life are nothing without you, because you are my world. You are my everything. From the moment I saw you lifting your almighty hammer chasing after a rabbit to smash for dinner, I fell in love. I thought to myself, what other man in the world would be of such dazzling looks and charm, but to add more to that, which other man in the world would wield such a legendary weapon and smash dinner for living? I must admit, I have stalked you for a while my love, I have chased you around to understand more about you, and what you do. I saw your name engraved on your house's door, spelling "Samuel", and I have got to admit, I've always been a sucker for the name Samuel. I built a tree house around your house so that I'm close and caught up with your daily life. I built it high and hidden enough for you not to notice it. I thought there was no way for you to get better than you already were, Samuel. But I was wrong. You saw a child drowning in the river nearby, and you rushed so fast that I was barely able to keep my sight on you. You jumped in that river and rescued that child without questioning or hesitation. The best part about it was your warning to the child so that he knows not to play around dangerous areas. You spanked the child lightly with your hammer, giving them a reminder to take things more seriously. I wanted that too. I followed you on your way back home, and I saw a true nightmare... I saw you holding up a picture of Queen Marisa...kissing it and hugging it. I felt envious and jealous. I cannot and will not allow my prince charming to be taken over by a queen, no matter who she is. So listen to me closely Samuel. All I am asking for is a chance, a chance to show you what both of us being together can mean, and how we can have a bright future together. I want to spend every single day of my life watching you wield that hammer to smash everything. My only wish right now with this letter to you is..please put down that picture, and give me the same look you've been giving it, and I promise you a fulfilling, lovely, smashingly, and everlasting future. Thank you my love. I'm looking forwards to hearing back from you. You can also feel free to visit my tree house near-by, you'd just have to find it and smash the door open ;) xoxo~

    With Smashes,


    Aeria: maxiisthebest

    IGN: Zeratsu


  • to the guy that wields a sword,

    From the first time I made eye contact with your beautiful sea blue eyes that leave me with intense butterflies, even your charming smile, unlocks the door of my heart, that no one else could and I love the way you stand with immense confidence that I admire so. This all made me realize, right there and then that I wanted to get to know you in every aspect and be there with you to support you even through the darkest of times. I know you wouldn't dare admit to needing help because that's the kind of man you are, but if you ever find yourself all alone, losing the battle, you can always count on me to be your strength whenever you fall weak, I will be there to lift you up and fight by your side always and forever. I know that as long as we are on this journey together, there's nothing that we can't do. I love you Aryn and hope you feel the same about me.



    IGN: Zenzen

    Aeria Account: levileeper Aryn_Facial_Expressions~2.jpg

  • This feeling… It does not let me Go…

    I was sitting at the desk for so long trying to find suitable beginning for this letter. I do not know how to express all my feelings on paper. It would be much easier for me to express it in a picture, I would paint the most beautiful picture in the world. The picture, where is the sky of the color of fresh lavender, so alike with your hair, which covers pure white, like your favorite dress, show. I would draw the sun, the brightest shining sun which I have never seen in my life, but have only seen in your big shining eyes. It is the most beautiful sun, which I have ever seen and I would like to see it every single morning when I wake up. To wake up looking at your precious face next to mine would be the best present of fate for me. Keeping your little hand I would feel the happiest man in the world. You are so little, active, positive girl. You are not alike everyone else. Looking at you, I feel like a teenager again. With a trembling fear I watch you playing in the grass every day, I do not want you notice me, I might scare you. But I cannot keep this feeling inside anymore. I love you. I love you as the 1st sunrise, as endless night sky, I love you as my life. I don’t know if you will ever read my letter, or you will, but later. Girls of your age usually cannot read yet. But when you do, I still will be around as your guardian angel, so you will always know how to find me. Keep in mind, I am always thinking of you, Gogo.

    Your humble servant,


    Aeria: lykerR
    (she isnt newly released anymore, is she?)

  • To my beloved moon,

    Ever since i met you,you lit up my world and not with the sun of course but with the beautiful moon so high in the sky that you protect.I wish that we can journey together someday and protect and help everyone with their problems.Just like you i love to eat fruit and take naps,if we were able to do those things together i would be the happiest girl alive. You've made my life so much better by being in it and i don't know what i would do if you were to leave.Your beautiful light pink hair and blue eyes are what best describes you,even your dress is both child like in nature but its also very elegant in its design.The purple and gold moon you ride on is like your riding on the moon itself.I love you Luna,i always have and i always will,even in the darkest of nights or the brightest of days i'll always be by your side.

    Your greatest star


    Aeria: McStabbinz106

    IGN: Kynis

  • SENSHI: Kittana
    ACC: Shanoa0106
    IGN: Lylvia

    To my best friend Kittana,
    Our time in school together studying magic has been so much fun. I love having all of our arcane magic classes together, and studying all through the night so we can become the most magnificent mages when we graduate. I idolize you so much, the way you can perform such difficult spells is truely astonishing. Your strength, your intellect, your heart, are all the reasons why I love you so much. From playing with your kitten, to hanging out all night talking about our futures, I have realized...the only future I want to have is with you. The most powerful magic of all is love, and I am so greatful you have cast your spell on my heart. I love you Kittana.

    Yours always and forever,

  • To the light that shines from the moon,

    My dear sweet moon,

    I dare not disturb your majestic snooze.

    When I first laid eyes on you,

    It was just a quarter past noon.

    There was no way that my eyes could refuse,

    As your beauty shone bright and true.

    The way you laugh and smile,

    There's just no way I can hide,

    My love that shows so clearly on my face.

    As I keep my distance from you to see your profile,

    I wish I could come closer at your side.

    But alas, I want you to remain peaceful in place.

    I love they way you hover above the ground,

    The way you cuddle and hold Berta near,

    Your eyes that sparkle in the moonlight.

    Your movements so graceful you make no sound.

    And yet your intentions are so clear

    I leave you this note so you can sleep tight.

    From the one that does not disturb your slumber,



  • Belle,

    For a long time in my heart it rained; and for a long time I became accustomed to what I felt was normal. These days where I just existed blended together. I was just surviving.

    So when that day came when you held your umbrella to shield it from the rain that didn't seem to let up, opened my eyes to what I couldn't see before. You, who existed in the background, was suddenly bathed in a light that drew me in every single time. When I look at you smiling I find myself wondering about the future with these emotions that I couldn't recognise, but I knew one thing. It was that you were the source of the hope brewing inside of me.
    Please keep me under your umbrella. One day when the rain stops, you won't only be the one that's smiling with me.

    ID AngelicKohaku
    ID Kohaku


  • Dear My Little Kitten

    It’s been an age since our last met in 2 years ago. We used to be a pair of kitten called “Meow Meow Blaze” in the previous world. But the time and space was twisted. Our world are splited from each other. I was sent back to my own world (the world of reality) and you are back to your world (Twin Saga). At that time, I feel like… I’m such a fool and can lose to everything at all time. Sometimes I want to cry that can make the lake of tear. I don’t know why… why god chosen us?

    4 months ago, I found a new world. A world that I can live with you again with peach and harmony. I found you again at Woolruft Plains. You are unable to change yourself into the real form. With my mercy, I help you until you can transform into cute girl with cat ears. And you invited me to your team called “Kitten… ” something like that. Yet some boy was tagged along with you. We are going to some bandit camp in the northern part of plains and make some rush & crush. But not easy for me and the gunner boy. Then, you show the ultimate move and defeat all of them. Thank you very much.

    After the battle subsided, I want to stay with you longer. But you answer me “Yes” immediately. I feel like my world and your world was connected again. We are reunion one more time and journey together. We are laughed, we are cried, sharing the samevalues together. I learned that... there is a lot of things in your world have a secret that wait for us to find it out. And I want to discovery with you, my little kitten.

    I love you so much, immeasurably love. Little Kitten

    With Love From All Of My Heart,


    The Ninth Knight

    My Account : scharhrotvampir

    IGN : Sapphanyu


  • Oh Kittana, my arcane queen.

    If you could only have seen,

    this shy little jellybean,

    trying to win your heart.

    Though magic is your only love,

    I prayed to the Gods above,

    to make me fit you like a glove,

    nevermore from you apart.

    I still remember clear and bright,

    that long-ago moonless night,

    when you and I joined in the fight,

    to save the Divine Tears.

    If only I could tightly hold

    that moment, and let unfold

    my love, like bands of gold,

    to shield you from your fears.

    The world keeps on turning;

    My heart keeps on burning

    with love and hiddden yearning;

    these fires brightly shine.

    Tis only you that I adore,

    and will do so forevermore.

    So on this lovers' day, I implore...

    Kittanaaaa...be mine!


    Aeria Acc - cleoplays

    IGN - jellybelly

  • My Dearest Dream,

    Ever since I met you that day in Jensen, I knew you were the one. Every time I closed my eyes I saw your beautiful face. When I looked out to the Arcadian Sea, all I could think about was your eyes. Every butterfly that fluttered across my path reminded me of your delicate nature. When I watch the sky turn pink, I see your soft hair. How I wish I could trade places with Berta, and curl up next to you on your moon for just one night. Every time I close my eyes, I see you, I hear you, and I wonder if while you doze upon your moon, you dream of me too? Your gentle laugh is like music to my ears. When I wake up, I'm scared that its all been a dream, but then you float along my path and I know, you are a dream come true. You can control nature and moonlight energy, but in reality you control my heart.<3 I love you Luna.

    ~Forever yours~


    pasted-from-clipboard.png IGN: Sapphyra ACC: luvlee2660

  • To the hero of my heart,

    I fell for you at first sight.

    Being reminded of a childhood friend I used to fancy, I sought you out. Your mannerisms seemed to resemble my old flame. He was clumsy, hotheaded but was quite skilled with combat. Initially, I sought you out for months for these reasons. But as time went on, I fell for the real you. The guy who is the worst student in the Astral Academy yet is deadly once loaded with a gun. Rita being your achilles heel. Yes, I know all about it! It shows in the way you treat her compared to the others.Your flushed face while speaking to her shows your feelings as clear as day.

    Yet, I cannot continue to watch from the shadows and hide these feelings from you. I'm in love with you. Through all your struggles and your triumphs, I've been by your side. I was being patient as best as I could in hopes that you would notice me yet, I knew I would never be the main girl in your life if I remained this way. Rather than becoming girl B, I confess my love for you. I, Moonhazel, am in love with you. Your seriousness when handling a gun excites me as a fellow gunslinger. Your blue eyes sparkle of curiosity and innocence.Your smile is authentic and genuine. Your laughter makes even the sun jealous. Even the way you show your tsundere side is endearing. I wish to be the special woman by your side and help the world see how great you are. Will you be my partner forever in this lifetime?

    Hopelessly in love,


    IGN: Moonhazel
    Aeria Acct:nallely1024

  • After you sent in your letter to Kitta, the Merdian Postal Service Worker, your beloved senshi swooned at the words you have written for them. Lovesick by your loving words, your chosen senshi has decided to give you a gift in return. Congrats to...

    1st Place cleoplays

    2nd Place kawaii5

    3rd Place sorq

    And thank you to all who participated your senshi loves you very much for the kind gesture. (kiss)<3

    REWARDS have been rewarded~