PM Letter - November 2018

  • Dear Guardians,

    The main point of this letter is to shine some light of the main issues and concerns that are currently going around the Twin Saga community.

    Are we getting a new patch? When? Is the game abandoned?

    Yes, the game will have a new patch with massive new content including 6 new dungeons + new difficulties in the old ones, new Senshi and their point system, and much more...

    And no, is not abandoned at all. In fact, we have an ambitious plan for the following months and the next year, that include periodic updates and big patches in a more regular basis than the rate we are currently doing.

    The situation with the new patch has turned out to be trickier than we initially thought. The first issue we faced was that for the merge, both Test and Live servers needed to have the same version, so we couldn’t have the new Patch until the merge was done and all the main issues were solved.

    After that, QA started but the content was massive and it took some time to test it. Luckily, few and minor bugs were found. The Patch was, in principle, technically ready to go live around the middle of October.

    But then, we faced an unexpected issue with the Loca Files that were causing a lot of errors and bugs. Due to this issue, the whole Loca files needed and are currently under revision. This includes every single line of text that you have in Twin Saga. Items, dialogues, quests… everything.

    The process is advancing and our Localization department are still working on it. I cannot give an exact date of release because if we don’t achieve it, it will create more frustration on you and on us. But I would expect something in the middle of this month, November.

    I can promise you that we are all working in having the patch delivered to you as soon as we can, and all I can ask you is once again, please be a bit more patient.

    Ok, that’s about the patch… but what about the crashes and lag we are experiencing lately?

    We are aware that since last Sunday, there were some crashes and lag experienced in the server by some players. We are currently investigating it. All I can say is that it is related with the daylight saving maintenance we do in our games in Europe. And since we now have people from all around the world, it could cause issues.

    Most likely it will be fixed in the next maintenance. Again… patience!

    Those are the main updates from my end. I wish that soon I will be able to deliver you good news, good content, and keep enjoying Twin Saga as I do!


    PM Bardock

    Product Manager of Twin Saga


  • Dear Guardians,

    Few weeks ago, I gave you an explaination concerning the status of the Patch. Unfortunately, we are still working on the localization files and were unable to provide the patch in the middle of November, as stated in the previous letter. I personally apologize for not achieving this deadline, I understand the game has been without a patch already for too long and we (once again) appreciate your patience.

    Since the issues with these files continue, we have taken the decision to temporarily use the English translations for the 3 versions, in order to deliver the patch sooner. This will only affect the new content of the patch, so most of the text will still be in the 3 different languages. But don't worry, as soon as translations for DE & FR are ready, we will implement them. Rest assured that we will do our best to continuously provide you the best gaming experience.

    Due to this, we are however happy to announce that the patch will be live on the 27th of November. So, mark your calendars! After the maintenance of that day you will be able to enjoy the new patch!

    Another piece of good news… we've read your concerns and have changed the Senshi on the Login reward system and after the patch you will be able to receive Aflallo contracts! So, remember to connect into the game to get him!

    And last but not least, the patch will also contain Christmas and New Year events! We wouldn't want to miss out the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together :)

    So yes, we are aware that the patch is becoming sooooooooo delayed at this point. But it won't be long until you will be able to enjoy all the new content that we have been preparing for you!


    PM Bardock

    Product Manager of Twin Saga