[Recruiting] NutHut

  • I thought since there's no recruitment messages here I should post one for the guild I'm in. I was invited to this guild when I discovered this game, and stuck with them ever since.

    NutHut is a friendly and helpful guild. The guild is themed around squirrels chipmunks and all sorts of nuts like peanuts. We party up for daily dungeons and do some guild events. We're a max level guild, so we have everything in the guild palace.

    "Finding it difficult to crack open the forces of the Ruby Star? Then join NutHut, we may just be nutty enough to do it."

    What are you waiting for? Join NutHut we're a chill guild and are always looking for new people.

    Within this tome is the source of my power, but make no mistake I do not need it to defeat you.