[Forum Event] The Black Cat Gala

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    Halloween is almost here and to celebrate this fun festive holiday, Kuroneko has sent out invitations to the Black Cat Gala and everyone in Twin Saga is formally invited! The only catch is that you must show up in costume of an anime-related character, at Maplewood Glen, Maplewood Cemetery (x: 185, y: 227) which is the setting of the Black Cat Gala. Then talk about what you did or saw at the party. Did Danmaku run away when he saw the witch finger cookies? Did the party guests leave early? Or was there a terrifying experience involving senshi at the party? (some ideas to start you off in case you're lost) Let us know what happened at the Black Cat Gala. Happy Halloween and beware the Resentful Ghosts!


    ★ Include IGN and Aeria Account in your entry. IGN must be present in the photo. Must take photo at Maplewood Glen, Maplewood Cemetery (x: 185, y: 227)

    ★ Costume has to be anime/animation movie related or it will not be considered.

    ★Post BOTH your cosplay photo and a photo of the anime character that is your inspiration for your costume

    ★ You can't cosplay senshi

    ★ Hide the UI (Alt+ H) when taking the screenshot

    ★ Screenshot colors can be enhanced and text can be added. Other edits are not allowed.

    ★ MUST add at least a 50 word description to your screenshot describing the party. Be creative!

    ★ There can be more than one character in the photo, but the prize will be to the person that submitted the entry.

    ★Keep your post pg 13 friendly


    Date Start : 11 October 2018

    Date End : 22 October 2018



    1st place: Epic Costume of Choice*(excluding newly released costumes)

    2nd place: 15 astral crystal (bound)

    3rd place: 10 astral crystal (bound)

    Participation: 3 Advanced Accessory Scrolls

    NOTE: The costumes found in the current loyalty program and novelty in AP shop can not be chosen.

  • IGN: Takihara
    Aeria account: sorq

    Cosplay Character: Aomine Daiki (from Kuroko no Basket)


    I hardly have time off from practice.. and Kuroko asked me to attend this supposed Halloween party.. Here I am at the place and it turned out to be a cemetry..?! Seriously, where's Kuroko?? He even said he'll asked the rest of the gang to come but I'm here alone. Was I too early? *cold wind blows*
    Wait.. I think i can hear some footsteps, maybe the party is real after all.

    Word Count: 72

  • I got an invitation to a Halloween party with the slogan:

    cosplay or anime character!

    I decided to go as Bunny Tsukino.

    As I followed I got the invitation, I was suddenly before a cemetery.

    Scary I entered him and went to the meeting, I looked at me the whole time to the left and right.

    The cemetery made me terrible fear and everywhere this horrible noise when I am place on came nobody was there but.

    I heard new sounds of steps and hidden myself behind the large gravestone where I sat sobbing and trembling Hoff at last come mean friends soon, because I have such a fear.

    Then I heard voices they look familiar and I looked carefully here, I saw my friend and fell them happy in the arms.

    As they were all there, we celebrated a terribly nice Halloween party.

  • Shortly after receiving an invitation, I started working on a costume full of excitement. After battling some plants and collecting steel, I began to make the costume. When it was finally done, I fell asleep. After I woke up, I ran to the Gala. But I was too late. Nobody was there anymore. But there was still a lot of food left. So my day ended up eating cakes and biscuits late into the night.

    IGN: Niore

    Aeria Ac: Sannah37

  • IGN: Red_Tan

    Aeria: nayu.notyou

    Anime: Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

    Character: Oryo (Yuki-onna)

    "A cosplay party at a cemetery?" Red reads the invitation lazily, "Are these people not afraid of getting cursed or something?"

    Red opens his wardrobe despite the complaints in his head. He then spot a female yukata he wore to the summer festival for a punishment game.

    "I guess I could just cross-dress or something to save money and not buy a new costume, plus save time thinking for a costume." he decides, "This colors would be perfect for a Yuki-onna (snow woman, japanese spirit/yokai)."

    On the the day of the party, Red used the magic mirror for his miraculous makeover. He was an hour late for the party, which should explain the very dead atmosphere.. or maybe it's because people don't come to cemetery for party? Red doesn't know the reason of the silent party but guys suddenly start hitting and flirting with him, thinking he is an actual girl. He tried telling people he is a guy but no one trust him due to the magic from the magic mirror. Not Cinderella, the magic won't wear off in the middle of the night. Red ends up hiding behind a tomb 'till morning before he head home to undo the magic with the magic mirror.



  • Receive invitation from Kuroneko to the Black Cat

    Gala. So excited because this is my very first Halloween with Twin Saga. I'm
    hoping to meet some resentful ghosts as I'm an exorcist tonight. I will hunt
    them all down to the last generation with my blood sword. Fu fu fu~. This
    cemetery theme perfectly suits with Halloween night. I have to wait in line to
    take a good picture with it. Now come to the most exciting part, CANDIES!! People
    was afraid staring at me with this red sharp sword. I think I should cosplay as
    Mirai Kuriyama more often on Halloween night so people can give me more space with
    those cute candies. They have been winking at me from the beginning of the party.
    Who can fight against candies’ power. It was such a delicious Halloween party… Ehh
    umm I mean a fun night hanging out with all lovely guests in my stomach, fu
    fu fu
    ~. Thank you for this wonderful Black Cat Gala.

  • Following the coordinate given, I arrived at Maplewood Glen’s Cemetery with Mr. Regal Kitten. No one was there but I’m sure that I was at the right place.

    Suddenly, a thick fog emerges out of nowhere. As I regain my sight, I saw a big crowd around me. People in various costumes were talking with each other. Someone tapped my shoulder and asked about my costume. We ended up talking until the party was over.

    It was a weird party, but Mr.Regal and I had fun nevertheless.

    PS: we got lost on the way home ;w;


    IGN: Rikumuro

    Aeria Account: Rikumuro

    Cosplay of Steins;Gate's Faris NyanNyan/Rumiho Akiha


  • Anime: Death Note

    Character: Misa

    On Halloween night, I arrived at the place,

    but no one was found...not even a face...

    Did I get the location wrong? I'm just so clumsy with directions, I must have lost my place in all this fog. Looking around, I saw some zombies roaming about, but I don't think they would help much, considering they lack a brain. I fumbled in my pockets, hoping I brought the invitation with me. I slouched over and headed back home, wondering if I showed up at the wrong time.