[Halloween Event] Count the Pumpkins

  • Welcome Guardians!

    Halloween decoration has been added yesterday and we thought why not making an event out of this.

    Which is why we want you to count every Pumpkin in Arcadia on Channel: International that looks like this:


    Afterwards put the amount together with your accountname in this form:


    Keep in Mind:

    Only count the pumpkins shown in the picture above and not the bigger version with animations.

    Pumpkins are all over The Royal City of Arcadia only.

    Every pumpkin is accessible with basic stats.

    Count only pumpkins in Channel: International.

    Good luck to everyone!


    The first correct answer wins a 4-Star Senshi Evolution Key.

    Following correct answers: 2x Senshi contracts of your choice (exception Claire, Michelle and newer)

    +/- 5 pumpkins: 1x Senshi contracts of your choice (exception Claire, Michelle and newer)

    +/- 10 pumpkins: 10x Astral Crystals

    +/- 15 pumpkins: 3x Astral Crystals


    • Participation is only allowed within the time limit.
    • Only one participation per account.


    We are accepting participations until the 6th of November 11:59 PM (CET) which marks the end of the event.


    Winner announcement and reward sendout will follow afterwards!