🎄Christmas Advent Calendar!

  • Hohoho! Greetings guardians,

    Tis' now the Christmas season!

    That's why we thought we would sweeten your time with a Twin Saga Advent Calendar!


    Every day you will receive a new challenge.

    Give the right response before midnight and you'll receive a chance at some nice prizes!

    Tell me Santa Twin Saga, how can I participate?

    Well, that's very simple! Every day a new Advent Calendar window will open and be posted in this forum category by the Twin Saga team. You will see either a question or a challenge posted here.

    Find the solution to the challenge and send your answer before 23:59pm (PST time) that day to be eligible for prizes. It's THAT easy!

    Warning! Santa Twin Saga is very meticulous, you must answer the questions correctly with the correct spelling to be eligible for participation. (If incorrect or not spelled out correctly, it will not count for that day)

    Every day, 5 winners will be selected from the eligible entries and they will receive some great Christmas gifts!

    The answer to the question along with the winners will be posted the following day(s).

    You've won? Congratulations!

    Your gift will be sently shortly, in some cases this may take a bit of time. So please be patient with Old Santa Twin Saga.

    I feel like I won't have a chance because these challenges are HARD and I'll never win a prize...

    Don't worry! At the end of month we'll enter all the participants names into a raffle: 1 of you will win 1x 4*-Senshi key!

    Note: ONE entry per person per day, submitting with multiple accounts will render you ineligible for future advent calendar challenges.

    You can only participate in one server event (If you participate in EN, you cannot participate in DE nor FR for example). If you are found to be on another server event, you will be disqualified.


    Q: Multiple participation is not allowed but I have a little sister playing Twin Saga at home. Are the both of us allowed to participate?

    A: Yes of course! But if we notice that you built out this little sister as a fake story, we may get angry and you will be out of the whole event.

    Q: I won a prize three days ago and I still haven't got my reward! Shall I write a ticket?

    A: Please no! Christmas time is always a bit busy, please count until one week for getting your gift. Do not worry, you'll get it! :)

    Q: How does the raffle for the Senshi Key work? Do I get more chance if I participate every day?

    A: Indeed! The more you participate, the more chances you have to get the key. Which means if you participate every day, your name will appear 24 times in our magic hat!

    Q: Do GMs have access to the questions?

    A: Yes, in case players have questions. They are still allowed to participate with their private character since the event is a raffle and they have to look for the answers too.

    Q: What is the Aeria Account Name and where do I locate it?

    A: Aeria Account Name is the name used on Aeria Games. It can be found on the top right of the website page. (Ex: for this user, it is "furval.twinsaga")


    Please send a message via discord to a GM for any other questions

  • y2sc.png


    December 1st

    Reward: 5x Astral crystal (bound)

    What kind of animal is the first Mount that you receive at the start?

    Answer: Capybara

    5 Random Winners:






    Has been rewarded, please check your cart<3

  • sv2g.png


    December 5th

    Reward: Christmas Poster Board

    What is the name of the NPC that can be found in front of the dungeon "Dark Fortress"?

    Answer: Lommel

    5 Random Winners:






    Has been rewarded, please check your cart<3

  • ryz1.png


    December 12th

    Reward: 10x Astral crystal (bound)

    What do you get as a reward when you're placed #4 on the archive rankings?

    Answer: 1000 Loyalty Points (bound) x1

    5 random winners:






    Has been rewarded, please check your cart<3