[Event] Photo Friday - 8/31

  • Result

    This week's winner is Vyvern/hanganhphung and rewards have been sent out.

    Directions and Guidelines

    This week's theme is: Party!

    It's Twin Saga's second birthday! Set off some fireworks and grab a few balloons; whether you have a one-man party or a party with a group, we don't judge. <3

    • Take one photo featuring the theme stated above.
      • Tip: You can use Alt + H to hide the UI.
    • Upload the photo and reply in this thread.
    • In your response, please include your Aeria account name and/or IGN so that rewards can be sent properly.


    • Participation outside of the given time frame is not allowed.
    • You may not participate multiple times; one entry for one physical person only!
    • The screenshot taken must be your own, and not copied or plagiarized from someone else.
    • Editing the picture is permitted, as long as the picture is recognizably from Twin Saga.

    Time frame

    This event was posted late due to personal time constraints, but the end time is pushed back to compensate.

    Begins: At the time this is posted on Saturday September 1 (Friday in NA)

    Ends: Tuesday September 4 at 12:00 PM (noon) server time UTC+2.



    • Participation: 3 Astral Crystals (Bound)
    • To 1 winner chosen by the GMs and CMs: additional 5 Astral Crystals (Bound)