Adaptive Class Exp From Field Enemies

  • Basically this is a suggestion for the amount of class exp you gain from an enemy (that is not in a dungeon) to scale based on the difference between your current class level, and the enemy's level. Since some dungeons already give a lot of class exp, this shouldn't really cause any balancing issues, since your guild members can already help you level different classes up quickly by killing the enemies inside. For example a level 60 enemy on the field shouldn't barely fill your exp bar any faster than level 30 enemies when your class level is level 30. Yes there are already items to boost your exp gain, but like I said using those items in a dungeon while your guild kills enemies can be much more broken.

    It doesn't even have to give you that much more exp depending on the level difference, I just think there should be some kind of class level scaling to make it easier to level up the classes you haven't used. Yes up until class level 20 is an instant level, but it starts to slow down a lot once you reach that point. Since leveling other classes makes you more powerful in general (from titles and skills) it would make sense to be faster to level up other classes when you get to a high enough level. Yes you can level other classes up fast from quests too, but I think we should just have more options in how we choose to level them up.

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  • Not sure how you didn't notice, mobs don't give exp in this game in a quantity that worth mentioning, only bosses do, making the nabu-ftg-fh and fc dungeons the only reasonable choices for leveling up in dungeons as they are loaded with bosses // elites

    That's the real faulty of the game here since it's kinda hilarious to think about how fast FH gives exp compared to dungeons way harder than it such as... pretty much literally any high level dungeon, normal dungeon mobs should 100% give much higher exp provided you aren't too many levels higher above them, in general exp from mobs on the high levels just needs to be rebalanced (while most game can stay intact due to how fast quests carry you to 73 anyway)

    However I am not a fan of scaling based on class level, a lvl 80 and a lvl 20 both with class level 15 aren't facing the same difficulty by any means and I don't agree to the 'but I am leeching anyway' arguement, you can't enter a lvl 60 dungeon with a lvl 20 char to begin with and even if they could, they'd have a real issue getting a hit in and surviving, enough so to warrant a much better exp than a lv 80 who just 1 shot anything anyway with his lvl 1 class.

  • I don't even know what your first sentence's point is, but that's why I'm suggesting there be some kind of exp scaling, so that it can a worthwhile amount based on what level the class is, and what level the enemies are. That's actually part of my point, because they give so little exp, there should be some kind of modifier for enemies that aren't in a dungeon.

    What if it were to function in a way that your character level has to be a certain range within the enemy's level? You already got far enough to kill the enemy, so why not be able to level your lower level classes faster. Since one of this game's selling points is that you can freely change classes at any time (as long as you're not in combat), why not make it easier to actually use other classes.

    I'm not suggesting this so that someone that just started the game can instantly get to a high class level if they can kill enemies that are way above their level somehow (or get a friend to do it for them) I don't want that. I also mentioned in my first post that it doesn't even have to be a big boost in exp, but even a few extra exp would be useful to level up a class you aren't maining.

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  • The point of the first sentence was to point out that while what you are saying makes for very poor game design, there is absolutely a realistic flaw in the game design the way high lvl dungeons (or non-dungeons which for some reason you think matter at all) are set right now in terms of grinding exp, as in - you are attacking the wrong 'flaw' here is the actual flaw.

    See if they fixed that actual flaw and all dungeons were equally exp profitable if equally hard (which means massive increase to the exp expected on all high lvl non-fh dungeons) then to begin with you wouldn't need to seek out-of-place solutions that would just make the game rely on completely unnatural exp distribution.

  • If this is so "unnatural" and poor game design then you'll have to take that up with other more popular mmorpgs, because a lot of them do have some form of exp scaling. not just a static amount no matter what level you are (usually if you are within 5-10 levels of the enemy you will get full exp, but any level before that you don't, they do usually have an upper limit too though). Also the only reason I brought up dungeons was to say that exp gain is much higher for dungeons, especially nabuland for classes than enemies that are on regular maps. I know this isn't a mmorpg, but lets for example look at games like Bravely Default, once you level up high enough, it will be much easier to level the jobs you haven't used before, because higher level enemies actually give you enough more exp than lower level enemies.

    In this game however it's barely noticeable once you get a class to level 20, the exp bar doesn't seem to fill that much faster in the Sanctopolis areas than say Jungle Mortalis. That's why I suggested there be some kind of scaling, because I can't see them flat out adjusting their exp, since that would make it faster for everyone, close to the enemy's level or not.

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  • There is exp only get exp at a certain level range, and it's based on base level like in literally every other game.

    I personally dislike the whole 'you don't get exp if you are too low leveled' - I think that's poor design and many games solve this issue much more elegantly but it is at least an acceptable approach as a lazy workaround of an issue. (as opposed to whatever you say)

    Of course your follow up poor example is acceptable for solo games for much the same reason as level selecting is absolutely acceptable once you finished a solo game, that's not how mmorpg works because mmorpg content needs to last for months of gameplay where a solo needs a few dozen hours and some replayability, it's very different.

    Your example of 'oh no in game I have this and that happen' is also something that clearly shows you don't understand the design nor understand the actual issue - this is again the problem of mobs giving 0 exp and 100% impossible to grind with because the game is designed so that only bosses will generate exp worth having, the game does scale on boss exp btw, again based on your base level.