Out with the old, in with the new: Game Masters!

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    Greetings Guardians!

    We’re glad to announce we are starting open recruitment for GMs and Moderators for the EN team on Twin Saga!

    The focus of our team is simple: to serve and help our community thrive.

    If you've ever wanted to actively improve the Twin Saga experience, this is your chance!

    **GMs and Mods will undergo a two-week initial training period, before working independently**

    What are GMs/Mods and what do they do?

    GM tasks are focused primarily on moderating and animating the game and assisting players in their requests, as well as tasks outside of the game, such as providing feedback, aiding with support, and bug reporting.

    Moderator tasks are focused primarily on moderating the forum and discord, as well as tasks outside of the game, such as organizing the forum, aiding with support, and bug reporting.

    GMs and Moderators will have separate accounts that are not used to play the game, but to provide support. Moderators do NOT have the ability to spawn items, currency, or anything of the sort. They are not allowed to interact with the game world in any manner other than to provide support. Any violation of this will result in an immediate termination of the moderator.

    GMs and Moderators will never reveal their identity or the name of their personal account character if they have one. Please do not ask them or try to pursue the matter. This barrier between their GM or Moderator persona and personal persona is there for their own protection. Their safety is one of our primary concerns, and any hint at an attempt to penetrate their layer of privacy and safety will be met with an immediate and severe reaction from gamigo AG.

    The tasks of a team member include (but are not limited to):

    • Helping in the preparation of guides and FAQs

    • Training new team members

    • Enforcing game and forum rules

    • Resolving player disputes

    • Helping in the planning and organizing of events


    • Minimum age of 18 years for GMs, 16 for Mods (must be proven with ID)

    • Willingness to invest at least 1-2 hours a day

    • Fluent in English (speaking, typing, and comprehension)

    • Extensive knowledge of the game and its rules

    • A headset or speakers and a microphone to communicate over voice chats

    • Enthusiasm for the game, the community, and the tasks that await you.


    • Previous experience working in a similar field

    • Fluency in another language other than English

    Other important information

    • Discussions and interviews will be done via voice chat!

    • You will need to have a headset or speakers & a microphone.

    • All Moderators are expected to use voice chat regularly.

    • As a volunteer, GM and Moderator positions are at-will, and either side can choose to leave the agreement at any time.

    • There is no minimum or maximum of applicants we will be taking now. It's all about quality.

    Interested? You can send your application via form.

    Candidates which stand out will be contacted for further discussion.

    We look forward to receiving your application,

    Your Twin Saga Team