[Forum Event] Halloween Holiday Raffle

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    Dear guardians,

    As you all know, it's October!

    During this month, several events will be launched which will be based primarily on Halloween and introduce one other holiday called Día de Los Muertos.

    We have decided, that in addition to these events, to offer you bonus participation gifts that you may be eligible to win if you participate in all the events listed below. Please respect the different rules for each event.


    There are different prizes to win and different ranks (1st, 2nd, 3rd) . The winners will be determined by a points system, according to two criteria: the difficulty of the event, and whether or not you won the event.

    Example: Shirley participated in all the events and in addition she won 3 of the 5 proposed, she will receive more points than Melody who participated in all but won only one.


    Only for EN community

    ☆ If you participate in a different community's raffle event, you will be disqualified, choose which community raffle event you want to participate in carefully.

    ☆ Follow each event rules and guidelines carefully.

    Here is the list of October's events:

    Black Cat Gala Has now ended!

    Comical Tragedy Has now ended!

    It's Alive! Has now ended!

    Halloween Costume Has now ended!

    Halloween US GM Signatures October 19- November 2nd

    Día de los Muertos Masks October 19- November 2nd


    1st place: 10 Senshi contracts of your choice (except Shirley, Gogo and Claire)

    2nd place: A body costume of your choice*

    3rd place: A head costume of your choice*

    From 4th to 8th place: Small special bag of Halloween

    From 9th to 15th place: 2 scrolls of evolution 4 stars

    * Excluding current reward program and novelty shop


    1st kawaii5

    2nd nallely1024

    3rd Zer0theAssassin

    4th- 8th





    9th -15th









  • The following events have been rewarded:

    •The Black Cat Gala

    •Comical Tragedy

    •It's Alive!

    •Halloween US GM Signatures

    •Day of the Dead

    •Halloween Costume

    All Halloween rewards were sent.

    The raffle has been sent as well, thanks again for participating!