[Forum Event] Comical Tragedy

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    For Halloween, Aryn, Melody, Nalani, Aflallo and Koharu have decided to spend their evening telling each other stories that are scary.

    Uh oh! It's now Melody's turn and she does not know which story to tell, since the other stories made her too scared. Naturally, Melody decides to switch up the mood so she can sleep at night and goes for a comical Halloween death story instead.

    Help her by brewing up one of your most comical stories involving a tragic yet funny death.

    And to mix things up a little... must include these five words in your story: Furval, Naughty Kitten, pumpkin, Kittana, and moon!


    ☆You must write a story related to Halloween.

    ☆Must include these five words in your story: Furval, Naughty Kitten, pumpkin, Kittana, and moon!

    Make sure you change the color of the word to make it pop out.

    Ex. Furval went shopping for some pumpkins.

    ☆Your story must remain in the Twin Saga universe.

    ☆You must not copy / plagiarize the story of another participant.

    ☆Pay attention to language and keep it pg 13.

    ☆Do not forget to write down your account name and your character name so that your participation is taken into account.


    1st place: Back Costume of your choice *

    2nd place: Body Costume of your choice*

    3rd place: Head costume of choice*

    NOTE: The costumes found in the current loyalty program and novelty in AP shop can not be chosen.

    All participants will receive 5 astral crystals.


    Date Start : 11 October 2018

    Date End : 21 October 2018

    This event has now ended!

  • IGN: Takihara
    Aeria Account: sorq

    So I was reading one of Kittana's grimoires the other day, and I saw this magic circle that's drawn like a moon.
    I got into a trance and started saying words I don't even know existed - it felt like I can actually cast her spell!
    However, Kittana's furval friend who was playing with her naughty kitten on the pumpkin decoration suddenly jump on the page and it broke my trance.
    An explosion occurred because of the cancellation of the spell and I died.

  • It's a miracle more beautiful evening and the sky of the Moon is illuminated.

    Kittana went into town to buy large and small pumpkins.

    The all largest pumpkin picked up Furval out and entered slowly and carefully to the table over to give him eerie look to carve.

    He wrapped the pumpkin from and carve the face in when he was done he wanted to show his pumpkin Kittana but then it happened the naughty kitten ran around his legs and he stumbled so unfavourable that he head over in his pumpkin fell.

    I have to laugh as I've not noticed that moving is no longer Furval, because he had broken his neck in the fall and was killed instantly.

  • "Careful...careful.." said Kittana as she dropped some pumpkin seeds in the cauldron. She looked up to the sky and waited for the right time.

    "The book says when the Furval's shadow appears on the moon, to chant these words..." Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the moon! Quickly, she chanted the magic words... but nothing happened! She looked up at the moon once again, and noticed an ear twitching, the shadow moving. Looking down, she saw a naughty kitten in front of a lamp, casting its shadow to the moon.

    "Dumb kitty!" she hollered as she tackled the kitten. She looked down at her cauldron and knew she would have to try this next year, on Halloween's night, in hopes to find out where she comes from, and where she belongs.

  • Once upon a time there was a Furval, which kinda looked like a Naughty Kitten but actually wasn't, because he was a pumpkin .

    And if this story doesn't make any sense to your or doesn't seem Halloweenish enough then you can tell that to Kittana who btw is currently stuck on the moon because much like you she also thought. (And there is no oxygen on the moon if you catch my drift)

    Yes. Thought, stop thinking and enjoy a horrible senseless story!

    What do you mean this isn't a story? Well I'll be the Judge of that, now go play along Twin Saga resident who exists!

    "Wait what? Didn't I ask you for a scary story...?"

    "I get scared thinking this so called story exists... in my head... so now you should be scared too!"

    The end.

    #epic.#ClearWinner #ChickenDinner

    IGN: LittlePunch
    Aeria Account: bluexx

  • It was just before Halloween when it happened. Kittana, Shirley and I decided to organize a pumpkin buffet. To make everything seem a bit scary, we went and looked for red fruits to color everything later. After we had brought the first baskets into the kitchen and went off again, Kittana suddenly noticed that her cat was missing. Quickly we ran back. But it was too late. Kittana's naughty kitten grabbed the fruits and played with it. Now the whole kitchen was a terrible red mess with a happy red-colored cat in the middle. Then we heard the front door closing. A short time later, a Furval appeared. "Hey guys, I heard some noises and I thought, I'll see if everything is o... is that... blood...?" After seeing the chaos, it fainted. Then there was silence. But eventually we all started laughing and Kittana went to get her cell phone to capture Furval's unconsciousness for posterity. We decided we had enough red fruit for one day and began to prepare the meal. When we were almost done the moon was already in the sky, but the Furval was still not awake. But when we heard it say "Nom Nom Tasty Pumpkins ...", we knew it was okay.

    But when finally everything was ready for Halloween, it was miraculously awake again and wanted to start eating. Man, Kittana was angry. She ordered the Furval to clean the kitchen until there are no more red Color anymore.

    And we all lived happily everafter. (Except the Furval, which is still trying to get the red color out of the kitchen.)

    (That's why it's so scary. Because the red color never went away again, which is why the Furval will continue to clean the kitchen after his death …)

    IGN: Niore

    Aeria Ac: Sannah37

  • It was on a cold hallows eve that Kittana was preparing for a pumkpkin carving contest. Using her magic Kittana was sure to win the contest. She could carve the perfect pumpkin with a spell and apply a enchantment to make the pumpkin glow like the moon and dazzle the judges. After reading through her magic grimoire for ingredients, Kittana found all she needed to create her enchantment was a hair from a furval. “A hair from a furval, that’s easy!” she said, but she forgot one thing, Halloween can turn a furval into quite the naughty kitten. You see furvals are cursed to play pranks every Halloween, they may normally give you treats but during this day all they want to do is trick you. The furvals knew what Kittana wanted, and sure they gave her a piece of hair when she asked, but that’s not all they gave her, they also secretly gave her another ingredient. Let’s just say Kittana will end the contest with a bang, she ran back as feast as she could and created the perfect pumpkin.

    When it was time for the contest to start Kittana made sure her pumpkin stayed in the perfect condition, the judges impressed by her pumpkin came over to look at it. “Wow they said, that’s the best pumpkin we’ve ever seen.” When they were just about to hand Kittana the first-place ribbon, something started to happen, her Jack-o-lantern started to grow, bigger… and bigger and bigger. “What’s happening!?” Kittana yelled, but it was too late the pumpkin was about to explode. Thinking quickly Kittana used a spell to move the pumpkin away, but what she didn’t know was Luna was standing right where she was sending the pumpkin. Luna turned around, spotted the pumpkin, and it blew up as soon as she was about to pick it up, sending her straight to the moon. And that's truth behind how Luna got her name, not because she controls moonlight, but because she was sent to the moon.

    IGN: Vellar

    Aeria Account: Zer0theAssassin

    Within this tome is the source of my power, but make no mistake I do not need it to defeat you.

  • Three Astral Knights attained their knighthood the day before Halloween, and got together to celebrate. They also wanted to carve some pumpkins for the big costume party to be held on the next day. They headed down to the pumpkin-patch to find some good sized pumpkins to carve. They were all a little unsteady on their feet because they had consumed a large amount of sparkling wine with their pizza (as we all know, the astral knights tend to like sparkly things). By the time they reached their terracottage, carrying the pumpkins, they were all giggling and one of them had hiccups. (what they didn't know is that the furvals, those naughty kittens, had pumped all the pumpkins full of laughing gas under the light of the full moon - moonlight was supposed to strengthen the effects of the gas)

    They started carving the pumpkins, but the knight with the hiccups couldn't hold his carving knife straight - the hiccups were so strong. "help me get (hic) rid of these hiccups (hic) please" he said and one of the others suggested drinking something upside down as a way to get rid of hiccups. After a few failed attempts, the other knight said, "maybe standing on your head and drinking will do the trick". That didn't work so well either because he kept falling over, and the others were laughing too hard to help hold him up. "Hmm, this isn't working very well - let's try to scare him". One of them decided to dress up as a witch and sneak up on him. He jumped in through a window, yelling "boooooo". The other two turned around, startled, and then started laughing so hard they fell off their chairs. "Dude, you look just like Kittana. Thats not scary at all, just darned funny" The Kittana-clone looked a bit disappointed, but was soon laughing as hard as the other two. (and the laughing gas was leaking slowly out of the carved pumpkins the whole time...)

    A short time later, they were all lying on the floor laughing uncontrollably. They had tried every cure for hiccups that they had heard about but nothing was working. The hiccupping knight was still hiccuping...now worse than ever (the laughing gas probably had something to do with that). Folk passing by the terracottage just shook their heads in amusement - those astral knights sure know how to have fun. Suddenly the sound of hiccups stopped and the other two knights rolled over to the no-longer-hiccupping knight to see what had happened. He seemed to have fallen asleep. "well how about that - falling asleep cures hiccups. Still laughing and giggling, the two rolled over to sleep as well - laughing so hard is very tiring work...

    The next day was quiet on Meridia, as the entire community mourned the tragic deaths of the three Astral Knights (the 6th, 7th and 8th Knights, in case you were wondering) due to acute poisoning from nitrous oxide (a.k.a. laughing gas). Queen Fiona was furious at the furvals and banned them from ever entering Oubliette Labs again (where they had stolen the gas)...her fury was a little dampened by the little giggles and chuckles that came from her every now and then.

    Yes, the furvals (those naughty, naughty kittens) had struck again. They dug the graves right beside the pumpkin patch, ensuring that the gathered mourners were not as sombre and mournful as they would have liked to be on such a sad occasion Luckily, the deadliness of the gas was minimized by the open air, and the only effect was a feeling of jollity among the mourners and the occasional giggle at the graveside.

    I once asked the furvals what they had to say for themselves about this incident. "Well, at least they died laughing, what better death could anyone ask for" was their only reply.

    *** errm, this story seemed a lot shorter in my head. sorry about the length, and thanks for reading

    IGN - jellybelly

    Aeria Account - cleoplays

  • According to old folklore, a hero was born during the Great War between Amaris and Marisa.

    During this time, it was not uncommon for people to starve since everything including pumpkins had to be rationed for the war effort. After all, it was well-known that pumpkins were the source of happiness. However, the great hero was only a young senshi named Kittana who was naive and really wanted some pumpkin pie. She couldn't understand why pumpkin pies became a thing of the past. Thus, she set off on a journey to liberate the pumpkins, while ignoring everyone's best wishes for her sake.It was a death sentence but she couldnt live in a world without sweetness.

    As she set out, there was no moon in the sky to guide her along the way. Perhaps this should've been the first sign of trouble, but she brushed it off since she had her friend Naughty Kitten to guide her along the way. This should've been mistake number two. Everyone knew that Naughty Kittens were not to be trusted. They're the species that created the war between Amaris and Marisa, but Kittana didnt know that.

    Kittana soon fell right into a portal after chasing the naughty kitten who went rogue after smelling some fish balIs. She landed headfirst into the battlefield where Marisa and Amaris were charging up their last mana to end their feud.

    Being the most skilled mage in the world, Kittana confidently grabbed her Gilmore from her cloak and got ready to chant to end the war in one shot.

    "Aerta geddy higxvj hrumf fujbf"

    However, unknowingly to the hero, the naughty kitten had swapped out her offensive magic book with a transformation book. Instead of using her nullification magic, she turned into a cute Furval.

    Distracted by this absurdity, Marisa and Amaris forgot about the war and laughed till tears came out. It seemed that all was well until a random adventurer ran out and slayed the furval with blade storm. The adventurer pumped his fist in the air with 2k lp in his hand. Kittana was no more. The hero was taken down in one hit by a low geared Swordsmaster….


    Aeria Account: nallely1024

  • I apologize for the long wait; I had to deal with personal matters. Thank you for waiting patiently!

    The winners are:

    1st Place: nallely1024
    2nd Place: cleoplays
    3rd Place: Zer0theAssassin

    Great work everyone, it was fun reading your stories and laughing while reading them! Remember, all participants will receive 5 astral crystals! I will contact the winners shortly :) Thanks again for participating!

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