[Forum Event] Comical Tragedy

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    For Halloween, Aryn, Melody, Nalani, Aflallo and Koharu have decided to spend their evening telling each other stories that are scary.

    Uh oh! It's now Melody's turn and she does not know which story to tell, since the other stories made her too scared. Naturally, Melody decides to switch up the mood so she can sleep at night and goes for a comical Halloween death story instead.

    Help her by brewing up one of your most comical stories involving a tragic yet funny death.

    And to mix things up a little... must include these five words in your story: Furval, Naughty Kitten, pumpkin, Kittana, and moon!


    ☆You must write a story related to Halloween.

    ☆Must include these five words in your story: Furval, Naughty Kitten, pumpkin, Kittana, and moon!

    Make sure you change the color of the word to make it pop out.

    Ex. Furval went shopping for some pumpkins.

    ☆Your story must remain in the Twin Saga universe.

    ☆You must not copy / plagiarize the story of another participant.

    ☆Pay attention to language and keep it pg 13.

    ☆Do not forget to write down your account name and your character name so that your participation is taken into account.


    1st place: Back Costume of your choice *

    2nd place: Body Costume of your choice*

    3rd place: Head costume of choice*

    NOTE: The costumes found in the current loyalty program and novelty in AP shop can not be chosen.

    All participants will receive 5 astral crystals.


    Date Start : 11 October 2018

    Date End : 21 October 2018


  • IGN: Takihara
    Aeria Account: sorq

    So I was reading one of Kittana's grimoires the other day, and I saw this magic circle that's drawn like a moon.
    I got into a trance and started saying words I don't even know existed - it felt like I can actually cast her spell!
    However, Kittana's furval friend who was playing with her naughty kitten on the pumpkin decoration suddenly jump on the page and it broke my trance.
    An explosion occurred because of the cancellation of the spell and I died.

  • It's a miracle more beautiful evening and the sky of the Moon is illuminated.

    Kittana went into town to buy large and small pumpkins.

    The all largest pumpkin picked up Furval out and entered slowly and carefully to the table over to give him eerie look to carve.

    He wrapped the pumpkin from and carve the face in when he was done he wanted to show his pumpkin Kittana but then it happened the naughty kitten ran around his legs and he stumbled so unfavourable that he head over in his pumpkin fell.

    I have to laugh as I've not noticed that moving is no longer Furval, because he had broken his neck in the fall and was killed instantly.

  • "Careful...careful.." said Kittana as she dropped some pumpkin seeds in the cauldron. She looked up to the sky and waited for the right time.

    "The book says when the Furval's shadow appears on the moon, to chant these words..." Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the moon! Quickly, she chanted the magic words... but nothing happened! She looked up at the moon once again, and noticed an ear twitching, the shadow moving. Looking down, she saw a naughty kitten in front of a lamp, casting its shadow to the moon.

    "Dumb kitty!" she hollered as she tackled the kitten. She looked down at her cauldron and knew she would have to try this next year, on Halloween's night, in hopes to find out where she comes from, and where she belongs.